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Axcel Armortech and Armortech-HD Bow Sights

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2009 13:30
Justin Zarr

Like everything else in the bowhunting world, bow sights seem to be getting better and better each year.  Fiber optic pins, micro adjustments, vibration dampeners, and 3rd axis adjustments are all features of today's modern bow sight that make them far and away better than their predecessors.  With each passing season we ask ourselves how much better can things really get?  For 2009, Axcel Sights shows us.

The new line of Armortech sights truely is top of the line, including a variety of impressive features that will please even the most demanding bowhunter.  To start, each Axcel Armortech sight is interchangeable from right to left hand simply by flipping the scope and moving the level.  The tool-less windage and elevation thumb locks allow for gang pin adjustment without the need for an allen key with a 20 click per revolution adjustment that's perfect for fine-tuning your pins in the field.  In addition, each pin is micro-adjustable with the use of a 1/16" allen key that is included with each sight.

In addition to their adjustment benefits, each Armortech sight is available in a 4, 5, or 7 pin configuration.  Pins are available in .019" or .010" configurations and are completely protected by Axcel's Armor Fiber Technology.  AFT provides 100% protection to all fiber optics that are contained inside a clear plastic tubing which allows them to gather light while staying out of harm's way.

Another innovative feature of the Armortech sight is the True Center Vision.  Unlike a typical sight scope, the inside of the Armortech scope is shaped like an hourglass which provides a perfectly circular sight picture even if you're slightly off center.  As you may have guessed, this affords increased accuracy as you can center your pins in your sight window perfectly each time you shoot.

If you're wondering what the difference between the Armortech and Armortech-HD is, look no further than the Mathews Damper.  The HD includes this vibration dampening device while the standard Armortech does not.  So for you brand-loyal shooters out there, you don't have to worry about putting a Mathews product on your bow if you don't want to.

Last but not least, the Armortech sights feature 3 sets of bow mounting holes for the optimal position on your specific bow.

All in all, the Axcel line of sights look to be top-quality with all the features that go into a great hunting sight.  And if it matters at all, they are made by the fine folks at T.R.U. Ball and are CNC machined and assembled right here in the good ol' U.S.A.!

One thing you may not like however, is their pricetag.  The MSRP for these sights starts at $189.99 and ends at $234.99 depending on the model.

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