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Bone Collector Sights by Extreme Archery

by John Mueller 13. January 2009 14:27
John MuellerThe Bone Collector line of sights is new for 2009 from Extreme Archery Products. They were designed as a signature product from Michael Waddell’s new TV show The Bone Collectors. You could not travel down an isle at the ATA show without seeing something related to The Bone Collectors show.

3 of the new Bone Collector series of sights

This line of sights is a nice step up from the old RT1000 and RT900 line. The first thing I noticed is the fibers are contained in the new pins rather than having a big loop to get caught on twigs.(Yes I had it happen a few times before I got my sight cover) The new models also feature tool-less adjustment for windage and elevation. Plus you have the option of micro adjustment for both windage and elevation. All models can be ordered with .010”, .019”, or .029” pins. You can choose from black, titanium, Lost camo, Realtree Hardwoods Green, Realtree AP HD, or Realtree AP HD to finish off your sight.

The 1400 model is a sharp looking sight in titanium

The 1400 features:
Micro adjust for both windage and elevation
Every part is cnc machined from aircraft aluminum
2” sight window
Second axis level adjustment
5 ultra bright full capture pins with extended length fiber optics in .010”, .019”, or .029”
accepts optional powered lenses mounted behind the pins in 2X, 3X, 4X, or 6X
pins are mounted on a single vertical plane for no misaligned pins
dovetail bar extends over 8” from mount to the rins
The 1300 has all of the above features except micro adjust.
The 1200 has all of the features of the 1400 except this is a fixed plate sight with no dovetail bar and has 4 sight pins.
The 1100 has all of the features of the 1200 except for micro adjust.

A view of the sight picture.

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