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AMS WAVE REST, Tested and Approved

by John Mueller 4. July 2009 07:39
John Mueller

The AMS Wave Rest is the perfect bowfishing rest. Simple yet very rugged so it stands up to the abuse they receive on the water. It offers positive support to the heavy arrows used in bowfishing.


AMS Bowfishing gear designed to stand up to the abuse. 



            The design of the Wave Rest is a roller mounted between 2 side supports to keep the arrow from falling off. The side supports are very important, as often you are swinging your bow quickly to get on surfacing fish. The roller keeps the arrow level throughout the shot. Many traditional hunting rests are not sturdy enough to support a heavy fiberglass bowfishing arrow. The design is quite simple and simple is better when it comes to bowfishing. The equipment takes a lot of abuse when the action gets hot.


The side supports help to keep the arrow on the roller.



            The Wave Rest mounts to your bow just like any other rest with a screw holding it to the bows riser. You can adjust the center shot by loosening a screw with a screw driver and sliding the rest in or out as needed to get your arrows flying true. Straight arrow flight will aid in penetration and accuracy.


Mounts to your bow in minutes and your ready to go.


And yes they really do work, tested and approved!


     What are you waiting for? Go find an old bow, outfit it with some bowfishing accessories and hit the waters. Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports out there right now. And with the introduction of the Asian Carp into many of our waters, the targets are more numerous than they have ever been. You are doing the rest of the fish in our rivers and lakes a favor by removing as many as you can.

 I don’t see the rest in the store, but if you contact Todd or Justin, they can order you one. You can check out the rest of the bowfishing gear at.  

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