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2011 ATA Show Update- Day 2 Features New Bowhunting Gear

by Cody Altizer 7. January 2011 10:44
Cody Altizer

Day two of the ATA Show was even more exciting than the first as I was able to meet some cool new people, learn about some cool new products and simply chat back and forth by some of the more respected names in the hunting industry.  Here’s a quick rundown of some of the cooler products that caught my eye today. 


A bowhunter's paradise!

The X-1 Climbing Stand from X-Stand Tree Stands.

This climbing stand should grab the attention of many bowhunters.  It's extremely safe and attaches securely to the three when going up and down the tree.  It is unique in climbing stand design in that it is built with flexible arms that flex inwards as the cable clinches firmly to the tree and outwards to open the cable for easy climbing.  Best thing yet, it only weighs 12 pounds.

Have you ever came across a product and thought to yourself, "Wow!  That sure is simply, but man is it effective?  Why didn't I think of that?"  Well, that's the case with the all new Buck Pole from Timber Gear.  The Buck Pole is the perfect product for carrying your trophy out of the woods.  No more painful, nagging dragging through the timber.  I tested it out quickly by resting my arms on the pole and letting all my dead weight just hang down from the Buck Pole.  I weigh 180 pounds and the Timber Gear guys had no problem escorting me around the show room floor.  How do you like my dead deer impression?

The new Blood Sport from Muddy Outdoors is their quietest and most versatile treestand ever.  It features the same rope style securing system used on their popular climbing sticks to secure the stand to the tree.  This is system is extremely quiet and simple and makes hanging the treestand a breeze.

Here I am examining the Mathews Z7 Xtreme equipped with NAP Apache Rest and Stabilizer.  That bow felt great in my hands and with the NAP accessories, it's a sure killer.

I was also able to take some time and pose with a few hunting celebrities, Jim Shockey and Laura Francese.

Crossbow technology has come along way over the last several years, and there is shortage of it on display at the ATA show.  There were several crossbows being showcased from companies such as PSE, Barnett, Exaclibur, Horton among others.  

Day 2 of the ATA was a blast and I am looking forward to getting back on the show room tomorrow!

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