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Atsko's UV Killer Hunting Products: Results You Can See but the Deer Won't!

by Bow Staff 23. September 2010 03:11
Bow Staff

 It's truly amazing how technical hunting has become.  It used to be the norm to head out in the time with blue jeans and a plaid, thermal sweatshirt with hunters regularly harvesting game.  Now, there are a plethora of products designed to give hunters an advantage.  They do not guarantee success; however; simply tilt the odds more in the hunters favor.  Atsko's line of hunting products does just that. Lightweight.  Bright orange to hunters.  Packable.  Effective camo to Deer.  When hunting in stealth mode, the Atsko U-V Killer Camo Vest is a double threat to game.  Not only is it treated with Atsko’s proven U-V Killer chemical which allows hunters to be virtually invisible to game, but it also appears as multiple shades of yellow to deer.  This is the same appearance as the best multi color camo when it is free of brighteners, yet it meets the Hunter Education solid blaze orange requirements of 600 square inches.
    Its game fooling ability is achieved by embedding Atsko U-V Killer into the vest which removes the ultraviolet fluorescence glow so common in imported hunting garments.  By absorbing UV energy it changes the bright blue glow into a muted yellow color which from an animal’s perspective is non-threatening.  Atsko’s U-V Killer helps hunters blend into their surroundings and get closer to game.  And the U-V Killer chemical doesn’t corrupt the blaze orange color needed for 100% hunter safety.  That’s why the Atsko vest in one piece of outerwear that works as hard as you do.  Weighing just 2 ounces and featuring double strap Velcro chest closures which easily adjust to the vest to any size body; the blaze orange hunting vest combines Atsko’s innovative technology with a comfortable fir and hunter safety.

    Atsko’s experience and expertise extends far beyond the vest.  Atsko is a company dedicated to maximizing the performance of your clothing, footwear, sporting goods and even your skin.  They pursue and perfect the technologies often overlooked or ignored by competing companies in order to manufacture unique products designed for hunters.  These include items for odor removal, skin and hair care, laundry care, pet products and every kind of waterproofing to keep you dry and comfortable.

A favorite is their U-V Killer spray which turns off the brighteners from my hunting gear.  It can be used it on all types of hunting gear… like the Sasquatch ground blind.  Once sprayed down, the blind becomes UV free and even better at getting you closer to wary game.  By removing this blue glow from fabric dyes and detergents, you become a more successful hunter.  That’s the powerful of Atsko making better hunters of us all.

If you are interested in Atsko's U-V Killer Spray or any other of their products, check them out right here on


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