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Sight Review: Black Gold Rush with FlashPoint Technology

by Dustin DeCroo 26. April 2011 09:45
Dustin DeCroo
“Lightweight,” is the single term that I want to define my 2011 compound hunting bow.  Speed, forgiveness, and aesthet ic appeal also come to mind but most importantly to me, I want to be able to carry this thing for days on end.  It would be nice to unleash an arrow every single time I set foot in the rocky, sage brush canyons of Wyoming or the steep, pine tree faces of the Rocky Mountains... but that certainly isn’t reality.  Reality is that I’ll spend days, of hiking miles, packing my bow around before it gets even one opportunity to send an arrow down range.  With that said, a lightweight sight was a key component to the overall weight of my hunting rig.

My z7Extreme is well on it's way to being a lightweight killing machine.

Dressing up my z7extreme with lightweight accessories was simple until it came time for a sight.  I had been dead set on an Axcel Armortech HD, but it didn’t fit my criteria for being lightweight.  After spending way too much time doing product research and getting my hands on just about every sight that I could, I finally purchased a Rush (model) sight by Black Gold. 
Black Gold sights are built and assembled with American made parts in Belgrade, Montana.  The Rush mounting bracket, sight housing and pins are all constructed of a metal alloy that is lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum.  Black Gold calls their sight construction “BombProof” and states that it takes over 30 pounds of pressure to break a sight pin.  These sights are accompanied by an unconditional guarantee that states, “If the original owner has a part break for any reason, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.”  Hopefully I never have to use this service, but it is indeed nice to know it is available.

The Black Gold Rush is a very solid, lightweight and American Made sight... All the stuff you need and nothing you don't.

I chose the 5-pin model with .019 pins and have been pleas antly surprised at how bright these pins are in low light situations.  The extended fiber optics are covered with a “shell” that is referred to as Flashpoint Technology.  During daylight or bright conditions, the Flashpoint shell turns purple to block UV rays to keep your pins from glowing too brightly and the opposite holds true in low light conditions.  The sight ring around the pins is interchangeable so you can select a color that best suits your eyes.  Personally, I prefer the chartreuse sight ring.

The chartreuse sight ring lines up perfect with a 1/4" peep sight, Flashpoint Technology gives your pins the perfect amount of light.

The, “Rush” model is one of the more basic models that Black Gold offers, it simply does not have unnecessary “frills” and that is exactly what I was looking for.  This sight is not equipped with microadjust but it does have calibration markings for vertical and horizontal adjustments.  With “lightweight” being my goal, I didn’t want the added weight of microadjustable knobs, screws, etc.  I simply wanted a sight that I could get sighted in, lock down tight and have no worries about it’s performance in the field.

The Black Gold Rush sight doesn't have much to show but is made with quality and won't break the bank!

G5 Optix XR Bow Sight Review

by Dan Schafer 11. April 2011 17:11
Dan Schafer

Over the years, I have had a number of different sights on my bows, but never a really good one. This year I decided to upgrade to a higher quality sight and after a bit of research I decided on the G5 Optix XR with .019” pins. After just over a month of owning this sight I have fallen head over heels for it, and here’s why.


First glance shows bright pins and an easy to see white circle on the sight housing.

The first thing I noticed when I took this sight out of the package was the weight. Being it’s a micro-adjust, which I will get to in a bit, I expected it to weigh a little bit more than the mere 6 ounces that it does. This can be fully attributed to the fact that it’s made out of Magnesium Alloy. Magnesium Alloy is the lightest of all structural metals, is 32% lighter than aluminum, is equal in strength and has vibration-dampening qualities. The included Harmonic Damper also tames any extra vibration.

Magnesium Alloy Construction make this site light and the Harmonic Damper helps reduce any vibration.

After bolting it onto my Mathews Z7 Xtreme, it was time to start dialing it in. Never having owned a micro adjust sight before, I didn’t realize how easy this was going to be. The windage and elevation adjustments are extremely simple. Simply loosen the bolt with the included Allen Wrench, turn the micro adjust knob and tighten the bolt back up. This system makes even the slightest movements a breeze.

The micro adjust windage and elevation knobs are easy to use and sized right.

Besides the windage and elevations, the pins are micro-adjustable as well. Now, this is the only thing that took a little bit of practice for me. The first step is to loosen the bolt on the pin ¼ turn. The key here is not loosening that bolt more than the ¼ turn the directions call for, or the pin becomes too loose to micro adjust. Next, use the provided Allen Wrench and turn the small bolt on the side of the pin housing to move the pin up and down. Then, tighten the bolt on the pin. It did take me a couple of times to get this right, but once I did, micro-adjusting the pins is a snap.

To micro-adjust the pins, loosen the bolt on the pin 1/4 turn and then turn the bolt directly to the left of the corrosponding pin.

Another great feature of this site is the Floating Smart Pin. This pin is fully adjustable and can be used for multiple longer-range distances, without having a bunch of fixed pins. The adjustment knob for the floating pin is large enough, easy to use and also has white vinyl tape on it to mark different yardages as you site it in. Though I have not sighted in the floating pin yet, it will be a great asset for longer-range shots at the range and for Antelope hunting this fall in Wyoming.

The knob for the floating pin is very easy to turn and comes with white vinyl for marking yardages.

An extra neat little feature is an arrow bumper on the bottom of the sight housing. If you’re in a hurry to knock another arrow, you won’t have any unwanted noise if you bump the bottom of the sight. You can also purchase and L.E.D pin light that screws into the top of the housing where the fiber optic pins are, if this is legal in your state.

An arrow bumper on the bottom of the sight housing helps prevent any unwanted noise if the arrow bumps it.

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the G5 Optix bow sight. Its light, easy to adjust and the pins are bright and easy to see. If you are in the market for a high quality sight I would definitely recommend taking a closer look and consider the G5 Optix line - you won’t be disappointed.

Product Review - Axion Archery GLX Sight

by Steve Flores 8. March 2011 14:08
Steve Flores

One of the coolest things about bowhunting has got to be all of the cool gear. Even cooler than that, is getting to test that gear and then write a review to share with fellow bowhunters. The ultimate goal is to give a fair, unbiased evaluation, in the hopes that someone out there will find your information useful and therefore be able to make an informed decision on which products might best suit their needs. Sometimes you get the opportunity to review off-the-wall products, other times it is familiar equipment that we all use on a daily basis as bowhunters and archers. Take bow sights for example. Without a doubt, the last thing you see, just before you pick the exact hair you want your broadhead to split on that trophy standing downrange….is your sight pin. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you should give this particular piece of gear its fair share of forethought. 

The Axiom name is quickly becoming synonymous with quality, dependable gear.

I am a whitetail bowhunter first and foremost. So, when I choose my gear, in this case bow sights, I like a model that is built around simplicity, ruggedness, adjustability, and bright aiming points. The new GLX sight from Axion Archery covers all of those bases. At first glance you will realize that this sight doesn’t look like others on the market. With its distinctive “Gridlock” cutouts, there is no mistaking what bow line this particular sight is molded after. That’s right….Mathews.

There is no denying what bow this sight would look best on.

Wrapped in the highly effective Mathews Lost Camo pattern, this sight is as attractive as it is functional. Add the accompanying Harmonic Damper to the equation and you also have a sight that won’t rattle your teeth or spook game at the most inopportune time. Just in case you are unfamiliar with what a harmonic damper does, it is essentially an aluminum disc that floats inside a rubber housing. At the shot, the aluminum disc oscillates, and together with the surrounding rubber material, absorbs vibration and residual energy; as well as reduces noise. 

The same innovation found on all Mathews bows can also be found on the new Axiom GLX bow sight.

The sight pins on the GLX sight are different as well. Most bow sights come with .029 pins. This pin size is great for up-close shots since they are easy to see under a variety of shooting conditions. However, when the shot range starts to get “out there”, larger sight pins can actually cover some portions of the animal you are shooting at. This makes precise aiming a little more difficult. Not with this sight however. The GLX comes with .020 fiber optics----plenty big enough for those in-your-face shots, yet, not too large for the long-range attempts. 

With pins that are slightly smaller than your typical sight pins, the GLX offers accurate shooting both up close and at long range.

Each fiber optic runs behind a highly protective, extra strong aluminum pin guard; making the errant tree branch that gets caught in your sight housing nothing more than a nuisance. Ruggedness, yeah, this sight has it. In addition, the sights are stagger mounted for increased adjustability and tighter pin gaps. Making adjustments won’t be a headache either thanks to the dovetail windage and elevation adjustments and marks.

And, when that shot finally does arrive, and that reclusive buck steps out just before last light (as they often do) you’ll have little trouble seeing your aiming point because of the included blue light. When turned on, this thing looks like an airport runway. 

Low light shots will prove to be a piece of cake thanks to the ability to light up the fiber optic pins with the turn of a dial.

Unlike other sight level that are overly large and permanently seated in the sight housing, this bubble level is just big enough to get the job done and is also easily removable.

Rounding out the features on this sight are an Off Set Extension, 2” Aperture, and a Removable Sight Level….all on a CNC Machined aluminum body. I guess the only question left is what bow to attach this thing to. But, I think you already know the answer to that.

New Whisper Peep; A Vibration Dampening Peep Sight!

by Bow Staff 2. June 2009 11:42
Bow Staff



Probably one of the most productive innovations in the last 8 to 10 years in the archery industry has been in the area of vibration and sound elimination. The one product area this move has neglected however is also one of the most important, the peep sight. That has all changed now with the introduction of the first vibration/sound dampening Peep Sight, the Whisper Peep by LOC-A-PEEP.

John Giambrone of LOC-A-PEEP made the introduction: “This amazing Peep Sight combines advanced nodular design and production techniques with an incredible new material for amazing vibration dampening control. The Whisper Peep reduces string oscillation, vibration and the string noise usually present when a bow is shot. This product will make every shot quieter while also increasing arrow speed. The result is greater accuracy and pleasure from every shot. Another great feature every archer will appreciate is once the Whisper Peep is installed in the bow string it will not move, eliminating the need for serving the Peep in to the string.”

The Whisper Peep is made of a special Elastomeric material with red elliptical glass filled nylon aperture insert that ensures a large, round opening for increased light gather and faster, easier target acquisition. The body features easy to set string channels and will fit any bow. It is available in three sizes and two models; the Self Aligning  Whisper Peep with post extrusion for rubber tubing and the Whisper Lite standard model.


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2009 offerings from Octane

by Scott Abbott 23. January 2009 11:06
Scott Abbott

Last year Octane made a big splash with the introduction of the Hostage Pro capture style rest and their revolutionary quiver featuring rare earth magnets, as well as the quivers unmatched adjust-ability.  Feedback that they received from some people was the need for a light weight quiver with all of the adjust-ability of the original Octane quivers.  In steps the Bantam weight quiver.

This quiver accepts up to four arrows and holds them parallel to one another eliminating any fletch contact while holding everything tight to the bow.  Like the other Octane quivers this one also features the same style quick disconnect system.  A pre-cut closed foam insert with a corrosion inhibitor will do the duty of securing your broadheads.

The NXS Bowsight is Octane's answer for a product that many have asked for, but have yet to really receive.  A fully micro-adjustable sight that offers a zero pin gap with out the use of angular pins.  It is available in either a rigid hunter style or a dovetail extension.  Both offer 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. Another feature I like is it comes with a magnetic fiber optic cover with a built in sight light.  The cover will dull your fibers in the brightest of sunlight for precision aiming while hunting or practicing and the battery powered light for use inside a ground blind or while shooting indoors.

The TripWire drop away rest is unique in that the power cord is not rigidly tied into your buss cable or cable slide so it will not effect your draw force, let off or bows tune.  The launcher arm can be left in the up position while drawing or letting down, so you do not have to worry about the arrow bouncing around in the event of having to let down.  Another cool feature is the launcher arm comes coated in a dampening material so you do not have to add fleece tape to your bows riser in attempt to quieten a noisy launcher arm.

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