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ScentBlocker's Mathews Solo XLT Camouflage Review

by John Mueller 26. October 2011 14:05
John Mueller

Whether or not you believe in the ability of carbon to conceal human odors, I believe you need to check out the Mathews XLT (Extreme Lightweight Technology) lineup of clothing from ScentBlocker. It is some of the best built camouflage I have ever worn. By the way, I do believe Carbon Clothing is part of a system of scent elimination. But I don’t forget the wind and just hunt. I have a scent reduction routine I follow religiously. I shower with scent free soaps, wash my carbon clothes in scent free detergents, store them in scent free containers and spray down with scent eliminating sprays before heading to the woods to hunt. But that isn’t what this review is about. So I’ll get to the meat of my review.

The Lost Camo blends in well with tree stand hunting.

The XLT line of clothing is designed to be worn in the warm weather of early bow season, but you can also just as easily use it as your outer layer in the colder temps. The fabric breathes extremely well during those warm September days of Missouri’s bow season. But it is a sturdy material that hasn’t shown any signs of wear or fading after over a month of heavy hunting and weekly laundering. The Lost Camo Pattern looks as crisp today as it did when I purchased it.

Closeup of the detailed pattern.

The XLT jacket and pants are loaded with features to make hunting easier and more effective.

Tech Specs
ScentBlocker® SPF 50 activated carbon with increased carbon loading
S3® antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
XLT™ Xtreme Lightweight Technology fabric
4 Direction Stretch™ comfort
BodyLock™ collar, wrist cuffs and waist
“Hybrid” BodyLock™ Waist (front elastic, back drawcord) for maximum comfort, weather protection and adjustability
Silent Wrist Ratchet™ BodyLock™ adjustable cuff system
Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
Adjustable/removable arm guard to fit RH or LH
4 front chest zippered slash pockets
2 front waist zippered hidden pockets
2 back waist zippered slash pockets
2 sleeve zippered slash pockets
Rear grommet license loop
Die-cut rubberized shield patches on shoulders to prevent slippage
Is compatible with the Mathews® S3 Fleece Solo Vest or the Mathews® S3 Wool Solo Jacket
Sizes: M-2XL
Color: Lost Camo™

A few of my favorites are:

Totally Silent: The material used in the construction of the XLT line is some of the quietest fabric outside of fleece I have. But the advantage it has over fleece is burrs just brush right off with your fingers. Try that with fleece.

Lots of pockets with zippers: The jacket and pant combo has enough pockets that I usually don’t even need to carry a backpack or fanny pack. And the pockets are strategically positioned so the items inside them don’t stack on top of one another, like a lot of hunting clothing I have, making big bulges in your jacket or pants.

Lots of pockets on the jacket.

More storage in the pants.

Slit in back for harness tether: I hate having the tether for my safety harness running up along my neck scratching me with every move. The XLT Jacket has a weatherproof slit allowing the tether to exit the jacket between the shoulders.

Stretch Material: With the material having a bit of stretch to it, I don’t feel the tension I do with a lot of other jackets drawing my bow or climbing into my stands.

Lost Camo: The pattern does a good job of blending in when tree stand hunting. And when hunting out of my ground blind, I wear it inside out and have the black showing to conceal me in the blind.

Rubber Shoulder Patches: The built in rubber shields on the jacket’s shoulders are a big help when carrying multiple items with straps hanging on my shoulders. It keeps the straps from sliding off of my shoulders. I really appreciate this when carrying all of my hunting as well as filming gear to the stand.

Is this the perfect hunting apparel? Well if I were the engineers there are a few things I would have done differently. But some of this is just personal preference.

Cuffs: I’m not a big fan of the cuffs on the jacket. Especially when worn with the lightweight ScentBlocker Gloves. It tends to leave a gap of exposed skin on my wrist. Which isn’t a big deal in warm weather, but I’d like to wear the jacket as an outer layer in colder temps also.

My main gripe is the combination of the gloves and cuffs not covering my wrists and the use of velcro on the gloves.

Gloves: While I mentioned the gloves in the cuffs section, I’ll go into detail here. My main gripe with the lightweight gloves is the short length. There is no way to tuck the gloves into the sleeves of the jacket to keep my wrist covered. And then there is the use of VELCRO. In my opinion Velcro has no place in the bowhunting woods. It is too noisy if you ever have to adjust it or open it up.

Boot entry zippers: They are on the inside of the pant legs. When I walk in mud I tend to rub my boot against the opposite pant leg. This gets mud and debris stuck in the zipper. I think it would be much better if the zippers were on the outside of the pant leg.

Sizing: From my experience ScentBlocker clothing runs big. I would recommend buying one size down from what you normally wear in most cases. I’m 6’ 3” and 185 lbs and normally wear XL just for length in the arms and legs. The large in this line allows me more than enough room to layer after the weather turns cold.

Suited up and ready for action.

The XLT line of clothing is designed for warm weather hunting, but with some layering in can be your outer layer for most of the season with no problem. Even if you’re not a believer in carbon technology the quality of this clothing is reason enough to give them a look. It should last for many hunting seasons to come and the Lost Camo blends well in most hunting situations.

Opening Weekend Success IL Doe Down

by John Mueller 5. October 2011 10:15
John Mueller

Opening weekend in Illinois can be considered a huge success; I saw deer on every sit and harvested a nice doe on the last sit of the weekend. The weather was perfect for hunting and I found out the bucks are hitting my Tink’s Mock Scrape already.

I arrived at my property in Jersey County, IL a little after dark. On the way to my trailer I stopped and pulled a card from my trail camera on one of my water holes. When I downloaded the pictures I was happy to see lots of daylight activity at the water hole. It’s one of the few water sources in the area right now. It has been a very dry summer and the creek has no water at all in it.

After a night without much sleep my alarm went off at 4:45 AM. I quickly put on my Lost Camo by Scentblocker and grabbed an apple and granola bar for breakfast and headed out for the first hunt of the year in IL. I elected to hunt the first morning in a creek bottom where there are some white oaks loaded with acorns and a corn field on the ridge above them. The deer like to come from the corn field and head into the hollows behind me to bed for the day. I only saw one small buck cruise through the bottom on opening morning.

For my first afternoon hunt I chose to sit by a water hole I dug a couple years ago in the middle of my 5 acre food plot. The trail camera I have hung there showed good daylight movement both morning and evening. Plus as a bonus it had a picture of my #1 target buck this year “Bakers Dozen” visiting it. But his visit was in the middle of the night. At least I know he is still in the neighborhood.

My #1 target buck "Bakers Dozen" is still in the neighborhood.

At about 6:00 I heard deer hooves pounding the hard packed ground. I turned to see 2 fawns followed by a huge doe headed to the water hole. I grabbed my Mathews ez7 and got the video camera turned on. I found the big doe in the viewfinder and followed her to the waters edge. Even though I had a clear broadside shot of under 20 yards I couldn’t shoot because the camera was at waist level and blocked by the top of a small tree. I elected to wait and hope she would move and offer a shot when the camera could capture it. It never happened and she left the water hole untouched headed for the newly sprouted wheat in my food plot. This is the first, but surely not the last time videoing my hunts cost me a shot at a deer.

Sunday morning found me in a tree above a mock scrape I made with Tink’s Power Scrape two weeks prior to opening day. When I checked my trail camera monitoring the scrape it had 2 nice bucks sparring in front of the scrape during daylight. I didn’t see any deer while sitting in the stand until 10:30. But as I was climbing down 2 does took off from the hillside about 50 yards behind me. I don’t know if they snuck in and were bedded there or they were just cruising through that late.

Two bucks sparring in front of my mock scrape.

This brings us to the last hunt of opening weekend. With the abundance of acorns in the woods this year, I headed to a ridge in the middle of my woods loaded with White Oaks.

Acrons are everywhere this year.

The hollow on the opposite side of the ridge in also a favored bedding area. I was busy strapping my camera arm to the tree when I heard the sound every hunter hates to hear in the woods. A doe started to blow at me. She let out a few snorts and then I saw her high tail it out of there. I finished setting up my camera and got my bow all ready for action. I was just getting ready to do my pre-hunt interview when I noticed movement behind the camera. It was another doe headed my direction. She slowly fed my way and stopped about 50 yards away. I thought she was never going to take another step all night. She stood there surveying the area forever chewing her cud every once in a while. Then she sort of circled away from me, but ended up coming back and stopped 18 yards out in front of me but facing me offering no shot. She stood there for another 2 hours, so it seemed. Actually it was more like 10 minutes before turning and giving me a slight quartering away shot. I put my pin high on her side toward the back of her ribs to allow for the downward angle of the shot and touched off the shot. I watched as my arrow buried right where I had been aiming. She took off in a mad dash down the ridge, actually toward my trailer, and then I heard her crash a short distance away. So while waiting a few minutes to climb down I finally did my interview after the fact. I climbed down and made my way to the arrow sticking in the ground where she was standing. It was covered in blood with no sign of a gut shot. I followed the blood trail and the farther I went the more blood there was. The NAP Spitfire had done its job well slicing through both lungs. I found her piled up in a tangle of vines and small trees. The best part of where she crashed was the whole drag was downhill to the field by my trailer. After a little more video and some still pictures I loaded her in the back of my brand new red Ford Pick Up Truck and headed home to get her in a cooler.

I ended my weekend by taking a nice doe on the last evening hunt.

It’s always nice to start the season off harvesting an animal. It’s what we dream about and plan for all summer. It also gives me a big dose of confidence, knowing I’m setting up in the right spots and seeing deer every time I head afield.  And they just plain taste good on the grill, my freezer had been empty for a while. You can catch this hunt as well as other great hunts on Bowhunt or Die, our weekly hunting video series. HERE

Halloween Buck Down in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 1. November 2010 11:40
Justin Zarr

Heading into this fall I was extremely optimistic about my chances of killing a nice buck. According to the moon phases the last weekend in October was going to be prime time for daylight movement so I requested an extra day off work so I could maximize my chances. All the way back in July I started hoping that Halloween weekend we would have good weather, and someone must've been looking out for me because it was just about perfect. After last week's wind storm blew threw the bottom dropped out and sent temps into the 20's for the first time this year. Thursday night I almost couldn't sleep I was so excited for the next morning.

4 am came pretty quick on Friday morning and after showering, dressing, and heading out the door I was in my stand with cameraman Cody Altizer by about 6. As the sun rose over the frost-covered field my anticipation was high. This was the absolute perfect morning to be in the whitetail woods. An hour after sunrise we started seeing deer and before it was all said and done I believe we counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 whitetails with 6 being bucks. Unfortunately none of them were shooters, but seeing the young guys chasing does around made for an enjoyable sit.

Glassing for bucks on a frosty October morning. Does it get much better than this?

Friday afternoon found Cody and I back up in the timber trying to catch a buck working a line of scrapes we had found. Over the course of the afternoon we saw 4 different bucks, 2 of which were shooters. A high 130/low 140 class 9 point got to within 40 yards but just wouldn't commit to our position. He was practically downwind of us so I didn't want to chance calling to him and blow him out of the area so we let him leave on his own. Later on a big 150 class ten point made his appearance about 100 yards into a field but ventured back into the timber just as quickly as he came out. The other two bucks both passed within shooting range, but neither was quite what I had in mind. The first was a fine young 9 point that came in hard to my rattling, and the 2nd was none other than "Rudy", the buck I had passed two weeks prior.

This big 9 came to within 40 yards but just wouldn't come far enough for a shot.

This young 9 point has been getting around a lot lately. Here he's coming into a rattling sequence I did. Sorry little guy, no fight here!

Rudy seems to be making the rounds as well. Here he walks through one of my shooting lanes at roughly 30 yards. Consider that the 2nd free pass I've given you!

On Saturday we had pretty strong South winds blow in some warmer temps which seemed to keep deer movement rather subdued. Cody and I did see two small bucks in the morning and a few does, but action was slow. That evening I hunted on my own and did see one shooter, but he was too far for a shot so I had to let him walk. After being pinned down in my stand for 30 minutes after dark the buck finally left my area and allowed me to sneak out for the night. I left my bow, my pack, and most of my camera gear in the tree because I planned to return the following morning.

Sunday morning brought our North winds back and cooled the temperatures back down into the 30's, so I knew deer would be up and moving. Starting just after sunrise I saw a total of 10 or 11 deer, 4 of which were bucks, most of whom were following does around the timber. I did some light rattling and had a couple young bucks respond but once again they just weren't the deer I was after.

Around 9:15 I was contemplating getting a delicious Pop-Tart out of my pack when I heard footsteps. I looked over my shoulder to see a nice buck stepping into and through my 20 yard shooting lane, all while my video camera was pointed behind the tree and my bow was on the hanger! So about as quick I could, not paying any attention to the buck who was obviously intent on going somewhere important, I turned the camera around, hit record, grabbed my bow and looked for an opening. As the buck stepped into my shooting lane at 25 yards I stopped him and let the Nitron fly. Much to my satisfaction my arrow flew true and impacted the big deer directly behind the shoulder. As he tore off down the hill at warp speed I knew he wasn't going to make it far.

At this point I was pretty much in shock. I had no idea how big he was, I only knew he was big enough to shoot! I couldn't believe that just happened, and that I had managed to pull it off and capture the shot on film. I was one happy bowhunter! After a few phone calls and bunch of text messages I packed up my gear and headed down to retrieve my arrow. I founded it buried in the dirt where the buck had once stood, covered with frothy red blood. If there was any doubt in my mind about the shot it was now gone. I knew he was down and couldn't have made it far, but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to recover him right away. We had to get Cody's buck that he shot the night before the butcher before they closed so I headed back to the truck with plans on returning later.

When your arrow looks like this, it's generally a good sign. Wes Mantooth really came through for me!

Once our errands were run and we grabbed a quick bite to eat in town Cody, Jeremy and myself headed back up to find my buck. The recovery was quick and easy just like I had anticipated, and we found my buck piled up a little over 100 yards away, just over a small rise where I couldn't see him fall. I was ecstatic to have made a perfect shot on a great warrior of a buck. With three busted tines there's to question he was a fighter, and I'm sure there's more than a couple young bucks who are probably glad he's gone!

Be sure to check back on Friday for this week's episode of Bowhunt or Die as you'll see this buck and THREE others who hit the ground this past weekend. It's going to be our best show yet!

A photo of this mighty warrior where he fell back in the timber.

Even with 3 busted points this buck still gross scores just shy of 130 inches. Had he not been all busted up he would probably have scored somewhere in the low to mid 140's.

This is now the 2nd buck I've been fortunate enough to shoot on Halloween morning. Although they were about 10 years apart, there's still something special about October 31st. There always has, and I have a feeling there always will be.

With another cold front moving through later this week I'll be back in a tree on Friday morning looking to fill my 2nd Illinois buck tag on a Lake County bruiser. These suburban bucks have been giving me the slip for far too long and it's time for a little payback. Good luck to everyone who still has tags. November is here and the game is officially on!

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Boot. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

by Bow Staff 25. July 2010 16:33
Bow Staff

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

CANNON FALLS, MN - Since the inception of ScentBlocker boots, ScentBlocker has provided hunters with the most comfortable, lightweight boots available while still utilizing scent-control technology. Well, ScentBlocker® has done it again with the NEW Dream Season® Wooly Mammoth.
This extreme boot is great for those late season hunts when the temperatures are below what anyone can sit in comfortably.  With 13mm of thick removable wool liner insulation and heat reflecting film, these boots are sure to keep your feet warm. The Wooly Mammoth is the first scent-control hunting pac boot combining the most innovative scent-control materials available with trusted, removable wool liner insulation technology. 
The boot is constructed with a rubberized camo fabric upper frame, S3® antimicrobial lining and a carbon fabric filter that work in harmony to limit odors. A quiet, nylon lace system secures your foot to limit heel lift.  A removable, cork-infused EVA comfort insole reduces shock and provides an additional insulation layer under your foot. The construction of this boot provides hunters with comforting warmth and protection from extreme frigid temperatures, all in an extremely lightweight package.     
ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth will be available this summer. Please visit their website for more information. 

New Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Extreme Pac Boot:
• Removable SPF 60 activated carbon fabric filter with BodyLock technology gaiter
• Gaiter features durable Nylon Webbing CamLock Closure & External Big EZ Nylon Pull on Loops
• Removable 13mm wool liner with heat reflection technology
• Removable cork-infused EVA insole provides shock mitigating layer
• 100% waterproof membrane construction
• 2-layer camo fabric, lightweight EVA cushioned midsole
• Camo rubber outsole with dual density Rock Shock Stabilizer Lugs for multi-terrain traction
• Reinforced rubber toe and heel
• Climb right heel design
• Sizes: Men's 8-13 Whole Sizes
• Color: Mossy Oak Treestand


ScentBlocker Products Declared Superior by Federal Court

by Bow Staff 1. July 2010 05:42
Bow Staff

Over the past several weeks we've received quite a few e-mails regarding the recent Scent-Lok court ruling, and how that pertains to ScentBlocker clothing.  While many hunters viewed both products as virtually the same, the following information from the Federal Court does show that ScentBlocker garments are different and in fact, do work as advertised.  Below is an excerpt from the court ruling as well as a download of the full document for those interested in reading it.

Robinson Outdoor Products, LLC maker of ScentBlocker® brand hunting apparel recently received a favorable ruling and was released from all claims from the Federal District Court regarding its advertising claims and tested superiority of its products' performance.

Robinson Outdoor Products (fka: Robinson Labs) invented and introduced the concept of scent control products for hunting with the advent of its revolutionary Scent Shield brand of products and is today recognized as the world leader in the category.

In 2009, Robinson, with its ScentBlocker products, was added as a co-defendant in the infamous "ALS Class-Action Lawsuit" along with original defendant ALS/Scentlok, and others. Today, Robinson announces that it has been released from all ongoing litigation by the court.

Recently, the Court issued an injunction affecting other branded scent control products. Robinson, and its ScentBlocker products, is not named in, or any party to, the Court's Injunctive Order. Consumers and retailers alike can buy ScentBlocker products with complete confidence.

The Court's ruling supported Robinson's ScentBlocker product claims and found as fact: a.) activated carbon can adsorb human odor, b.) ScentBlocker contains more carbon, c.) ScentBlocker carbon is applied into the garment by unique technology and methodology, d.) ScentBlocker tests superior to other carbon and non-carbon apparel.

The Court agreed that tests prove that ScentBlocker products are effective in blocking the permeation of human odor and that its carbon-based fabrics are regenerated to an effective level of continued performance after washing and drying (in a regular household dryer).

Highlights of the court findings:

9).  The parties further stipulate that Robinson’s carbon-embedded clothing contains substantially more carbon and uses a different application process than other carbon-embedded hunting clothing products currently on the market.

Robinson has produced evidence of expert testing that establishes that its garments containing activated carbon are effective at blocking the transmission of odor through the garments and the amount of carbon used and the process by which the carbon is embedded in the liner of the hunting clothing makes the odor- blocking ability of the Robinson products more effective at reducing human odor than other hunting garments containing carbon as well as non-carbon hunting garments.

10). *Robinson has provided evidence of expert testing that establishes that, after washing and drying, its carbon fabrics continue to be effective at reducing odor permeation.

11). *Robinson has provided expert testing that shows that after washing and drying its carbon fabrics are “reactivated” and such clothing is restored to some extent for continued beneficial use.

Click here to download the full Court Document in PDF format.

Scott Shultz, Company President stated, "We are quite pleased that the truth regarding the performance and quality of our products has been upheld in Federal District Court. This court ruling unquestionably validates what we have confidently maintained for many years that ScentBlocker products are based upon our unique and proprietary carbon technology which really, truly works as claimed. We have experienced the proof of performance in the field; we now have legal confirmation from the Court."

"Even in today's world of over-aggressive advertising, the category of "scent control apparel" has been a hotbed of gross misrepresentation by others. The Federal Courts send a clear message that it will not tolerate wild claims that carbon adsorbs 100% of human odor and that antimicrobial hunting clothing can somehow actually eliminate human odor by itself! Conversely, our product's outstanding performance and our advertising claims have been upheld by the Court." 
Shultz went on to say that "ScentBlocker has recently introduced the first innovative scientific advance in the carbon hunting apparel category in more than ten years. New ScentBlocker Cold Fusion™ with its incredible ability to adsorb odors at unprecedented levels is the most powerful and effective carbon technology ever available to the hunting market. Years in development, born on the military battlefield, tested and proven, Cold Fusion carbon technology represents the next chapter of scent control for serious hunters!"

"We make awesome products", Shultz said, "Products that are built by hunters; for hunters. Products that perform well, that will enrich your personal experience afield, and products that will improve your success."

"I believe that ScentBlocker's excellent reputation of high performance in the field, plus the introduction of new Cold Fusion technology, and the Court's validation of our technical performance claims; all combine to reassure consumer confidence and solidly position ScentBlocker as the clear-cut trustworthy leader in the product category", concluded Shultz.


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NEW ScentBlocker Dream Season Silent Shell!

by Bow Staff 14. June 2010 02:45
Bow Staff

ScentBlocker Dream Season Silent Shell: Silent But Deadly!

CANNON FALLS, MN – ScentBlocker® continues to innovate; taking softshell technology and executing a design hunters can use, making it quiet and you silent. The problem with other so called softshells is that they sound like a bull in a china shop.

ScentBlocker® takes this garment one step further and engineers the revolutionary Boa® Lacing System found in our boots and equips this to our garments. The NEW Boa® BodyLock™ Technology enables the hunter to obtain a quicker, dialed in fit, for even pressure in the cuff and neck area. The Boa® BodyLock™ Technology permits proper fitting and function for a personal feel that fits your needs. Keeping the Boa® BodyLock™ in an unfastened, open appearance will allow for better breathability while hiking to and from your hunting destination. During the hunt, Boa® BodyLock™ Technology can be dialed to fit most neck and cuff sizes for increased scent control, temperature regulation and moisture management.

Our NEW innovative Silent Shell™ utilizes a multitude of technologies to give you, the hunter, the overall advantage. The Dream Season® Silent Shell™ is exceedingly breathable with a polyester high gauge interlock outer shell and comfortable Micro Fleece inner lining bonded together with the amazing power of ScentBlocker® activated carbon.

“A great all-season choice, the versatility of this suit is unmatched, a top choice for any of our hunts” say Mark and Terry Drury. Partner that with 4 Way Stretch, DWR (Durable Water Repellency) and resistance to abrasion and you have the ultimate all season garment built for hunters and engineered by hunters.

The Silent Shell™ is a versatile System Layer 3 outer piece, but can be equally efficient as a System Layer 2 insulating piece with RainBlocker® outer shell protection when nature hurls its nastiest elements.

NEW Dream Season Silent Shell Jacket

ScentBlocker SPF 60 activated carbon with increased carbon loading!

* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* NEW durable burr resistant three-layer fabric with quiet softshell outside, carbon bonded in the middle, and a soft,        warm fleece on the inside
* DWR treated (Durable Water Repellancy)
* New Boa BodyLock technology in collar and cuffs
* BodyLock drawcord waist
* Rangefinder pocket on right chest with shockcord and carbineer allows you to access your gear with little movement
* 1 vertical waterproof chest pocket, 2 lower zippered pockets
* Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
* Tapered neck design engineered to reduce bulk at the front of the neck and offset zipper to be more comfortable in the chin area
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity/Brown
* Sizes: M-2XL

NEW Dream Season Silent Shell Pants

* ScentBlocker SPF 60 activated carbon with increased carbon loading
* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* New durable burr resistant three-layer fabric with a quiet softshell outside, carbon bonded in the middle, and soft, warm fleece on the inside
* DWR treated (Durable Water Repellancy)
* BodyLock waist and cuffs
* Internal rubberized waistband and adjustable ankle cuffs
* Adjustable high waist with belt loops and tunnels
* Zipper fly with new side-by-side snap closure for better fit and security
* Diamond crotch gusset for maximum mobility
* Contoured seat and knees
* 16-inch leg zippers
* 2 front and 2 rear upper zippered pockets, 2 lower front water proof zippered pockets, and 1 cargo pocket
* Hard plastic loops below waistband for connecting gear
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
* Sizes: M-2XL

For more information on the ScentBlocker product line and complete scent control process, contact: Kyle Wills, Robinson Outdoor Products, Inc., 110 N. Park Drive, Cannon Falls, MN 55009-0018, call them at (800)397-1827 or visit their website.

Scent Shield's NEW Rain Gear for 2010.

by Bow Staff 24. March 2010 09:23
Bow Staff

CANNON FALLS, MN – When you hunt hard you sweat, and when it rains you need to wear waterproof gear. Unfortunately, in typical rain gear you sweat, generating a micro-climate inside the garment trapping moisture and forming a wet layer, which leaves you clammy and sizzling when working hard, and chilly as you cool down. Scent Shield® gear isn’t like other gear; we engineer our garments to hunt, leaving doubts behind and giving you the confidence to succeed.

Scent Shield’s NEW S3® Downpour™ contains hydrophilic membranes to manage the micro-climate within the garment by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapor molecules. These hydrophilic membranes are structured to physically impede water from passing through the membrane. Driven by greater heat and water vapor density, the water vapor molecules shift from one hydrophilic group to the next. Therefore, no matter how hard you work and sweat Scent Shield’s Downpour technology keeps pace with you by keeping you dry and comfortable.

The Downpour outer fabric is constructed of SMT Technic, which is an astounding super soft, silent and packable fabric allowing you to go as deep into the bush as you can fathom. The Downpour is part of System Layer 3 for the times when it not only rains, but pours.

New S3 Downpour Rain Jacket

S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* Made of ultra quiet and soft SMT Technic
* 100% Hydrophilic Waterproof, Breathable Downpour technology repels water while still allowing breathability
* Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
* Adjustable draw cord waist
* Silent Wrist Ratchet adjustable cuff system
* Visor hood with crown and side adjustments
* Full front zipper with storm flap
* Two waterproof zippered chest pockets, 2 lower front cargo pockets with flaps and handwarmer pockets
* Double-layer reinforced elbows
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
* Sizes: M-2XL

NEW S3® Downpour Rain Pant
* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* Made of ultra quiet and soft SMT Technic
* 100% Hydrophilic Waterproof, Breathable Downpour technology repels water while still allowing breathability
* 2 angled waterproof zippered slash pockets
* 2 strategically angled rear pockets for easy entry
* Belt loops and tunnels with side tab waist adjustments
* Zipper fly with double rubber snap closure
* Double layer reinforced seat and knees
* 20-inch leg zipper with dual storm flap and rain gutter
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

When preparation meets opportunities… prepare yourself for success.

For more information on the ScentBlocker product line and complete scent control process, please visit their website or call  (800) 397-1827.


NEW Dream Season boot features Boa Technology, comfort, and scent elimination.

by Bow Staff 13. June 2009 03:09
Bow Staff

The people at Robinson Outdoors, the makers of scentBlocker, have a few new tricks up their sleeve in 2009. With the overwhelming success of the Dream Season boot line, they are now introducing a new knee boot breakthrough guaranteed for both comfort and scent elimination. Check this out!

ScentBlocker® Revolutionizes the Knee Boot Again With Boa® Lacing System Technology       

ScentBlocker® Revolutionizes the Knee Boot Again With Boa® Lacing System Technology

CANNON FALLS, MN – ScentBlocker®, worldwide leader in scent elimination for hunters, has revolutionized hunting knee boots again with Boa® Lacing Technology.

The integrated Boa Lacing System provides a custom dialed fit for high performance never seen before in a knee boot. Just a simple click of the Boa Lacing system and you are provided ultra-high performance for the hunter on the move and at the stand.

Dialed in fit – Eliminates loose sloppy fit found on other knee boots

Easy on-the-fly adjustments – Customize to your foot and your activity

No pressure points – Full boot comfort

Lightweight – Just like the boots themselves, the Boa Technology is ultra lightweight and durable.

The new Revolutionary Dream Season® Boa Pro Knee Boot features:

•New removable SPF 60 activated carbon fabric filter with BodyLock™ technology adsorbs human odor and allows you to regenerate the filter.
•Removable activated carbon insole with S3™ antimicrobial technology and toe warmer compatible
•Boa® Lacing System Dialed In Custom Fit Technology
•3-Layer Wool Insulation with Air Mesh Air Grid Lining
•Front Zip Nylon Stretch Fabric Shrowd Protects Boa Lacing System
•100% waterproof membrane construction
•Brush Blocker ShinGuard protection
•Triple Density Rock Shock Stabilizer Lugs for multi-terrain traction
•Reinforced rubber toe
•Climb right heel design
•Sizes: Men’s 8-13, medium & wide widths (half sizes up to size 12)
•Available in Mossy Oak® Treestand®
•Also available in an all-season Pac Boot style.

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Scent Blocker Bone Collector Activated Carbon Apparel

by Justin Zarr 11. January 2009 15:39
Justin Zarr

Hunting apparel has come a long way in the 16 years since I started bowhunting.  I can still remember heading out into the freezing cold northern Illinois winter for some late season hunts with my dad wearing his hand-me-down Trebark apparel that was little more than a cotton pair of pants and zip-up jacket.  Underneath was my standard-issue cotton long johns, some wool socks, and my Sorel boots with removable wool/felt liner.  A pair of brown jersey gloves tucked into my pockets did little more than prevent me from getting frostbite and to be honest, I have no idea how I ever sat still in those miserable conditions!

Now more than two decades later we have more hunting apparel to choose from than most of us can sort through in our buying decisions.  One of the most popular lines of hunting-specific apparel over the past several years has been ScentBlocker from Robinson Outdoors.  I'll admit that I first took notice of the Scent Blocker clothing when I saw them on the Drury Outdoors DVDs and subsequent TV show.  Since then, Scent Blocker has been worn by many hunting "celebrities" including the immensely popular Michael Waddell of Realtree Roadtrips fame.  With his new show "Bone Collector" coming out this season, Robinson Outdoors has released a full line of Bone Collector ScentBlocker apparel.  This gear was designed with the input of Waddell as well as his two co-hosts, Nick Mundt (who my wife think is "hot" by the way) and Travis "T-Bone" Turner.  These guys hunt hard and designed this apparel to meet their needs, which can be easily seen in the way this apparel is put together.

Michael Waddell's Bone CollectorThe first item that caught my eye at this year's ATA show is the "Freak Nasty" jacket and pants.  Both garments feature ScentBlocker's SPF 50 activated carbon technology to trap scent combined with their S3 antimicrobial technology to prevent scent before it starts.  These garments are lightweight and perfect for early and mid season hunts before the temperatures start to drop.  However, you won't have to put them away come November.  The Freak Nasty Jacket accepts a zip-in fleece vest for additional warmth when needed.  The vest does not have activated carbon, but does have WindBlocker protection.

One great feature of these garments that I really liked was the Silent Wrist Ratchet cuffs.  Instead of a noisey velcro closure, this rubber cuff is silent and allows for adjustment of the wrist cuff.  The jacket also features a slit in the back for your safety harness tether, which will save me from having to do it myself.  If you like a lot of pockets, you'll certainly like this jacket!  It has 6 zippered pockets on the front of the jacket and 2 on the rear for plenty of storage for your license, calls, gloves, cell phones, gameboys, pop-tarts, or whatever else you like to take into the stand with you.  The last feature I'll mention on this jacket is an adjustable/removable arm guard that can be used by both right or left handed shooters.

The new Freak Nasty jacket from Robinson Outdoors.  A garment that not only looks good, but is functional as well! 

The Freak Nasty vest can be zippered into the jacket for added warmth on those cool fall days.

The Freak Nasty pants have 2 front slash pockets, 2 zipped leg pockets, and 2 zippered rear pockets in case you couldn't fit everything in your jacket.  They also have 20" leg zippers which I really like, and will help in getting your boots on and off.  Both garments are available in sizes M-2XL in Realtree AP camo.

The Freak Nasty pants - a perfect pair with the jacket and vest.

Also available in the Bone Collector line is the Brotherhood collection of fleece apparel.  This jacket, pants, and fleece head cover all feature SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial technology.  The Brotherhood jacket is a little more on the simple side compared to the Freak Nasty jacket with only two front zippered pockets and a safety harness slit in the back.  The pants are much the same with two front slash pockets, 2 side and 2 rear pockets with button closures.  Unfortunately the pants do not have leg zippers.

 The Brotherhood jacket is quiet and warm, I just wished the hood was removable.  Personally, I'm not a fan of hoods on my hunting gear.  I much prefer a stocking cap to keep my head/ears warm and find that a hood just seems to get in the way.

The Brotherhood fleece pants.  I think they'd be better with leg zippers!!

The fleece all-season head cover can be worn three ways including as a neck gaiter, 1/2 mask, or full head cover.  It is treated with DWR (durable water repellent) so it withstands some moisture, but not a complete downpour.  It also has a rear adjustment point for a snug fit and hooded ear openings so you can hear approaching animals.  I have that feature on a few of my other head covers and while it's a good idea, I've never felt that it works as well as I hoped it would.  This head cover is available in both Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Treestand camo patterns.

If you're looking for a more traditional garment, the Bone Collector Tactical gear might be what your'e after.  These garments are made of a breathable cotton with S3 antimicrobial technology.  The 7-button shirt has mesh side panels to keep you cool during warm temperatures or long walks to your stand, articulated elbows for ease of movement.  Pockets in the chest and arms are designed for easy access and again give you plenty of space to keep your gear close at hand.  The coolest feature of the Tactical shirt is the elastic loops on the right sleeve that can be used to hold a grunt call, wind checker, or anything else you may need close at hand in the field.  For me, that might be my Blackberry so I can play Scrabble when deer movement is slow!

The S3 Tactical pants have 11, yes ELEVEN, pockets on them. From looking at the diagrams in the ScentBlocker catalog I can only find 9 of them which are 2 slash pockets on the front, 2 pockets on each leg above the knee, one pocket on the right leg below the knee, and two on the rear of the packets.  I'm not quite sure where they squeezed the other two in, but I'm sure they're there.  These pants also have an articulated knee and reinforced seat (aka "butt") and knees for added durability.

There is also an S3 longsleeve shirt that's a very basic shirt in Realtree AP with mesh accents for breathability.

But where are the base layers, you ask?  Right here, friends!  The Black Widow line consists of an XLT shirt, XLT pant, knit cap, and wool liner glove.  All garments are completely black and according to the catalog are "perfect for hunting in ground blinds".  Only the shirt and pants feature activated carbon, SPF 40 to be exact.  The knit cap and gloves only feature S3 antimicrobial technology.  The jacket also features a 1/4 zip front with BodyLock collar and wrist cuffs.  The pants also feature BodyLock technology with a single rear pocket in case you feel the need to keep something in your underwear.

Last but not least we have the S3 Bamboo shirt and pants.  Both garments feature 4 Direction Stretch, which is actually really nice.  I have a set of the current S3 base layers with the stretch fabric and it not only fits great, but feels great too.  The Bamboo garments are designed to wick moisture away from your skin and have mesh stretch panels to allow air to escape.  The best part, in my opinion, about this base layer is that it's available in camo as well as black.  I know last year on some warm afternoons I wanted to walk to my stand in just my S3 shirt, but didn't want to look like a black bear prowling the Illinois countryside.  The shirt, as well as the pants, are both available in Realtree AP with black accents, as well as black with camo accents depending on your preference.  While I can see the need for the shirt in camo, I'm not sure many people are wearing their man-tights around without anything over them so the camo bottoms probably aren't quite as necessary.

One additional thing I do like about these base layers is that they have a thumb hole sewn in the sleeves.  At first glance I wondered exactly what it was for - after all, the hunting industry isn't exactly full of guyliner-wearing kids in  skinny jeans and shirts with thumbholes in them.  However, the nice lady at the ScentBlocker booth informed me that the thumb holes are used to prevent the sleeves from riding up your arms when pulling additional garments on over them.  Once you're all layered up, you can then remove your thumbs so your hunting buddies don't make fun of you.  Ingenius, I say!

The S3 Bamboo shirt in Realtree AP camo, the perfect shirt for hiking into your stand on for an afternoon hunt.

Camo underwear, for those of you who don't feel like wearing pants at home, or in the field!

All in all, I think the Bone Collector line of ScentBlocker gear looks like some really nice stuff.  I will most definitely be hunting out of the Freak Nasty jacket and pants during the early season, and will most likely own a set of Bamboo base layers as well.

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