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Ozonics: Scent Control and Scent Elimination

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 09:10
Bow Staff

INTRODUCING ELECTRONIC SCENT CONTROL FROM OZONICS. No other scent control system for hunting comes close to Ozonics revolutionary technology for odor elimination. Ozonics' field tested O3 Ozone technology effectively eliminates odors in the air between the hunter and prey from your stand or blind. It’s also effective at eliminating odors from hunting garments and equipment prior to a hunt. This means more opportunities for big game on every trip to the field.

O3 OZONE CURTAIN EFFECT virtually eliminates all windblown odors between the hunter and the prey.  An Ozonics device produces ozone, a naturally occurring cleansing agent found in the earth’s atmosphere, to effectively remove human scent from the body, clothing and equipment of a hunter or sportsman. It also removes odors (natural and bacteria derived) in the air emitted from an individual’s skin and mouth. The HR 200/150 can be easily transported by a hunter/sportsman, or can be placed near a hunter for hunting in a blind or tree stand.

Ozone is a safe, but powerful oxidizing agent, that can sanitize biological products and kill bacteria. Ozone has 150 percent of the oxidizing potential of chlorine and twice the oxidizing potential of bromine. Unlike the dangers associated with chlorine and bromine, ozone is a safe, naturally occurring compound that can be recognized as the sweet, fresh smell after a rain shower.  Ozone is present in the earth’s atmosphere to purify the air we breathe. However, it has also been used in other capacities, including:
• Purifying a large amount of our nation’s drinking water.
• Bacteria removal and operating room sterilization in hospitals.
• Smoke and mold removal from fire damaged buildings.
1.    •Air purification in some of the nation’s best hotels, restaurants and health-conscious homes to remove pollen and dust.
2.    •With the HR 200/150, ozone is now available to hunters for a more enjoyable and productive hunt.

WHAT MAKES OZONICS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER HUNTING SCENT CONTROL METHODS?  When was the last time your present scent control method allowed you to get within 3 feet downwind of the game?  Ozonics products are the only products produced in the world that does this by eliminating all airborne human and equipment odors by just turning the device on. This device will change the way hunting is done today and allow hunters to see and harvest animals they never thought were attainable before.

ARE SOUND HUNTING PRACTICES LIKE USING PROPER CAMOUFLAGE STILL NEEDED?  HR 200/150 does not impact an animal’s ability to see or hear the hunter. Therefore, Ozonics recommends that hunters remain quiet and use proper camouflage when hunting game.

CAN AN OZONICS PRODUCT HAVE OTHER USES BEYOND HUNTING?  Yes. Sportsmen, including individuals involved in camping, hiking and wildlife photography, as well as fishermen may also find this product useful.

IS OZONICS A SAFE METHOD OF SCENT CONTROL?  Yes. Ozone used in proper amounts is a very safe method to effectively eliminate odor.

Interested in this revolutionary device in scent elimination technology?  Follow this link to view our selection of Ozonics products and order yours right here from!


The Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Aggressor

by John Mueller 7. September 2010 15:01
John Mueller

While being new to the hunting industry oxygen generators are quickly becoming the most talked about items in scent elimination. They have been used in smoke and fire damaged buildings for years to eliminate the leftover odors of fires. And to eliminate mold and mildew in homes. In the past couple of years they have been introduced to the hunting community to eliminate scent on your clothing or to take with you to the stand and create a cloud of pure oxygen.

I had the opportunity to test the Oxy Elim-A-Scent Micro Agrressor. This is a small oxygen generator designed to be used in containers used to store hunting clothes or to take in a ground blind while hunting from it. I am usually pretty skeptical when it comes to the so called latest hunting gadgets. So I put the little generator to a series of my own tests. I was pleasantly surprised with a couple of test results and dissapointed with others. Here are my test results.

One of the claims of the manufacturer is it will eliminate bacteria and odors from hunting clothes. Well I have a very large collection of camo caps. Many of them have sweated in quite heavily and have a bit of an odor to them, if you know what I mean. I figured this would be a great test in bacteria and scent elimination. I put the unit in a sealed plastic bag with 3 caps that definately needed some odors killed. I left the bag closed with the oxy generator running on low for 24 hours. When I opened the bag there was a noticable bleachy sort of smell. That is supposed to be a normal by product of the unit. After taking the caps out of the bag they too smelled bleachy. I let them air out for and hour and gave them the smell test. While they still had some of the sweaty smell to them, I can say that it was not as strong as before beong in the bag. I didn't put them back in to see if any more odor would be removed, I figured 24 hours would pretty much saturate them and do whatever it could to clean them up.

Since the original use of these things were to remove smoke from homes with fire damage, I tested its smoke eliminating effectiveness. I saturated a paper towel with campfire smoke. Then I placed the paper towel in a plastic bag with the unit for 24 hours. When I opened up the bag the next day I again immediately noticed the bleach smell. I let the paper towel air out for an hour and did the smell test. I was actually amazed, there was no smoke smell at all. It seems it does a great job on smoke odors. It may have helped that these odors had not been soaking into the towel for a long period, but they were definately gone.

My next test was to put the unit into a rubber hunting boot that had been used for a couple of years. This might be a little bit of an exterme test, but it says it kills bacteria that create odors and kills the odors, so why not push the limits. I set the unit in the bottom of the boot and rubber banded a plastic bag over the top. The next day when I opened up the boot there was that familiar bleach smell. I set the boot outside to air out. After about an hour I gave it the smell test. Honestly, I can't say there was much of a differance from before the test. I don't think this unit is powerfull enough to take on stinky boots.

My final test was to see if this small unit could deodorize a ground blind as claimed. I set my blind up in the back yard and placed the unit inside on high power. I had placed an earth scent wafer in the blind when I ste it up and left it there for a while so there would be some sort of smell in the blind before I placed the generator in it. After a couple of hours I unzipped the blind and entered it. I could smell the bleach odor but no earth scent. After an hour I again entered the blind and there was no trace of the earth scent to be detected. No real way to tell if it disappeared on its own or if the generator took care of it, but it was gone.

The unit I tested runs off of 4 AA batteries. They reportedly will last up to 30 days on low power and 24 hours on high power. Low power is reccomended for small containers or duffel bags and small closets. High power is reccommended for inside ground blinds and vehicles. There is also an optional 12 volt converter for operating in vehicles and a 120 volt converter for home use.

I'm still 100% sold on this new technology for eliminating all odors, but during my testing it did perform as advertised on some odors in certain situations. I guess its like most other scent eliminating products. Being clean to start with and paying attention the wind direction is the best defense. This may just be one more option when it comes to scent elimination.

Click here to check out the complete lineup of Oxy Elim-A-Scent Generators in the shopping cart.

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Boot. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

by Bow Staff 25. July 2010 16:33
Bow Staff

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

CANNON FALLS, MN - Since the inception of ScentBlocker boots, ScentBlocker has provided hunters with the most comfortable, lightweight boots available while still utilizing scent-control technology. Well, ScentBlocker® has done it again with the NEW Dream Season® Wooly Mammoth.
This extreme boot is great for those late season hunts when the temperatures are below what anyone can sit in comfortably.  With 13mm of thick removable wool liner insulation and heat reflecting film, these boots are sure to keep your feet warm. The Wooly Mammoth is the first scent-control hunting pac boot combining the most innovative scent-control materials available with trusted, removable wool liner insulation technology. 
The boot is constructed with a rubberized camo fabric upper frame, S3® antimicrobial lining and a carbon fabric filter that work in harmony to limit odors. A quiet, nylon lace system secures your foot to limit heel lift.  A removable, cork-infused EVA comfort insole reduces shock and provides an additional insulation layer under your foot. The construction of this boot provides hunters with comforting warmth and protection from extreme frigid temperatures, all in an extremely lightweight package.     
ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth will be available this summer. Please visit their website for more information. 

New Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Extreme Pac Boot:
• Removable SPF 60 activated carbon fabric filter with BodyLock technology gaiter
• Gaiter features durable Nylon Webbing CamLock Closure & External Big EZ Nylon Pull on Loops
• Removable 13mm wool liner with heat reflection technology
• Removable cork-infused EVA insole provides shock mitigating layer
• 100% waterproof membrane construction
• 2-layer camo fabric, lightweight EVA cushioned midsole
• Camo rubber outsole with dual density Rock Shock Stabilizer Lugs for multi-terrain traction
• Reinforced rubber toe and heel
• Climb right heel design
• Sizes: Men's 8-13 Whole Sizes
• Color: Mossy Oak Treestand


Deer Allergies… Can They Kill You?

by Dustin DeCroo 5. July 2010 17:07
Dustin DeCroo

Yes, they absolutely can.  Allergies to deer and other ungulates are fairly rare, but can be quite dangerous for the people that are affected.  A quick google search can provide you with more evidence than would ever seem possible.

At the age of seven years I experienced an allergic reaction that has continued to harass me for more than two decades worth of big game seasons.  A cool fall day, my dad and I were traveling from Laramie to Gillette, Wyoming through Sybil Canyon.  Sybil Canyon was home to (and may still be) a wildlife refuge where animals were kept for a number of reasons.  We passed a couple of big mule deer bucks with swollen necks and dad stopped to allow me to get a better look.  As I walked to the tall fence one of the deer approached me and actually let me rub his nose and the top of his head.  Sporting the biggest grin a toothless seven year old could show, we crawled back into the little Mazda pickup and headed home.  Literally in a matter of minutes my eyes were swollen completely shut, my face and throat were extremely itchy and I became slightly wheezy.  Dad buried the pedal on the four cylinder engine to get to the nearest, well… anything.  We eventually reached a convenience store where I was able to wash my hands and face and almost immediately the swelling, itching and wheeziness subsided.  Since that day, I’ve found that I’m also allergic to antelope, elk, mule deer and whitetails… wild hogs haven’t ever given me a problem.

In 2007 this particular buck gave me a bad reaction, but thanks to Dead Down Wind bar soap I was able to eliminate it fairly quickly. 

Allergy doctors have offered a variety of solutions, but the two that I have personally contacted gave me the one solution that just won’t fly… quit deer hunting.  I have always wondered why I couldn’t be allergic to something like… knitting needles, instead of my favorite activity on the planet.  In the last few years I have met only a few people that suffer from the same allergy and have been able to discuss prevention/treatment tactics for the reactions.  I have found a handful of products and methods that have helped a great deal in preventing the annoyances.

I actually have a small Ziploc in which I carry a few items in my “anti-allergy” kit.  The first thing I pack when it comes to preventing an outbreak is some sort of field dressing gloves.  My personal favorites are the Primos Guttin Gloves, they are a shoulder length glove that come with a regular latex glove so that you still have maneuverability in your fingers.  Shoulder length gloves probably aren’t necessary unless you’re trying to be extremely careful, as you would with an animal that is going on the wall, but that is the main goal of the majority of my hunts.  The second item is a small piece of bar soap.  I usually use Dead Down Wind Bar Soap and I’ll cut off a piece the size of a cheese cube for my kit. The last item in my kit is a standard outdoor wet wipe.  They are biodegradable, have no scent and have a variety of uses.   It goes without saying, but water is extremely important to carry as well.  When I wash my hands and face after field dressing an animal, I generally have very mild if any type of reaction.  A couple of Benadryl tablets always manage to find their place at the bottom of my Ziploc as well.





Primos Guttin Gloves

All these products are available at when you click the ‘Shopping’ tab at


Scent Shield's NEW Rain Gear for 2010.

by Bow Staff 24. March 2010 09:23
Bow Staff

CANNON FALLS, MN – When you hunt hard you sweat, and when it rains you need to wear waterproof gear. Unfortunately, in typical rain gear you sweat, generating a micro-climate inside the garment trapping moisture and forming a wet layer, which leaves you clammy and sizzling when working hard, and chilly as you cool down. Scent Shield® gear isn’t like other gear; we engineer our garments to hunt, leaving doubts behind and giving you the confidence to succeed.

Scent Shield’s NEW S3® Downpour™ contains hydrophilic membranes to manage the micro-climate within the garment by absorbing and dissipating sweat through the diffusion of water vapor molecules. These hydrophilic membranes are structured to physically impede water from passing through the membrane. Driven by greater heat and water vapor density, the water vapor molecules shift from one hydrophilic group to the next. Therefore, no matter how hard you work and sweat Scent Shield’s Downpour technology keeps pace with you by keeping you dry and comfortable.

The Downpour outer fabric is constructed of SMT Technic, which is an astounding super soft, silent and packable fabric allowing you to go as deep into the bush as you can fathom. The Downpour is part of System Layer 3 for the times when it not only rains, but pours.

New S3 Downpour Rain Jacket

S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* Made of ultra quiet and soft SMT Technic
* 100% Hydrophilic Waterproof, Breathable Downpour technology repels water while still allowing breathability
* Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
* Adjustable draw cord waist
* Silent Wrist Ratchet adjustable cuff system
* Visor hood with crown and side adjustments
* Full front zipper with storm flap
* Two waterproof zippered chest pockets, 2 lower front cargo pockets with flaps and handwarmer pockets
* Double-layer reinforced elbows
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
* Sizes: M-2XL

NEW S3® Downpour Rain Pant
* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* Made of ultra quiet and soft SMT Technic
* 100% Hydrophilic Waterproof, Breathable Downpour technology repels water while still allowing breathability
* 2 angled waterproof zippered slash pockets
* 2 strategically angled rear pockets for easy entry
* Belt loops and tunnels with side tab waist adjustments
* Zipper fly with double rubber snap closure
* Double layer reinforced seat and knees
* 20-inch leg zipper with dual storm flap and rain gutter
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

When preparation meets opportunities… prepare yourself for success.

For more information on the ScentBlocker product line and complete scent control process, please visit their website or call  (800) 397-1827.


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