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Sometimes You Have to Hunt in the Rain

by Neal McCullough 29. September 2011 14:20
Neal McCullough

I am one of those bowhunters who doesn’t get hundreds of days in the field every year; I don’t spend weeks in Kansas, Iowa, and Canada from September to December (although sometimes I wish I could). That said, I have learned over the years that you have to make your hunts count. I believe in the old adage “you can’t get one if you aren’t out there” but, more specifically, out there at the right time. This past Tuesday evening was one of those “right times”.

Grant Jacobs and I always try to do an early season bowhunt in our properties in Pepin County. It’s a little bit of a drive (About 1 ½ hours) so we do our best to coordinate our varied work schedules and the ever-unpredictable fall weather to select the best day to hunt. Tuesday, flexibility at work magically coincided with some other key factors to make for a perfect evening hunt. Following are a couple of things that made this week’s hunt work:

1. Moontimes– The moon’s affect on whitetails was a subject of a recent blog of mine and the timing of this hunt was set up to be one of the best days in September according to the solar calendar. The moon was setting at 6:30PM (sunset was at 7:00PM) and the “best time” to hunt was 5:30PM – 7:26PM

The solar lunar calendar can be an effective tool during early season.

2. Wind – The particular location of the stand we were hunting in we call the “Elevator Ridge” and any wind out of the N/NW gives us the best chance to get a deer.

A Wind Checker and can help keep track of shifting winds/thermals to know where deer can bust you in the stand.

3. Beans – Although beans have browned in nearly all areas where we hunt, we knew that some of the green was still on the stem and pod. This, along with falling acorns, made for an ideal spot.

This button buck showed on Tuesday evening feeding in the beans, any remaining green soybean fields should be hunted now.

4. Rain – The toughest part of the day was the massive low pressure system that decided to park itself right over Chicago for what seemed like days and days. The weatherman called for continued rain at our stand that day, nonetheless we decided to go for it.

This stubborn low pressure system took days to move out of the midwest.

5. Scent Control – The wind and rain combined created a perfect scent killing solution for us; our scent was pushed away from the deer and much of that scent was knocked down by the rain.

We always wear Scent Blocker gear while hunting, there is no substitute for quality scent blocking clothing. Notice parts of the soybean field in the background are still green.

In the end, the hunt was one of the best early season hunts we have had in a while. Right on schedule, three mature does and a buck fawn all worked their way to within 25 yards and if it weren’t for tree limbs and low camera light, we would have had a shot. Last year we spent hours and hours hunting bad winds, bad moontimes, and frankly, bad stand sites. This year we got in the right place at the right time and got the season off to a great start. Good luck with your hunting seasons and remember; sometimes you have to hunt in the rain.

See you in the woods,
Neal McCullough

Bitter Cold Requires Better Hunting Gear

by Brenda Potts 26. January 2011 08:17
Brenda Potts

From downright miserable to almost intolerable, those final, bitter cold days of the hunting season can be difficult if the weather takes a turn for the worse, which it often does.  Yet this time of year can offer some of your best bowhunting action, especially for big bucks back on feeding patterns after the rut.  Here are some tips and gear to keep you in the field longer when the temperature plummets.

1. HoMocs are by far the number one item on my list of apparel accessories. Each garment features patented pocket placement for optimum utilization of those air activated heat packs. From Balaclavas, Neck Gators, Scarves, Beanies and Boot Covers, the HotMocs brand of products make the most of the heat source.  It is hard for me to choose a favorite piece in the line-up. How many times have you placed a Hot Hand or similar product on the back of your neck only to have it slip out of position whenever you move?  HotMocs solve this problem by keeping the heat  right where you want it. The over-the-boot design of the boot covers help focus heat on your toe area which is the first portion of your feet to get cold. The added warmth aids with circulation, helping keep your feet warmer.

2. For the hunting females in our audience, the SHE C4 System is unbeatable in my opinion. Start with the pants and vest that feature a patented zipper attachment system that joins the two into a super set of bibs.  You can unzip the pants from the vest without ever taking off your jacket, and re-zip them back together again easily in the field. They can be worn separately as a pant and vest or zipped together to form the bibs. The jacket has many features conducive to bowhunting, including a small opening in the back for the safety harness strap. It is warm, waterproof, windproof, quiet and fitted for the female form without the bulk.

3. Hunter's Specialties entered the scent control garment industry with an excellent product called Scent-A-Way Tek 4. It uses state-of-the-art silver technology to permanently control odor caused by bacteria. Human odor is actually the smell emitting from the waste excreted by bacteria living on your body. In cold weather, you may make the mistake of dressing too warmly for walking into and out of your stand, thereby getting sweaty, a condition in which bacteria thrive. Even though you are bundled up under layers of clothing unwanted scent can still escape, which is why winter time odor control is important. Tek 4 garments are engineered to provide permanent moisture management incorporating "catch, move and release" technology, which traps moisture and moves it away from your body. It can then be treated by the silver and evaporated away. This has the added benefit of keeping the hunter dry and comfortable in various weather conditions. Silver is also one of the most thermally conductive elements on the planet, optimizing body temperature control.

4. Here's a secret for buying apparel, sleeping bags etc. Look at the seams. You do not want the stitching on the outside and the inside to meet, creating a cold spot. Garments without baffled seams are sewn through the layers, which can allow cold air to enter. It may not seem like much, but in bitter cold it can make a huge difference.

5. Any uncovered area will lose body heat in cold weather. It is important to wear a hat in cold weather to prevent loss of body heat. Your body will act to protect your brain, withdrawing blood from extremities in the event that you are without a hat in cold weather. A wool blend hat with itch-free fleece lining that completely covers the head and ears, combined with a jacket with a hood are among your best options. But this combo does tend to muffle our hearing and field of view, therefore  perpetuating many a bowhunter's notorious habit for lack of proper head gear. Use your head, literally, to stay warm.

Ozonics: Scent Control and Scent Elimination

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 09:10
Bow Staff

INTRODUCING ELECTRONIC SCENT CONTROL FROM OZONICS. No other scent control system for hunting comes close to Ozonics revolutionary technology for odor elimination. Ozonics' field tested O3 Ozone technology effectively eliminates odors in the air between the hunter and prey from your stand or blind. It’s also effective at eliminating odors from hunting garments and equipment prior to a hunt. This means more opportunities for big game on every trip to the field.

O3 OZONE CURTAIN EFFECT virtually eliminates all windblown odors between the hunter and the prey.  An Ozonics device produces ozone, a naturally occurring cleansing agent found in the earth’s atmosphere, to effectively remove human scent from the body, clothing and equipment of a hunter or sportsman. It also removes odors (natural and bacteria derived) in the air emitted from an individual’s skin and mouth. The HR 200/150 can be easily transported by a hunter/sportsman, or can be placed near a hunter for hunting in a blind or tree stand.

Ozone is a safe, but powerful oxidizing agent, that can sanitize biological products and kill bacteria. Ozone has 150 percent of the oxidizing potential of chlorine and twice the oxidizing potential of bromine. Unlike the dangers associated with chlorine and bromine, ozone is a safe, naturally occurring compound that can be recognized as the sweet, fresh smell after a rain shower.  Ozone is present in the earth’s atmosphere to purify the air we breathe. However, it has also been used in other capacities, including:
• Purifying a large amount of our nation’s drinking water.
• Bacteria removal and operating room sterilization in hospitals.
• Smoke and mold removal from fire damaged buildings.
1.    •Air purification in some of the nation’s best hotels, restaurants and health-conscious homes to remove pollen and dust.
2.    •With the HR 200/150, ozone is now available to hunters for a more enjoyable and productive hunt.

WHAT MAKES OZONICS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER HUNTING SCENT CONTROL METHODS?  When was the last time your present scent control method allowed you to get within 3 feet downwind of the game?  Ozonics products are the only products produced in the world that does this by eliminating all airborne human and equipment odors by just turning the device on. This device will change the way hunting is done today and allow hunters to see and harvest animals they never thought were attainable before.

ARE SOUND HUNTING PRACTICES LIKE USING PROPER CAMOUFLAGE STILL NEEDED?  HR 200/150 does not impact an animal’s ability to see or hear the hunter. Therefore, Ozonics recommends that hunters remain quiet and use proper camouflage when hunting game.

CAN AN OZONICS PRODUCT HAVE OTHER USES BEYOND HUNTING?  Yes. Sportsmen, including individuals involved in camping, hiking and wildlife photography, as well as fishermen may also find this product useful.

IS OZONICS A SAFE METHOD OF SCENT CONTROL?  Yes. Ozone used in proper amounts is a very safe method to effectively eliminate odor.

Interested in this revolutionary device in scent elimination technology?  Follow this link to view our selection of Ozonics products and order yours right here from!


Hunting Mature Bucks While Playing the Wind

by John Mueller 1. September 2010 13:07
John Mueller

It sounds easy doesn't it, set up downwind of where the big boy will show up and let the air out of him. But more times than not it doesn't end up being that easy. You may have to let a small buck pass before the big guy comes into range or those does may feed past your stand first. There are a lot things to consider when setting up to "Hunt The Wind" for a mature whitetail buck.

Hunting trails.
Hunting trails sounds like it would be a no brainer, set up on the downwind side of the trail. The problem is many times mature bucks will not use the same trails does and young bucks use. They will be on skinny, almost unseen trails running parallel to the main trails. So if you set up close to a main trail, you might end up upwind of the buck you are after and get busted. I try to find those little used trails with big hoof prints in them and set up close to where they go through heavy cover. That is where a big buck will feel most secure. Another good trail to hunt is one that cuts through a pinch point or goes around an obstacle like a steep ditch or pond. This will tend to push all the deer traffic past your stand. Plus it allows you to set up with the obstacle behind you, blocking any deer from getting downwind.

Hunting Food Plots
Just set up right where you have seen the big guy enter the field with the wind blowing across the field and he's as good as yours right? Not necessarily! What if a group of does or his 75" bachelor buddy get to the field before your buck? They will start blowing and stomping and you'll never see the one your after.
I like to set my stand away from the area the deer enter the food plot with the wind blowing into the woods behind me and wait for them to feed in my direction. You can sort of guide them by what you plant in the plot. Plant their favorite food in front of your stand, not where they enter the plot. This also increases the odds of shooting at relaxed deer. When deer enter a food plot they are usually very nervous, but after they have been there for a while and no danger has been spotted, they tend to relax. Shooting at a relaxed buck increases your odds of him not jumping the string and your arrow striking where it was aimed.
It also helps if you can have a big ditch or nasty thicket behind you so no deer slip downwind making their way to the plot.

Hunting Bedding Areas
Again, usually not as easy as it sounds. If your waiting in the morning for the buck upwind of his bedding area, you'll probably never see him. You can bet he's gonna scent check his intended bed from downwind before he enters his bed. What you can try is setting up just to the side of the downwind direction, hoping the wind doesn't shift slightly and give you away. But you also have to keep in mind as the ground warms, the thermals are going to start rising. So you need to take that into consideration before you set up in the dark with a good wind. If the thermals take your scent the wrong direction, the hunt is over. Setting up on the uphill side of his bed and the trail leading to it can help beat the morning thermals.
If you're going to try and catch that bruiser coming out of his bed in the afternoon you have the exact opposite thing happening with the cooling thermals. As the air cools it will decend and pool up in low areas. So you need to stay below the bedding area and any trails the buck might travel on in the evening.

So if it sounds like playing the wind while trying to connect on a Big Whitetail Buck sounds almost impossible, your right. By the time they reach trophy size, they know how to detect danger and how to use the rest of the deer herd to detect it for them. You not only have to fool the buck your after, but all of the rest of the deer your not interested in shooting also. Plus in my hunting experiances, deer rarely play by the rules. They are constantly showing up where you least expect them and that is usually downwind of my stand. That is precisely why I take every precaution with my scent that I can. I wash all my clothes in scent eliminating detergent, store them in scent free containers, spray down before every hunt and try not to touch any foilage on the way in to my stand. You can never be totally scent free, but you can do a lot to reduce your human odor in the woods.

You can check out all of the scent eliminating products available here on by clicking on the link below.

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Boot. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

by Bow Staff 25. July 2010 16:33
Bow Staff

ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth. Forget the Cold, Just Hunt!

CANNON FALLS, MN - Since the inception of ScentBlocker boots, ScentBlocker has provided hunters with the most comfortable, lightweight boots available while still utilizing scent-control technology. Well, ScentBlocker® has done it again with the NEW Dream Season® Wooly Mammoth.
This extreme boot is great for those late season hunts when the temperatures are below what anyone can sit in comfortably.  With 13mm of thick removable wool liner insulation and heat reflecting film, these boots are sure to keep your feet warm. The Wooly Mammoth is the first scent-control hunting pac boot combining the most innovative scent-control materials available with trusted, removable wool liner insulation technology. 
The boot is constructed with a rubberized camo fabric upper frame, S3® antimicrobial lining and a carbon fabric filter that work in harmony to limit odors. A quiet, nylon lace system secures your foot to limit heel lift.  A removable, cork-infused EVA comfort insole reduces shock and provides an additional insulation layer under your foot. The construction of this boot provides hunters with comforting warmth and protection from extreme frigid temperatures, all in an extremely lightweight package.     
ScentBlocker Dream Season Wooly Mammoth will be available this summer. Please visit their website for more information. 

New Dream Season Wooly Mammoth Extreme Pac Boot:
• Removable SPF 60 activated carbon fabric filter with BodyLock technology gaiter
• Gaiter features durable Nylon Webbing CamLock Closure & External Big EZ Nylon Pull on Loops
• Removable 13mm wool liner with heat reflection technology
• Removable cork-infused EVA insole provides shock mitigating layer
• 100% waterproof membrane construction
• 2-layer camo fabric, lightweight EVA cushioned midsole
• Camo rubber outsole with dual density Rock Shock Stabilizer Lugs for multi-terrain traction
• Reinforced rubber toe and heel
• Climb right heel design
• Sizes: Men's 8-13 Whole Sizes
• Color: Mossy Oak Treestand


NEW ScentBlocker Dream Season Silent Shell!

by Bow Staff 14. June 2010 02:45
Bow Staff

ScentBlocker Dream Season Silent Shell: Silent But Deadly!

CANNON FALLS, MN – ScentBlocker® continues to innovate; taking softshell technology and executing a design hunters can use, making it quiet and you silent. The problem with other so called softshells is that they sound like a bull in a china shop.

ScentBlocker® takes this garment one step further and engineers the revolutionary Boa® Lacing System found in our boots and equips this to our garments. The NEW Boa® BodyLock™ Technology enables the hunter to obtain a quicker, dialed in fit, for even pressure in the cuff and neck area. The Boa® BodyLock™ Technology permits proper fitting and function for a personal feel that fits your needs. Keeping the Boa® BodyLock™ in an unfastened, open appearance will allow for better breathability while hiking to and from your hunting destination. During the hunt, Boa® BodyLock™ Technology can be dialed to fit most neck and cuff sizes for increased scent control, temperature regulation and moisture management.

Our NEW innovative Silent Shell™ utilizes a multitude of technologies to give you, the hunter, the overall advantage. The Dream Season® Silent Shell™ is exceedingly breathable with a polyester high gauge interlock outer shell and comfortable Micro Fleece inner lining bonded together with the amazing power of ScentBlocker® activated carbon.

“A great all-season choice, the versatility of this suit is unmatched, a top choice for any of our hunts” say Mark and Terry Drury. Partner that with 4 Way Stretch, DWR (Durable Water Repellency) and resistance to abrasion and you have the ultimate all season garment built for hunters and engineered by hunters.

The Silent Shell™ is a versatile System Layer 3 outer piece, but can be equally efficient as a System Layer 2 insulating piece with RainBlocker® outer shell protection when nature hurls its nastiest elements.

NEW Dream Season Silent Shell Jacket

ScentBlocker SPF 60 activated carbon with increased carbon loading!

* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* NEW durable burr resistant three-layer fabric with quiet softshell outside, carbon bonded in the middle, and a soft,        warm fleece on the inside
* DWR treated (Durable Water Repellancy)
* New Boa BodyLock technology in collar and cuffs
* BodyLock drawcord waist
* Rangefinder pocket on right chest with shockcord and carbineer allows you to access your gear with little movement
* 1 vertical waterproof chest pocket, 2 lower zippered pockets
* Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
* Tapered neck design engineered to reduce bulk at the front of the neck and offset zipper to be more comfortable in the chin area
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity/Brown
* Sizes: M-2XL

NEW Dream Season Silent Shell Pants

* ScentBlocker SPF 60 activated carbon with increased carbon loading
* S3 antimicrobial technology to aid in odor control
* New durable burr resistant three-layer fabric with a quiet softshell outside, carbon bonded in the middle, and soft, warm fleece on the inside
* DWR treated (Durable Water Repellancy)
* BodyLock waist and cuffs
* Internal rubberized waistband and adjustable ankle cuffs
* Adjustable high waist with belt loops and tunnels
* Zipper fly with new side-by-side snap closure for better fit and security
* Diamond crotch gusset for maximum mobility
* Contoured seat and knees
* 16-inch leg zippers
* 2 front and 2 rear upper zippered pockets, 2 lower front water proof zippered pockets, and 1 cargo pocket
* Hard plastic loops below waistband for connecting gear
* Color: NEW Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity
* Sizes: M-2XL

For more information on the ScentBlocker product line and complete scent control process, contact: Kyle Wills, Robinson Outdoor Products, Inc., 110 N. Park Drive, Cannon Falls, MN 55009-0018, call them at (800)397-1827 or visit their website.

Dead Down Wind's New Products for 2009

by Scott Abbott 11. January 2009 09:10
Scott Abbott

Dead Down Wind is a company who brings us new and innovative scent control products every year.  This year is no different with a host of new products to help us stay undetected by the nose of our quarry.   Dead Down Wind only uses safe and natural biodegradable products .  They do not use any biocides, heavy metals or harsh chemicals in their products.  Speaking with them they are very proud of their "green" Earth and consumer friendly products.


New products unveiled at the ATA show this year from Dead down wind are as follows;

- eLive Odor Terminator 2oz. or 12oz. This new product is designed to take the smell out of even the strongest odors.  This includes smoke, gas, pet odors, and urine as well as fish odors, musty live wells and boat upholstery for the fisherman as well.

-Concentrated Laundry Detergent 12oz. Boasts a UV inhibitor and can be used with carbon clothing as well as wool.

-Dryer sheets 15 ct. For 2009 Dead down wind increased the size of their dryer sheets to 8"X10".  These dryer sheets are 100% biodegradable.

-Pac-It Concentrated Field Spray These Pac-It refills are a great new item in their lineup.  The 3 pouches included will mix with any water to produce 36 oz. of Evolve field spray.  They are small and easily packable and offers a great value by mixing your own Evolve field spray.  These are also great for traveling hunters worried about carrying liquids in their baggage on an airplane.

-Field Wash Cloths 20 ct. The cloth used is the only 100% biodegradable field wipe offered on the market.  Packaging is a peel and seal soft pack.

-Totally Odorless Oil 2 oz. This odorless oil can be used to protect, clean and lubricate all of your outdoor gear from treestands to camera arms.

-Checkmate Wind Checker 2 oz. This wind checker boasts two different size powders; a fine powder and a heavier powder to really see what your wind currents are doing.  It also offers an excellent value with double the product of other wind check powders at the same price point. 

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