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The Sidewinder by S4Gear

by John Mueller 9. September 2010 13:20
John Mueller

Everyone needs a Sidewinder to keep those often used small electronic devices within easy reach. I'm talking about your rangefinder, cell phone, GPS unit, walkie talkie, or even pepper spray if you're in bear country. The Sidewinder from S4 Gear is the latest invention designed to keep these devices held in place until you need them.

Simply slip the sidewinder on your belt or backpack straps and you're set. Or it comes with its own handy strap to secure it to your leg or arm. There are many options to attach the Sidewinder within easy reach.  The cable attached to your device extends out a full 36", giving you plenty of length so it doesn't get hung up short.

The Sidewinder attaches to your device with a very sturdy self adhesive coupling bracket. Once you have secure the bracket on your device there is a heat shrink band to add an extra measure of safety, so there are no accidental drops while in the stand.  After this is done you then attach the bracket to the cable by turning the screw with a coin until it is tight but still allows the connection to swivel.

After your device is attached to the Sidewinder you're ready to start using it. Just find a convienient location to strap the base to and head to your favorite stand.  Once you get to your stand your rangefinder or whatever you choose to attach to the Sidewinder will always be within reach. And you don't have worry about finding it in your pack or have it fall out of your pocket. When in the stored position the end of the cable is held in place by a Rare Earth Magnet, so it won't dangle out of the holder clanging off of your stand. The magnet also holds it place while walking so it doesn't swing around making noise.

Using the included strap you can securing the Sidewinder to your leg.

...or to your arm.

The Sidewinder by S4Gear is very well made from super tuff material.  The design seems well thought out as far as keeping whatever you attach to it secure and in place. It has a firm grip but the cable is easily pulled out when you need to use your device. There is virtually no noise when the cable is pulled out at a slow speed. If you jerk it out fast,the rollers do make a slight sound but you have to pull it out very hard and the deer would probably see you moving anyway.

My rangefinder will definately be attached to the end of a Sidewinder this season. You can order yours from by following the link below.

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