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Bowhunt or Die! Episode 2 Recap

by Cody Altizer 25. October 2010 07:57
Cody Altizer

 The second installment of “Bowhunt or Die!” provided just as much excitement and big buck action as the first.  The warm temperatures did their best to stall the efforts of our Pro Staffers, but they battled through the heat and came away with some great footage and exciting hunts.  Episode 2 featured doe harvests from Illinois and Wyoming and some great encounters with bucks in Illinois and Wisconsin despite the sweltering heat.  Click here to watch the exciting footage of Bowhunt or Die! Episode 2!
 Bowhunt or Die! Host Todd Graf was back at it in Illinois and Wisconsin and continued his string of buck encounters.  In Wisconsin, Todd shared a couple hunts with his friend Dr. Ali Shaibani and, while he didn’t see a buck he wanted to shoot, still had some cool encounters with younger bucks.  In Illinois Todd saw his third shooter of the year, but like the others, this buck was just too far away to attempt an ethical shot.  Todd resisted the temptation of calling to this deer, because it was just too early in the season to get aggressive with a mature buck.  Knowing when to be passive and when to be aggressive is key when hunting older deer.  Fortunately, Todd was able to capture some awesome footage of this buck and gained valuable information that will help Todd score on him later in the season.  Through just two episodes, Todd has quickly gained priceless information that will help him score on these bucks later in the season.  It’s only a matter of time now for Todd!

A giant of a whitetail!  Todd was able to capture some excellent footage of this buck as he was just out of bow range.

Todd had a close encounter with this younger buck on a hunt in Wisconsin.  While this may be considered a shooter for the majority of us bowhunters, Todd has super nice bucks on his hit list this year that he is holding out for. 

 Bowhunt or Die! makes the trip west to Wyoming to follow Pro Staffer Dustin DeCroo and his dad, Jerry, on a couple mule deer doe hunts.  For many of us, it was our dad who introduced us to the outdoors in general and ultimately hunting, and any time spent in the woods with your dad is enjoyable.  Harvesting a deer together on film is just icing on the cake, and Dustin and Jerry were able to do just that as Jerry harvested a Mule deer doe with Dustin behind the camera.  Talk about a father/son moment!  A couple weeks later, after some time in Canada bear hunting, it was Dustin’s turn as he took another mule deer doe out of the same tree stand with the NAP Bloodrunner.  Keep up the good work, Dustin!

Little did this mule deer doe know, that Dustin DeCroo was up high in a tree waiting to send the NAP Bloodrunner towards her vitals!

 In Episode 1 you saw Richie Music make a great shot and harvest a whitetail doe on film.  For Episode 2, Richie turned his focus to the bucks.  A close encounter with a 2 year old 8 point buck certainly got Richie’s blood pumping, but it just wasn’t the caliber buck he was looking for.  Richie is a diehard when it comes to hunting giant whitetails, and I can certainly understand why he passed on an immature deer.  I have a feeling Richie will connect on a much larger buck later on in the season so stay tuned!

While this is certainly a handsome 2 year old 8 pointer, it is just not the caliber buck Richie is looking to harvest this year.  He showed great restraint in passing on this buck, and hopefully he'll be rewarded with a bigger buck later this season.

 John Mueller wrapped up Episode 2 by harvesting a whitetail doe fawn.  John was presented with a tough quartering away shot, but he placed his Rage 2 Blade broadhead beautifully behind the shoulder and the doe expired within 60 yards.  John always posts informative and knowledgeable blogs on habitat and whitetail management, so it was enjoyable to watch John successfully contribute to the efforts of Quality Deer Management, a practice in which he invests a lot of time and effort.

John Mueller made an awesome quartering away shot on this doe fawn with the Rage Broadhead in Episode 2 of Bowhunt or Die!

 Warm mid-October temperatures didn’t keep the team from laying down some great footage and harvesting a couple does along the way for Episode 2.  Each passing week finds us inching closer and closer to the rut, so stay tuned to “Bowhunt or Die!”  as our staff members gear up for the most exciting time of the year for bowhunters: the rut!

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