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Pope & Young Celebrates 50 Years.

by Bow Staff 9. February 2011 08:48
Bow Staff



On January 27th of this year, 2011, the Pope and Young Club celebrated its 50th anniversary! Come out and celebrate with them April 6-9th, at their National Convention which is being held in Rochester, Minnesota. 

It was in 1961, when Glenn St. Charles, Rosalyn Remick Malinoski, Bill Brown, Wayne Hathaway, Jesse Rust and G. H. Malinoski, sat around a table in Glenn's Northwest Archery Company store, officially calling the Pope and Young Club into existence.  Papers were then filed, a board was formed and Articles of Incorporation prepared.

Many years of creating a program to prove the effectiveness of the bow and arrow and to improve the image of the bowhunter had come to fruition- a membership-based organization carrying out those missions. This is the Pope and Young Club.

It is the Club's hope that every member will consider attending this very special celebration.  It is a perfect time, today, to make your own plans to join in the camaraderie of this landmark gathering!  Convention registration packets were mailed to the full membership in December, but can be requested again by contacting the headquarters online or by telephone. Further details are also available on the Club's website, as is the means to both register and order tickets online.

Like the book pictured above: The 7th edition All-Time Record Book will be unveiled at this event. This book is only published every 6 years.

You won't regret taking the time out of your busy life to pilgrimage to the Pope and Young Club's biennial gathering, dive into our rich history and heritage, and share in this one-of-a-kind celebration of our lifestyle--BOWHUNTING!


About the Club.

Established in 1961, the Pope and Young Club is a non-profit North American conservation and bowhunting organization dedicated to ensuring bowhunting for future generations by preserving and promoting its heritage and values. The Club also maintains the universally recognized repository for the records and statistics on North American big game animals harvested with the bow and arrow.


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