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2012 Mathews Retailer Show Round-Up

by Bow Staff 6. February 2012 01:53
Bow Staff

After my trip this past December to the Mathews Archery Retailer Show I was amazed at how innovative archery companies can be.  With each passing season the new bowhunting and archery equipment that hits the market gets lighter, stronger and more versatile than ever before.  Below are thirteen items from the show that I thought every diehard bowhunter would want to know about.

The 2012 Tight Spot Quiver shown here is lighter than previous models which will work perfectly with the new Mathews Helim The Tight Spot quiver attaches and detaches from your bow quickly and fits snugly against the riser of the bow, reportedly eliminating bow torque issues often caused by a bulky quiver.

Another item that caught my eye is a Mathews bow display called WeaponRax. This classy looking display holds one bow and a few arrows and turns your Mathews bow into a piece of artwork that you can display in your living room, den or dead animal room. The WeaponRax is available in black or oak. Many retailers were purchasing them at the show to show off Mathews bows in their retail stores.

Hot Shot Manufacturing’s new Infinity release is available with a leather Lost Camo wrist strap. The Infinity features a “Lever-Link” trigger that replaces traditional roller bearings, creating a crisp shot and less trigger creep, resulting in tighter arrow groups. The extra-tough actuating mechanism features less friction than roller bearings so the release will work flawlessly for years without getting stiff or difficult to pull due to harsh weather or dirt from spending hours in the woods.

Carbon Express has long been considered a leader in arrow technology. Mathews is a leader in bow technology so it makes sense for these two industry leaders to team up. The Mathews Edition Carbon Express Maxima Hunter comes in Lost Camo and has the great features you are accustomed to from the Maxima Hunter including weight forward technology, Buff Tuff carbon weaving and the extra strong BullDog nock collar.

If you are a diehard turkey hunter, you will want to check out the Turkey Nightmare Lost Camo blind. This unique umbrella blind mounts to your bow and has a shooting window in the center of it. The umbrella blocks the turkey from seeing you draw your bow but the window allows you to see and aim at the turkey. One of the most difficult things about bowhunting turkeys is getting your bow drawn without being busted. This blind will make bowhunting turkeys much easier.

Pine Ridge Archery makes a variety of archery products. For 2012, they have all kinds of new products that come in Lost Camo and bright colors for all the archers who want their bow and everything on it to be color coordinated. Their new Nitro Stabilizer is available in Lost Camo. They have brightly colored wrist slings, peep sights, peep sight tubing and a variety of other products. For more information, visit

American Leather Klassics has teamed up with Mathews to produce fine leather products. In this picture, you can see the Mathews leather belt. They also make Lost Camo picture frames, wallets and are even producing Lost Camo dog collars and leashes for your favorite dog. They offer a wide variety of Lost Camo leather products.

Invisible Hunter makes a variety of scent eliminating products including Invisible Hunter Fresh Earth spray. This product comes in a Mathews Lost Camo spray bottle. Invisible Hunter uses enzymes to destroy human odor, not just mask it like many odor eliminating sprays do. Almost all deer hunters use scent eliminating sprays of some kind; now you can try one based on science, not smoke and mirrors.

Schaffer Performance Archery has given the Opposition Arrow Rest a facelift. The new Opposition Lite is 20% lighter than the previous model, comes in Lost Camo and comes with unique technology like Glide Away jaws that pinch the arrow so your arrow can’t come off the rest as you draw. A button on the rest allows you to lock your arrow into position before you draw or allow the jaws to lock the arrow in place as you draw. When you shoot your bow, the jaws glide to the right and left for total arrow clearance. The Opposition rest has been tested at 418 FPS!

Mathews Archery fans love to tell the world how proud they are to shoot a Mathews Bow. Camo Wraps make unique Lost Camo vehicle wraps and Mathews stickers that look great on almost anything. Their accessory wraps can be used on cameras, phones and anything you want to deck out in Lost Camo.

Blacks Creek Guide Gear makes great backpacks, duffle bags and bow cases. Here you can see the new Blacks Creek Helim bow case that looks almost as cool as the new Helim and protects your favorite bow from getting nicks or dings while traveling to your favorite hunting spot. Blacks Creek displayed some great new duffle bags at the Mathews Show that are perfect for the traveling hunter.

Grim Reaper Broadheads is offering the Mathews Edition mechanical broadhead. This razor-sharp killing machine has a gold feral that will look great flying out of your favorite Mathews bow. My favorite Grim Reaper Mathews head is a 3-blade head that offers a razor-cut tip and has a whopping 2-inch cutting diameter.

Axion Archery is offering some great products for 2012 including the new Zone drop away wrest and the GLT Triad Stabilizer that is very sleek and innovative and will look great on any Mathews bow that has the Grid Lock riser.

About the Author: Tracy Breen is a full time freelance writer and works with several companies in the outdoor industry including Mathews Archery, Schaffer Archery, Hot Shot Manufacturing and Pine Ridge Archery.

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ATA Show Day 2 Live Update

by Cody Altizer 11. January 2012 06:53
Cody Altizer

Day 2 of the 2012 ATA Show is well underway here in Columbus, OH and I can say with full confidence two things: there are some seriously cool products hitting the shelves for 2012 and my legs are painfully heavy and sore.  But, what the heck, it’s all worth it, because it’s all fun!  I’ve been busy running around gathering information for future posts and articles, e-mailing photos back to the headquarters, and the minute this blog is posted I’ll be back on the show room floor, so I hope you enjoy the photographs!

New for 2012 is the Lone Wolf Wide "Flip-Top" Climber Combo.  I just recently purchased a Lone Wolf Sit and Climb for this past hunting season and was thrilled with it, so I am excited about possibly using this stand this fall.  Where I hunt in Western Virginia, it's predominantly big woods mountains with a lot of mature pole timber.  Often times, hunting from a climber is my best bet at getting high enough to avoid the wary eyes of the whitetail.  The Flip Top Climber Combo functions like a climber in every regard except the seat, which looks like it belongs on a hang on.  This feature gives hunters more room to position themselves on the platform for a shot.

Yesterday I was drooling over a world record Mule Deer.  Today, a world record moose caught my eye.  What a giant, beautiful animal!  Who wants to plan a mule deer / moose combo hunt with me?!

Pine Ridge Archery is offering several accessories in custom colors allowing hunters to completely trick out their bow in 2012.  There are numerous possibilities and options that allow you to make your bow look truly unique.  Pine Ridge Archery really hit a home run with this line of products.

I've always enjoyed the Rocket Broadheads commercial on televisions, you know, the one with the giant chainsaw lined with Rocket Broadheads.  It's visually appeaking and I think it does a fantastic job of selling the effectiveness of Rocket Broadheads.  Nevertheless, when I saw the real life version of the vicous machine, I had to take a photo.

I find myself faced with quite the dilemma: shoot the new NAP Armor Rest or the New Apache Carbon?  I've shot the Apache for two years now and am excited about this new lightweight, carbon design (4 ounces is a featherweight!) but the new Armor Rest looks pretty cool as well!  Help!  Someone decide for me! is well represented both at the NAP booth... well as the Stealth Cam / Epic Action Cam booth!

I'll leave you with an image I found pretty funny.  I happened by The Block Target Booth while filming John Dudley doing a commercial spot.  It sounded like a pretty simply commercial, but John kept repeating his name over and over again (multiple takes to get the perfect shot, of course), but I just couldn't help but laugh and feel sorry for him.  Here he was, standing in front of a camera, with lights beating on his face, and he was asked to repeate his name over and over while a substantial crowd simply watched.  Talk about awkward!

The show is still going strong and out staff guys are hard at work getting photos and information to releases on the site as quickly as possible so you can be the first to hear and read about the new products for 2012.  Check back often because you don't want to miss out on the upcoming updates and photos!

2011 Mathews Retailer Business Show Keeps Growing

by Todd Graf 2. January 2012 03:09
Todd Graf

Even before I saw the attendance figures for the annual Mathews Retailer Business Show, I knew I was witnessing the company’s biggest, most successful show in its four-year history. This exciting three-day event has grown big-time since its launch in 2008.

It’s a heck of a show for archery retailers. It’s very business-oriented, and it’s held in early December each year at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. This year it attracted more than 400 retailers and 150 exhibitors, including more than 100 Lost Camo licensees. That’s nearly a 50 percent growth in show exhibitors from a year ago, and a whopping 112 more exhibitors than the inaugural show drew in 2008.

Companies such as KTech Designs make a variety of high-quality accessories specifically designed to compliment your Mathews bow.

It's great to see new companies like Archer Xtreme pushing the sport of archery to new heights with their cutting edge designs and materials.

Matt McPherson, Mathews’ founder and president, reminded us of the company’s philanthropic work, too. “Not only do Lost Camo licensed products give Mathews retailers a unique and exclusive product to help their business, but 100 percent of the Lost Camo proceeds help people less fortunate around the world,” Matt said. “That’s in addition to the funding Mathews and Mission have been doing for years for those less fortunate."

I attended the show all three days with Justin Zarr and several other staff members from our crew. Let me tell you, we scrambled the entire time to make sure we saw the latest bowhunting gear from Mathews and all the other exhibitors. In fact, this year’s show was so large it was held inside “the bubble,” a giant building with an inflatable roof. This mammoth building is the Chula Vista convention center’s largest venue.

A view from inside "The Bubble", where several hundred people spent nearly 3 days conducting the business that keeps our industry running.

During the show we worked extensively with Corrine Bundy, Mathews’ marketing communications specialist, on several video promotions for Mathews’ products. By the show’s final morning on Day 3, Corrine knew without doubt that the show was Mathews’ best yet.

“It was a great success for us,” she said. “This was the fourth straight year of growth for the show. That kind of growth helps us carry out our mission for the show, which is to give retailers the tools they need to be as successful and profitable as possible.”

Here Justin and I are working with our cameraman, Nick and Brandyn, along with Corrine Bundy to film a Holiday Gift Guide for the Mathews and Lost Camo websites.

While walking the show we saw a variety of innovative new products that will be hitting the market for 2012.  Many of those products are geared towards accessorizing, and colorizing, your bow setup.  Mathews has done a great job at offering colored accessories for their bow for several years now, and many manufacturers are following their lead with colored accessories of their own.  One of the companies leading the charge in that arena is Pine Ridge Archery, who now has a variety of bow accessories in 8 different colors.  From peep sights to kisser buttons and even a new stabilizer, it's never been easier to customize your bow setup any way you please.

Another interesting new product we came upon is the iBowsight.  If you want to talk about innovation and technology in archery, this is it!  The iBowsight uses a custom-designed bracket to hold your iPhone 4 or 4s and turn it into a full-fledged bow sight.  Simply purchase and install the app on your phone and then mount it to your bow and you're off.  The iBowsight may not be for everyone, but there's no doubt it' sure to fuel plenty of conversations.  Click here to read a full review of the iBowsight.

In addition to a busy show floor, Mathews also delivered an impressive seminar lineup featuring industry experts to teach everything from bow tuning to retailing tips. And for evening entertainment, Mathews provided plenty of laughs from comedian Tim Hawkins.

Love it or hate it, the iBowsight is certainly a unique product.

As always, I was impressed with both the Mathews and Mission bow lineups, and think everyone will be impressed with the Heli-m. This bow gives you a super smooth draw and is the lightest bow ever offered by Mathews. Plus it’s loaded with Mathews technology like the Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Harmonic Damper Lite, Harmonic Stabilizer and Geo Grid Lock Riser.

But I gotta tell you, one of the most amazing spectacles was the shoot-off tournament where about 500 people tried shooting bull’s eyes with Mathews’ Genesis bow. This is the bow used by thousands of youngsters nationwide in the National Archery in the Schools Program.  Each show attendee was given one arrow, courtesy of Easton Archery, and had to try and shoot the foam bull's eye of a metal target.  If you made it into the foam you advanced to the next round.  If you missed, you were out.  And no, I didn’t win the event! I missed my first shot to earn an instant disqualification. Justin made it to the second round, but failed to advance to the third round. After 4 rounds of shooting we finally had a lucky winner, who got a free antelope hunt from our good friends at Table Mountain Outfitters.

The aftermath of the Iron Buck challenge. 

It's always great to see kids who are enthusiastic about archery and hunting.  Remember, they are the future of our sport!

Our next stop will be the ATA Trade Show, which runs Jan. 10-12 in Columbus, Ohio. As always, we'll be doing our best to cover the hot new bowhunting and archery products that are hitting the shelves in 2012.  So be sure to keep an eye on as we'll be updating the website directly from the show to bring you the hottest new products before anyone else.

Bowhunting Get Together a Huge Success

by Justin Zarr 24. June 2011 05:51
Justin Zarr

Building on the tradition of the past 2 years, the staff here at was extremely excited about our 3rd annual Get Together. Much like deer camp, this event has become an annual tradition that we all look forward to. Each year we dedicate quite a bit of our time and energy to making the event bigger and better than the year before and this was no exception.

As you may have read on Cody Altizer's blog, the event started for us on Friday June 10th with our Hunting Network staff meeting. Seeing as though many of our team members are located all over the country this is a great opportunity for everyone to get together and go over a few of the finer points that help make the finest bow hunting website in the world. We were also fortunate enough to have several of our Sponsors pay us a visit to inform everyone about their companies and their products.

The following day, June 11th, the official Get Together was held at Coon Creek Hunt Club in Garden Prairie, IL. This even is open to anyone who wants to come out and enjoy a day of good old fashioned fun. Which means if you haven't been to an event yet, you better be there next year!

We started the day off with getting everyone signed up and assigned to a team, then it was time to start shooting. As always we had numerous shooting events set up for everyone to participate in.

A group of shooters getting signed up the the day's events.

Yours truly giving some basic safety instructions before beginning the shoot.

The gang from Pine Ridge Archery making their way out to the course.

Thanks to our friends at Rinehart Targets, our 3-D course was better than ever! We had a dozen new archery targets that were in tip-top shape which made both scoring and arrow removal inifinitely better than in previous years. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of shooting a course with Rinehart targets I highly recommend you do so as soon as possible. Having shot at just about every 3-D target on the market I can unquestionably say these targets are the best. In fact, we threw awal all of our non-Rinehart targets simply because they had fallen apart to the point they were unusable.

And you thought a wounded bear was dangerous?  Here Steve Flores finds out what happens when you don't put a Velociraptor down on the first shot!

A great shot of an arrow in flight, courtesy of Jason McKee.

Clinton Fawcett taking aim with his Z7 Xtreme Tactical on the practice range.

Jared Schlipf from Lone Wolf Treestands showing off his perfect shot on the elk from 60 yards.  Luck, or is he just that good?

A group of shooters tallying up their scores after shooting at the 30 point buck.

When all of the scores were tallied up it was 1st time attendee Tony Platt who went home with the 1st place trophy. Pro Staff members Dean Krueger and Dustin DeCroo came in 2nd and 3rd place respectibly.

Our long distance shoot for this year was set at roughly 70 yards, which made it pretty challenging for a lot of our shooters. Personally speaking I only have pins out to 50 yards for my bowhunting needs so it was an "aim high and pray" moment! Although my long range skills weren't very impressive, some of our shooters were remarkably accurate. In the end it was none other than Jared Schlipf, President of Lone Wolf Treestands, who went home with the RhinoBlock target for this long range accuracy. Nice shooting Jared!

John Mueller taking aim at the Rinehart RhinoBlock.  How far is that again?

Jared showing us how long distance shooting should be done.

In the Iron Buck Challenge we had quite the competition this year. In the end, after some fancy one-foot shooting and quite a few busted arrows it was Forum member Steve Renner (Dawg007) who went home with the $100 cash prize. Congrats Steve!

"Rusty" certainly claimed his fair share of arrows over the course of his two days spent in Illinois.

Todd with the lucky winner of the Iron Buck Challenge.

We also had the 5 target pop-up 3D Challenge back again as well. Although Dustin and I both turned in scores of 56 out of 60 on multiple occassions, it was the shoot operator Mark Wagner who turned in a perfect score of 60/60 to take top honors. I'm calling an unfair home-field advantage on this one, but it was good shooting regardless!

The big winner of the day was long-time friend, supporter and target-builder Dan Richardson (aka bloodcrik) who went home with a brand new Mathews z7 Xtreme. Congrats to Dan, he definitely deserved it! Dan already has his new bow set up and shooting great - check out his Forum post here.

Our friends at Lone Wolf donated a new Alpha Hang-On II treestand to our raffle, which was won by our friend Ryan Culvey. I know he's extremely excited to get that stand hung before October rolls around. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous of Ryan. Even I don't have a new Lone Wolf stand yet!

A big extended THANK YOU goes to all of our Sponsors who attended the event and donated prizes for the raffle! That includes Mathews, Lone Wolf, New Archery Products, Tink's, Monster Raxx, Pine Ridge Archery, Rinehart Targets and Rut Junkie Apparel.

All in all, the day was a huge success with over 90 of our best bowhunting friends in attendance. Everyone had a great day of shooting, hanging out with good friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. We can't thank you all enough for coming out and we're hoping to see you all again next year!

We'll be ready for next year.  Will you?


2011 Hunting Network Sponsor's Meeting

by Cody Altizer 10. June 2011 17:07
Cody Altizer

It’s the eve of the 3rd Annual Get Together and Fun Shoot, and the team wasted little time in kicking off the festivities.  We started what is sure to be a fun weekend with a meeting with 5 of our finest sponsors, Lone Wolf Portable Treestands, New Archery Products, Pine Ridge Archery, Monster Raxx and Tink’s .  We spent a great afternoon reviewing some of the great new products our sponsors have brought to the market for 2011, while catching up with our fellow teammates and telling lies over a delicious dinner.  
Terry Rohm from Tink's started the meeting off by discussing the power of their new attraction lure, Magnetics Buck Attractant.  This synthetic blend was formulated to play on a buck's seasonal senses and exploit his weaknesses.  This product is sure to help a lot of hunters dupe old, mature bucks this fall.  

Terry Rohm of Tink's got the meeting started off by discussing the attractiveness of their new buck lure, Magnetics.  

Jason McKee of New Archery Products (NAP) was up next and he introduced the new Apache bow sling.  Like the other Apache products from NAP, the Apache bow sling is quiet, lightweight and aids in hunter effeciency.  

Jason McKee from NAP going over the features of the new Apache Bow Sling.  

Tom Lester then took the stage to highlight the benefits your deer herd can gain from feeding them Monster Raxx deer minerals.  

Tom Lester going over the benefits of Monster Raxx deer minerals.  

Jim Broberg from Pine Ridge Archery then took the time to highlight the many deer hunting accessories provided by Pine Ridge Archery that make hunters more successful in the field. 

Jim Broberg from Pine Ridge Archery discussing some Pine Ridge Archery accessories that promise to make you a better hunter.

Jared Schlipf rounded out the meeting by highlighting the new features on the Lone Wold Assault II from Lone Wolf Portable Treestands.  The Assault II is proudly made in the USA and sports all of the same lightweight, stealthy construction that hunters have come to expect from Lone Wolf.  

Jared Schlipf talking over the new Assault II from Lone Wolf Portable Treestands.

Film Your Own Hunts: Camera Arms for the Common Man

by Neal McCullough 8. April 2011 04:29
Neal McCullough

This past weekend I was like a kid in a candy store at the annual Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo.  Nothing gets you more pumped for the hunting season than exchanging stories with other hunters, watching videos, checking out new products and meeting some of the industry’s best hunters.  After recovering from the long weekend, I decided to spend some time cleaning out my “hunting closet” and checking my equipment.  This year I decided to upgrade my camera (going to HD in 2011) as well as my camera arms—the thought process here being that the best camera can’t capture the best shots without a good quality camera arm.  I’m hoping that the new camera, coupled with the new camera arms, will allow me to provide better video, better angles, and to tell a better story. 

I selected 2 arms for use during the year; the main reason for this is to provide a 2nd angle in some situations as well as to provide the ability to set up in two places.

Pine Ridge Archery: Pro-Bow-Cam Support

Pro-Bow-Cam Support includes everything you need to get started; including a fluid head.

The camera arm is available at here. The Pro-Bow-Cam Support will be used both as a primary and occasionally as our secondary angle (with a standard definition – wide angle lens).  The setup on this unit is extremely easy to setup; I didn’t even need to read the instructions.

3rd Arm: Outback Series Tree Mount

The 3rd arm is available through our partners at Campbell Cameras here. This will be our primary arm for the year; it’s a simple yet effective and durable design. The material is quiet in the tree and I can’t wait to test it out opening day.

Both of these arms pack very light and can be condensed to fit into a backpack or simply carried out to the stand.

Filming your hunts makes for unique and interesting challenges but quality equipment can definitely alleviate some of the difficulty—good camera arms, like the ones I’m using this year, can mean the difference between sloppy recording and skillful filming.  Bottom line, the memories that you capture while filming will last a lifetime.  Do you plan on filming your hunts this fall?

Grant Jacobs and I hanging a new set this spring in Wisconsin.

I can’t wait for the 2011 bowhunting season!

See you in the woods,
Neal McCullough

ATA Show Day 1 Impressions

by Justin Zarr 8. January 2009 15:30
Justin Zarr

The first day of the 2009 ATA show once again brought a lot of anticipation to see what new products would be hitting the market for this year.  The entire staff is here in attendance, checking in on the latest gear and bringing you the most up to date info on what's happening in the archery world.

One of the first products that caught my eye is the Universal Bow Rope Holder from Pine Ridge Archery.  As simple as this product is, I personally think it's a great it.  Basically, the holder screws onto your treestand, either a lock-on or a climber, and includes a hoist rope that can be used to pull up your bow, pack, or other gear you may have in th field with you.  As someone who hangs and hunts from quite a few treestands during the season I think this is a great product.  I fully intend on putting one of these on every stand I have, just to make sure I always have a bow rope handy when I need one.  There's nothing worse, or more unsafe, than trying to climb up into your stand with your bow in your hand.

The new Fusion vane from Norway Industries also caught my eye today.  One of the hottest new products of this year's show, this vane features a stiff, durable material in a shield cut vane for optimal broadhead flight, fused with a softer, more pliable base for better adhesion to your shafts and more flexibility in case your fletchings do contact anything on the way towards your target.  I picked up a sample of these vanes and plan on fletching up a few arrows next week in preparation for our indoor shooting leagues which start soon.

I forgot to snap photos at the Duravanes booth, but did find this video on YouTube the other day.  It gives a pretty good explanation of what these vanes are all about. 


Another cool product Todd and I saw was the Timber Tread.  Essentially, this rugged step slips over and attaches to your screw-in treestep to offer a larger and more stable platform when climbing and/or decending your tree.  This step accessory helps grip your boot sole more securely and prevent slipping in wet or cold weather.  The Timber Tread is 3.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches long and works great for both lock-on type stands as well as tree saddles.

New for 2009, Lone Wolf now offers a wider version of their popular Sit & Climb stand, which is 3 inches wider than the standard version.  This larger version is more accomodating for larger hunters, or for those cold weather hunts when you've got a few extra inches of clothing on.

New Archery Products released several new broadheads this year, one of which is the Bloodrunner.  This rearward-opening expandable broadhead features a 1" cutting diameter when in flight, and opens to a full 1.5" cutting diameter on impact without losing any kinetic energy or penetrating power.  This looks like a super durable head that can withstand just about anything, and will penetrate extremely well.  I'm personally looking forward to testing them out soon!

Muddy Outdoors has released a new set of climbing sticks that feature a buckle-less fastening system that is completely silent both in transport and when attaching to your tree.  Simply slide the climbing-grade rope into the cam locks, pull it tight, and tie it off and you're up your tree in seconds.  These new climbing sticks also feature dual steps that work in tandem to support your weight while climbing, and offer a greater range of flexibility when climbing those crooked trees, or ones with a lot of limbs.  The new climbing sticks also pack down tightly and attach to the Muddy Outdoors treestands for lightweight, easy transportation.

New from Scent Blocker for this year is the Bone Collector line of apparel and boots.  Based around the new TV show of the same name staring noted personality Michael Waddel, the Freak Nasty Jacket features both activated carbon and S3 technology to eliminate and prevent odors, along with a neat silent wrist fastening system for securing the cuffs.  Thank you for not using velcro!!!  The jacket also has 6 roomy front pockets, 2 rear pockets, and accepts a fleece zip-in vest for colder days.  This is a great looking jacket that I'm eager to test out come next fall.


To wrap up Day 1, the Huntmore 360* stool is finally ready for production and will be available in stores shortly.  This compact stool weighs a mere 9 pounds, folds down quickly and quietly and stores in the included bag, and is perfect for ground blind hunting.  The feet have been enlarged for this year to make it more stable even on wet ground, and the patented cast aluminum hub system makes this stool extremely strong and deadly quiet.  When it comes to hunting out of a ground blind, or from the ground in general, there is no better stool than the Huntmore 360.  As soon as they're available to the public, you can bet I'll have one!

I'll make sure to update the site tomorrow night with more products and I learn about them, so check back tomorrow night!  

Pine Ridge Archery Competes in Campbells 2008

by Todd Graf 4. November 2008 14:03
Todd Graf

I have been hunting the last 4 days with Jim Broberg, owner of Pine Ridge Archery, in Jo Davies county. Jim's home is near a new piece of property that I have been hunting so it was hard to say no when Jim asked me to stay at his camp. We have all been hunting hard the last week, but with this warm front it seems to really have shut these deer down. I guess we'll just have to wait a few days until the weather changes which are right around the corner. Marie's wife had some really good meals all prepared and the accommodations were perfect.

While I was in camp I asked Jim and Brian why they were not competing in the challenge this year and here was their response:  “This year, we made a shift in who is competing for the title in the Campbell Outdoor Challenge.  Instead of us, Team Pine Ridge Archery is being represented by two other Team Pine Ridge regulars, Scott and David Bakken.  Scott will be the cameraman while his brother David will be drawing a bead for the team.  Both of them are great hunters and worthy camera operators, but with Scott scoring on his largest buck ever on WI opening day he gave the reins to his brother David for the competition. Needless to say, we are all hoping that Scott and David "Team Pine Ridge" would pull off a win at the Campbell's Outdoor Challenge. We got some exciting news when they arrived in camp on Sunday as they took 2nd place. The boys were able to harvest a 164 inch buck on the last morning of the Challenge to pull out of 5th place into 2nd.

Congratulations Guys!

Last year Justin from Team won the challenge and has just arrived in camp to protect the title. For those of you who don’t know what the Campbell’s Challenge is here is an expert from there site:

The Campbell Outdoor Challenge features team competitions in “The Sport of Filming Hunts” and is open to anyone wanting to compete, regardless of age or experience level. Teams are awarded points based upon required video footage and the maturity of the animal filmed during the hunt. All outdoor challenge events are for wild, free-ranging game and hunts being filmed are conducted under the rules and regulations of the hosting states.


Here are some behind the scenes photos:

Here is a shot of all the teams competing in the challenge.


First deer harvested for Team Pine Ridge Archery.


On the last day they pulled off a super nice 164 inch Buck with great video footage!

The boys show up at camp taking 2nd place with a nice buck in the truck.

With warming temperatures we wasted not time getting this buck into the freezer.


Here we're all watching the footage that was captured during the hunt at Campbells.


I won't give away all of the details you will have to wait to see the full TV Shot. But it got exciting!

We'll I got to get to bed and get ready for another 5 days of hunting. The temps are getting colder and it's time to find another buck.

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