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NuFletch Archery: Products Engineered For Bowhuntnig Success

by Bow Staff 18. November 2010 10:04
Bow Staff

  At some point, every archer will have to re-fletch their arrow.  Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a product that could meet their demands instantly?  That awesome product has been provided by the fine folks at NuFletch Archery.  Introducing the NuFletch Spectrum line-up and its proven performance in the field and on the range.  Giving archers the ability to replace brand name vanes instantly in the field or in the range. 

How the NuFletch Spectrum system Works

 The NuFletch system attaches to an insert just as your field tip attaches to your favorite arrow.  Once in place you simply slide the vane into the precision machined slots.  Each vane follows the exact path to deliver a perfect 120 degree fletched arrow.  Other brand vanes may be used in the system but may need slight trimming on base to assure best fit.  The vane base is trapped beneath the slot and when the end cap is tightened, the slots closes to securely capture the vanes.  If you damage a vane, no worries, just remove the end, remove the damaged vane and replace with a new one. 

Spectrum Standard

The Spectrum Standard is designed to fit most standard carbon hunting arrow shafts, this includes the 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600 series shafts (.280-.306

Spectrum X

The Spectrum X is designed exclusively for cross bolts.  The unique NuFletch Spectrum X system allows bolts fletched with Norway Industries 2.1" Fusion Vanes to be fired without interference from the rail.  The NuFletch Spectrum X when joined with the Fusion vane from Duravane proved to deliver excellent spped, precision, accuarcy and improved penetration.

Spectrum Light

The Spectrum Light is designed to the slim line of arrows such as the Full Metal Jacket and Epic Series shafts (.265-.275).


Interested in the NuFletch Spectrum, click on the red link above and or click here to view them in the shopping cart!



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