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Master Target: Water, UV and Tear Resistant Targets

by Dustin DeCroo 13. December 2011 09:00
Dustin DeCroo

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Mathews retailers show in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  One of the products that I thought was worth sharing with the bowhunting world is a super durable target made by Master Target.  These pin-up targets are constructed of what is called Durashot material, it feels similar to a high strength vinyl and is nearly impossible to tear.  The targets are waterproof and UV resistant so they can be left outdoors for a long period of time without fading or tearing.  Master Target manufactures targets of several different animal targets and the anatomical vital placement is very accurate.  The targets retail for somewhere around seven dollars each and in my opinion are far better than any paper target you will ever shoot.  Here are a few of the targets available today.

Many of the targets have scoring rings for those of us with a competitive nature

The vitals are very accurate for the angle of the photographed animal. 

This is one of my personal favorites! 

Mule Deer buck

With the deer season winding down, I expect this target will be popular in the upcoming months!

To find out where you can purchase a few of these durable and entertaining targets, visit

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