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Think Cold While it's Hot... Get Toasty Feet!

by Dustin DeCroo 17. July 2010 11:08
Dustin DeCroo

As the temperatures blaze into the 100's in Oklahoma, I can't help but think of the cool autumn days or even the extremely cold late season days that are on the way.  I've been fortunate and haven't really suffered from "cold feet” (literally or figuratively) my whole life.  There have been a handful of days in the last eight seasons where I did leave the stand earlier than I had planned because my feet were cold.  Thanks to Toasty Feet, these days will hopefully be few and far between.

Toasty Feet is an insole that is designed to keep your feet warm on even the coldest of days.  According to Toasty Feet, the insoles use a nanoporous material that was designed for NASA and has the highest thermal insulation value of any solid material on the planet.  I’m not sure if they’re used in NASA’s 2010 moon boots or not, but what I do know is that this is a product that works!

I had the opportunity to use Toasty Feet on the last hunt of the Oklahoma bow season in January.  The temperatures were in the single digits.  I had installed Toasty Feet into my LaCrosse Burly wool insulated boots as I had to cross a creek to get to my stand.  I sat all morning with my toes in extreme comfort, I kept waiting for them to get cold but to my surprise they never did.

Toasty Feet come in a “one size fits all” pattern and then you trim the insoles to fit your boot by using the original insoles as a pattern.

I highly recommend this product to anyone that is interested in having warm feet on a cold weather sit.

Toasty feet come in a variety of models including extra cushion and extra arch support.  Check them out in's shopping cart by clicking here.

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