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More on IL Deer & Turkey Classic in Peoria

by Todd Graf 29. March 2011 16:23
Todd Graf

This year's Illinois Deer & Turkey Expo was a great show!  For those of you who were not able to attend the event I wanted to share some more photos on what you missed. This was our first year having a large 10 x 20 booth for and it was a ton of fun meeting grassroots bow hunters like us. This year the show had:

370 plus booths
Lots of seminars
New Product display area
Venison Butchering Demos
Archery Range
Life-Sized Whitetail Deer Skeleton
Live Animals – Yes my son and I got a photo with a bear cub!
Outdoor Photo Contest
A ton of Deer Mounts

Here are some of my favorite photos:

The booth was set up early and ready to go with time to spare.

It did not take long for the crowds to start rolling in!

We had a 115 inch shed antler in the booth for everyone to check out.

More big sheds.

When Justin was not looking I should have sold his bow, I had about 10 chances to sell it! You think he would have noticed?

As always our long-time friend was on hand to help kids shoot a bow!

We're always giving away FREE gear from out sponsors each month - make sure you sign up -

Our good friend Mark Luster with Legends of the Fall stopped in to say HI!

Go figure we had to be right next to the Fudge booth! Yes, we were her best customer.

This was my favorite T-Shirt - If anyone knows who this is tell her call me at my office - 847-659-8200  to receive a  free ladies T-shirt.

Giant Whitetails of the 2011 Illinois Deer Classic

by Justin Zarr 28. March 2011 14:20
Justin Zarr

With the "show season" in full swing it seems like just about every weekend from now until the fall there's a deer show being held somewhere. From coast to coast there's no doubt that deer hunters love to get together, check out some new products, enjoy a few tasty beverages and look at BIG whitetails! This past weekend the Illinois Deer & Turkey Expo, commonly referred to as the "Deer Classic", was held in Peoria, IL and I was there working in the booth. For those of you who stopped by and said hello or purchased a hat or DVD from us - THANK YOU! It's great talking to fellow bowhunters who share our passion for being in the woods.

For me personally, the highlight of the show is always the vast number of HUGE whitetails on display. Every year I am simply amazed at the sheer number of world class whitetails that are harvested here in my home state. I just hope that some day one of them will have my name next to it! And what's even more amazing is that these deer represent only a small fraction of the giants taken here in the Land of Lincoln each fall. Illinois may have high taxes and be short on jobs right now, but one thing we're not short on is trophy bucks - that's for sure! 

Below are a few of the trophies that really caught my eye this weekend. If you happened to be at the show and snapped photos of any bucks that I missed, feel free to post them on our Facebook page at For those of you who will be in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend please stop by and say hello to us. We'd love to meet you!

Now that my friends, is a bunch of bone!


For me, this was the coolest buck of the show.  The new IL State Record 8 point buck which scored 173 inches.  Now THAT is impressive!  Even more impressive, is that it came from the same county where I live.  Why don't I ever see deer like that??


One of my favorite mounts of the show.  I really like those wall pedestal mounts - especially when they have 190 inches of antler attached to them.


A couple of true Illinois brutes.


You certainly don't see brow tines like those every day.


A great looking mount for a great buck.


Another one of my favorites - this deer was an absolute HOG.  The taxidermist did a great job replicating his "Roman" nose.  This deer had a mane too!


Another 170 inch 8 point.  Incredible!


One of this year's main attractions - "Shag Nasty" scores over 237 inches!  Truly a remarkable animal.


Possibly the coolest pedestal mount I've ever seen - the pedestal is made from shed antlers found on the farm where this buck was harvested.  How cool is that??

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