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Aggressive Manipulation of Monster Bucks: Part 2 (Drag Rags & Scents)

by Neal McCullough 1. November 2010 13:37
Neal McCullough

This weekend was an unbelievable weekend of deer hunting across the Midwest!  The prostaff put down 4 bucks and had countless encounters with lots of deer.  The cold weather and the start of November have the beginnings of a rocking rut!  In part 2 of the 5 part series I will discuss Drag Rags & Scents.   Below are a few of the products I use in the field during the rut:

Drag Rag: (Either commercially available or homemade)

Buck Lure:

Doe Estrus:


Scent Containers:



A couple of tips regarding the use of these products:

1.        When using scents (of any kind) keep them refrigerated if possible.  I have a downstairs fridge/freezer for game (and beer) and it also works great for keeping my scents cool and fresh.

2.      Remember to keep track of your own scent; if a big buck is following your drag rag or checking out your doe estrus scent station their senses are on high alert – make sure your aren’t leaving your own scent there as well.

3.      The use of scent containers is something I recently have done.  It not only maintains and holds scent for longer periods – it also allows you to seal on keep the scent for your next trip.  If you haven’t tried these out definitely give it a try this season.

4.      Finally, scents are one piece of the puzzle… They will not force a big buck (most of the time) to do something stupid – there is no substitute for being in the right area – at the right time – and being patient (I will post my tips for all day sits soon!). 


As bowhunters; this is our favorite time of year; I have 11 days of hunting planned; November 5 – 15!  Remember bowhunt or die!


See you in the woods,

Neal McCullough


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