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Film Your Own Hunts: Camera Arms for the Common Man

by Neal McCullough 8. April 2011 04:29
Neal McCullough

This past weekend I was like a kid in a candy store at the annual Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo.  Nothing gets you more pumped for the hunting season than exchanging stories with other hunters, watching videos, checking out new products and meeting some of the industry’s best hunters.  After recovering from the long weekend, I decided to spend some time cleaning out my “hunting closet” and checking my equipment.  This year I decided to upgrade my camera (going to HD in 2011) as well as my camera arms—the thought process here being that the best camera can’t capture the best shots without a good quality camera arm.  I’m hoping that the new camera, coupled with the new camera arms, will allow me to provide better video, better angles, and to tell a better story. 

I selected 2 arms for use during the year; the main reason for this is to provide a 2nd angle in some situations as well as to provide the ability to set up in two places.

Pine Ridge Archery: Pro-Bow-Cam Support

Pro-Bow-Cam Support includes everything you need to get started; including a fluid head.

The camera arm is available at here. The Pro-Bow-Cam Support will be used both as a primary and occasionally as our secondary angle (with a standard definition – wide angle lens).  The setup on this unit is extremely easy to setup; I didn’t even need to read the instructions.

3rd Arm: Outback Series Tree Mount

The 3rd arm is available through our partners at Campbell Cameras here. This will be our primary arm for the year; it’s a simple yet effective and durable design. The material is quiet in the tree and I can’t wait to test it out opening day.

Both of these arms pack very light and can be condensed to fit into a backpack or simply carried out to the stand.

Filming your hunts makes for unique and interesting challenges but quality equipment can definitely alleviate some of the difficulty—good camera arms, like the ones I’m using this year, can mean the difference between sloppy recording and skillful filming.  Bottom line, the memories that you capture while filming will last a lifetime.  Do you plan on filming your hunts this fall?

Grant Jacobs and I hanging a new set this spring in Wisconsin.

I can’t wait for the 2011 bowhunting season!

See you in the woods,
Neal McCullough

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