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T.R.U. Ball Bone Collector Beast

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:40
Justin ZarrFor 2010, T.R.U. Ball has taken the Short-N-Sweet, the favorite release of Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector team, and added a solid rod connection and an all-new 3 or 11-ounce trigger to create the Bone Collector Beast. The Beast features a quick-load, stainless-steel open-hook design that makes hooking the release to the string loop so quick and easy that the hunter never needs to look away from the target. The high-speed Beast sports a forward trigger to gain draw length for short-draw archers. A relaxed, comfort-plus, swept-back trigger is also available. The Beast includes a drop-away globo-swivel connection with easy draw-length adjustments and can be purchased with either a black leather buckle strap or a camo Velcro strap.

Norway Industries 3.0 Fusion Vane

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 23:35
Bow StaffIn 2009, Norway introduced the revolutionary Fusion vane, which blends two distinct polymers for the ultimate in both vane adhesion and durability. This year, in response to the demand for a longer version of the Fusion, Norway has created the 3.0 Fusion. This new version uses the same innovative polymer combination as the original 2.1 Fusion vane but features a 3-inch length for archers who prefer a longer vane. The unique design of the 3.0 Fusion minimizes overall mass weight and increases the surface area of the vane for less cross-wind interference, greater stabilization and exceptional arrow flight. The new3.0 Fusion vanes are available in eight colors.

Campbell Video Editor

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:31
Todd GrafWho knows more about editing hunting footage than the Campbell Outdoor Challenge, the people who brought you The Sport of Filming Hunts? Now any hunter can create a professional-looking hunt video with the Campbell Video Editor. This introductory-level editing software package was designed specifically for hunters, by hunters. Even with no previous video-editing experience hunters can use the Campbell video Editor to turn raw outdoor footage into a video with transitions, titles, fades, outdoor sounds and menus. Once the user has mastered the basic software, he or she can purchase upgrades for additional editing capabilities.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:27
Justin ZarrQuality Archery Designs has partnered with Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew to introduce the special edition Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector. The incredibly popular Ultra-Rest HD holds arrows securely, even when turned upside down. This total-containment drop-away rest utilizes Velocity Drop-Away Technology to ensure that the launcher will only drop away when the bow is fired, so archers can draw and let down slowly without launching an arrow. The Ultra-Rest HD also features innovative Lock-Down Technology, which eliminates launcher bounce-back for total fletching clearance, and Advanced Vibration Technology to minimize vibration and noise. The special edition Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector features the stylish Bone Collector skull to make this rest look even deadlier.

Introducing the all NEW Velocity by Gold Tip

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 22:29
Todd GrafGold Tip customers challenged them to engineer a shaft that can increase arrow speed by 15 ft/sec while maintaining gold tip’s legendary toughness. They took on the challenge and are bringing to you VELOCITY. Lighter weight shafts combined with redesigned lighter components deliver kinetic energy and penetrating power to bring down any game.

All of Golden Tips carbon shafts are made with proprietary processes and materials to give you not only the best performing arrow out of the box, but also an arrow that will stay straight shot after shot.

Available Shafts
  • Velocity Pro (.001” straightness +/- 0.5 grains dz.)
  • Velocity XT (.003” straightness, +/- 2 grains dz.)
  • Velocity Hunter (.006” straightness, +/- 2 grains dz.)
  • *All shafts available in three spine sizes. 300, 400, 500.

The Rinehart Rhinoblock

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 22:09
Justin ZarrRinehart Targets is redefining the way archers practice their perfect shot with the incredibly versatile Rinehart RhinoBlock™ Target! This ground-breaking new design is an industry first as it’s the only cube-shaped target on the market to feature a Rinehart patented locking insert—allowing shooters to simply replace the core if and when the target gets worn out, instead of purchasing a new target.

And, that’s not all! Rinehart continued to add to the target’s versatility by strategically fusing the best of three unique targets into the Rinehart RhinoBlock. From broadhead and backyard practice to taking aim at life-like 3-D deer vital—this multi-faceted target virtually eliminates the need for multiple targets.

  • Patented Replaceable Insert
  • 3-D Sculpted Deer Vitals
  • 40 Target Zones
  • Rinehart Solid Self-Healing Foam with Easy Arrow Pull
  • 2 Broadhead Sides
  • 4 Field-Point Sides
  • Rope Handle
  • Mounting Holes for Raised Shooting
  • 16” x 16” x 13”

NAP’S HellRazor™ - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Official Licensed Broadhead for 2010

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 20:03
Bow StaffNew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories announces they are the official Licensee of broadheads for The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The HellRazor broadhead will be the RMEF licensed product for members.

The HellRazor is a one piece welded cut-on-contact broadhead. This easy-to-tune broadhead is virtually indestructible due to its one piece design. NAP has taken sharpness to a new level that no other competitor’s broadheads in this category can match. The premium grade all stainless steel construction makes this the toughest, sharpest and most durable broadhead out there. When you need a tough broadhead that you can count on to give you maximum penetration on even the largest game….HellRazor is the choice and that is why RMEF has chosen to make this their Official licensed broadhead.

Available in 100 and 125 grain weights, with a 1-1/8” cutting diameter, the HellRazor is sure to be a success with today’s bowhunters. This cut-on-contact, one-piece broadhead was developed for bowhunters demanding the ultimate performance in flight and penetration for their high speed bows. The NAP HellRazor blades actually create the tip. Its patent pending “Photon Blade Bonding” fuses the .04” super thick cutlery-grade stainless steel blades together to create incredible strength and accuracy.

“We are proud to partner with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation whose mission is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat,” states Andy Simo, Owner/President of NAP.

Steve Decker, Director of Field Programs with RMEF states “New Archery Products has been a premier archery manufacturer that we are excited to have on board with RMEF. Because of the quality of their products and the conservation efforts that NAP believes in, we are honored they are part of our family.”

THE APACHE – Drop-away Arrow Rest by NAP

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 20:01
Bow StaffThe next generation of containment drop-away arrow rest is here! Brand new from New Archery Products is the Apache, a revolutionary new containment drop-away that delivers more. This rest was manufactured to give consumers and dealers a simple, rugged and reliable operation all in one rest.

Dispelling the notion that drop-away arrowrests must be troublesome to set up and difficult to adjust, the NAP Apache sets up easily and the “TOOL-LESS” adjustments are simple, precise and ultra convenient.

The Apache features rugged, precision aluminum component construction throughout for toughness and durability. The self centering felt covered launcher action is quiet and reliable with a sound deadening capture feature and total fletching clearance. This unit has proven to be silent while delivering rock-solid performance under any hunting condition.

If you are looking for the most durable, reliable drop-away arrow rest with a full containment housing that you can set up easily and you can count on in even the most harsh conditions to work flawlessly every time you need it to; all at a price that won’t break the bank, then the Apache from NAP is the rest for you.

MSRP $59.99

NAP’S QuikTune 360° - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s Official Licensed Full Containment Arrowrest for 2010

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 19:52
Bow StaffNew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories announces they are the official Licensee of full containment arrowrest for The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The QuikTune 360° Arrowrest will be the RMEF licensed product for members.

With NAP’s QuikTune 360° you can load your arrow and forget about it. This full containment rest holds arrows at any angle. No fletching contact provides incredible accuracy, eliminates ripped or crinkled fletchings and increases your arrow speed by 3 to 4fps. The rock-solid construction and reliability stands up to the toughest hunting conditions. The 360 delivers superb performance, even in wet or freezing conditions. The 360 is fully adjustable and has a quick set-up time and is micro adjustable. It is available in right or left hand models in black, tan or camo.

“We are proud to partner with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation whose mission is to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife and their habitat,” states Andy Simo, Owner/President of NAP.

Steve Decker, Director of Field Programs with RMEF states “New Archery Products has been a premier archery manufacturer that we are excited to have on board with RMEF. Because of the quality of their products and the conservation efforts that NAP believes in, we are honored they are part of our family.”

NAP’S SPITFIRE EDGE: It’s a Spitfire on Steroids!

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 19:38
Bow StaffNew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has beefed up their broadhead line with the new Spitfire Edge.

One of best expandable broadheads for over 10 years just got better! Bowhunters have long considered the NAP Spitfire the ultimate expandable broadhead. Its precision tolerances and patented snap-lock blade retention system (no O-rings or rubber bands) put it head and shoulders above the competition. For 2010, there is a next-generation Spitfire, the new NAP Spitfire Edge. This new Spitfire features the Exclusive NAP BONE SAW technology blades that open the way for unprecedented penetration. The dual action serrated blades – slices clean through hide and flesh and saws through bone. The Spitfire Edge, is designed to do exactly just that…Give you an EDGE!

Upon impact, the NAP Spitfire Edge cuts flesh clean and the patented serrations saw through bone for maximum penetration and knock down. Three razor-sharp NAP super-strong stainless steel DIAMIZE® expandable off-set blades open smooth to a devastating 1-3/4” cutting diameter that produce massive entry and exit holes. NAP’s new Spitfire Edge offers perfect arrow flight, pinpoint accuracy and produces large blood trails. Boosting the arrow flight and accuracy of the new NAP Spitfire Edge is a unique, micro-grooved ferrule. That special surface serves to stabilize airflow over the broadhead during flight, amplifying arrow stability and improving accuracy. The blade thickness is 0.030” with sharpness you come to expect from New Archery Products. The Spitfire Edge is available in 100 grains and retails for $39.99.


by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 19:35
Bow StaffNew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, announces the New Thunderhead Edge for 2010. More than 25 years, Thunderhead has been the number one choice of broadheads for hunters. One cannot help but be excited to see how the next generation, the Thunderhead Edge, will give the diehard hunter the extra EDGE and confidence to succeed in their quest for the next trophy.

The Thunderhead Edge has all of the features that have made the Thunderhead the standard in fixed blade broadheads and more! The Thunderhead Edge’s exclusive straight/serrated Bone Saw, deep-set blade technology with their patented Trophy Tip® slices through hide and flesh and saws through bone like a hot knife through butter while the micro-grooved pro ferrules provide unrivaled accuracy and penetration. The new offset, super-tough, replaceable, stainless steel DIAMIZE® blades produce gaping entry and exit holes for massive blood trails. The Thunderhead Edge does not require a lock ring, o-rings or UBARS and provides easy blade replacement. The new “Tough as Steel” aircraft aluminum ferrule design along with precision manufacturing allows it to deliver tack-driving accuracy from a fixed blade broadhead. The Thunderhead Edge comes fully assembled and ready to shoot.

A time tested, proven broadhead just got better!!!
  • Available in 100 grain 3-pak
  • Blade thickness: .030”
  • Cutting diameter: 1-1/8”
  • MSRP: $34.99


by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 19:29
Bow StaffNew Archery Products, a leading manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests, vanes and other archery accessories, has added the 2-blade BLOODRUNNER to their 2010 product line-up.

The BLOODRUNNER is a hybrid design combining the elements from a fixed blade broadhead as well as that of a mechanical head. The super-strong stainless steel razor sharp rear-deploying 2-blade has OVER TWO inches of cutting diameter that produces huge entry and exit holes, massive blood trails and quicker recoveries. The unique ferrule design made of new “Tough as Steel” 7075 aircraft aluminum provides extreme strength and excellent penetration. The BLOODRUNNER 2-blade will not open your quiver, in flight and doesn’t use o-rings or rubber bands. The BLOODRUNNER provides excellent flight characteristics delivering field point accuracy. The blade thickness is 0.039” with sharpness you come to expect from all NAP broadheads. The BLOODRUNNER is available in 100 grains and retails for $39.99. A 2-pak practice heads and 3-pack of replacement blades are also available.

BloodRunner technology gives you the best of both worlds a fixed blade broadhead that expands upon impact and gives a hunter the peace of mind that it will cut no matter what!
  • 2-blade 100 grains
  • Open Cutting Diameter: 2-1/6”
  • Closed Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8”
  • Blade Thickness: .039”
  • Super-strong stainless steel razor sharp blades
  • MSRP: $39.99

Energizer Night Strike Compact Light, The Perfect Bow Hunting Light

by John Mueller 20. December 2009 07:41
John Mueller

The Energizer Night Strike Compact Light just may be the perfect bow hunting light. It’s compact, light weight, has multiple lights built in and has a hands free detachable clip. This light is so versatile; I know I can find many uses for it around home or hunting camp. I may need one for both.




            The Night Strike is very small and compact. It fits in the palm of your hand or is barely noticeable on the bill of your cap.



 It runs off of one AA battery, with the Energizer Lithium the recommended power source. Even though it is small in size it produces a very powerful beam of light. It has 4 different light options built into its small frame. The first is a very bright 40 lumen white LED in the center front which has 3 power options, high, medium and low. You can toggle between the three by pushing the on/off button on the right side of the unit. This light is great for using around camp or map reading.




The second is a red LED on the front left which also has 3 power options. This light is excellent for finding the way to your stand in the morning darkness, since red light is not supposed to spook game. The switch for the red light is on the left side of the light.




 Third is a blue, blood tracking light on the right front operated by a switch on top of the light. Blue light is supposed to make the blood trail stand out from the background.




 Last is a green strobe light on top of the Night Strike. The strobe is operated by pushing the same switch that turns on the blue light in the opposite direction. The strobe light is designed to alert searchers to your location in the event of an emergency.


            The versatile swivel clip makes hands free operation of the light simple and quick. The light slides onto the clip from either direction and by swiveling you can clip it onto your cap, pocket, collar or sleeve and light your way, or use it without the clip as you would any other flashlight.


            The white and red lights have 3 power settings but once the light is set in one position for 3 seconds one push of the switch shuts it off without having to toggle the switch more than once. When switching from one color to another just push the next colors switch and the first light is powered off, using only one color light at a time and conserving power. Runtime varies by the light used, but the light will last 8 hours on high power of the white LED. Other lights use less power and will run for longer times.


            Some of my favorite features of the light are.

  1. The 3 power settings of the red LED. Some mornings are brighter than others and you just don’t need a lot of light, however on those really dark mornings it’s nice to have full power.
  2. The powerful white LED is great around camp or when the power goes out.
  3. The detachable swivel clip allows you shine the light exactly where you need it hands free.
  4. Very light weight and small size.
  5. Battery cap is attached to the light by a cord.
  6. Operates on 1 AA battery.

All in all I am very impressed with the Energizer Night Strike Compact Light. I can’t think of one negative thing to say about it. I actually plan on leaving one in my hunting pack and having one at home for use there. It’s that good. It might also be a good idea to have one in each vehicle. These lights should be available soon here at But in the meantime you can check them out as well as the rest of Energizers Lights here.

LaCrosse Burly Boots - Product Review

by Dustin DeCroo 3. November 2009 09:20
Dustin DeCroo

The majority of bowhunters understand the importance of quality footwear.  We've all crossed a creek on a cold November morning only to find out our boots were far from waterpoof, at least I have.  It's nearly impossible to find a boot that excels in every situation in each part of our season, and for the majority of whitetail enthusiasts a knee-high waterproof boot is a must.  Over the years I've owned this style of boot made by Rocky, Muck Boot, Red Head, Scent Blocker, Columbia and LaCrosse.  In Oklahoma I wear rubber/neoprene boots on about 70 percent of my hunts, so it's important to have a boot that I actually enjoy wearing, this boot fits the bill.

It's been a few weeks since I received my first pair of LaCrosse Burly Classic boots from and I've had some time to give them an honest shot at my footwear starting lineup.  If there is a motto to my 2009 Archery season, it's "Simplicity," these boots are just that.  They have the essentials... everything you need and nothing you don't.  

First success with LaCrosse Burly Classics!

In the past my complaints with rubber (or neoprene) boots was their weight, the noise they make with each step and the over molded soles that always seem to come off halfway through the useful life of the boot.  To this point (somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hunts) these boots have been excellent in all categories.  They're very light weight compared to similar models of other brands and they sport a single material for everything thing from the shank to the sole, I feel this sole will hold up much better than other styles.  As noted in the description of these boots, they do run slightly larger than standard shoe sizes which (in my opinion) is okay for a rubber boot.  When temperatures get cooler it gives me the ability to wear an additional wool sock without constricting my feet.  So far, I haven't had the opportunity to test out the insulationas we haven't had temperatures cool enough to need it.  I was very pleased with how soft the boots were brand new out of the box and that they required zero break-in.

They've obviously been put to use and they'll stay in my closet for years to come.

Overall I would rate these boots a 9 of 10.  The only thing that I would change is to offer this boot in camo as opposed to only offering the O.D. Green.  I guess when the only thing you can find to complain about with a boot is the color, you're doing alright.

Check out these boots here at along with other LaCrosse products by clicking the photo below!

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DLC Covert II Assassin Trail Camera.

by Scott Abbott 26. October 2009 05:52
Scott Abbott

This new product brought to market by Covert Scouting Cameras caught my eye right away when I first noticed it at the ATA show this past winter.  "Covert" is the perfect name for such a camera, it's tiny only 5 1/2" high x 3 1/2" wide x 2 1/4" deep.  It literally fits in the palm of your hand.  It's small stature coupled with it's infrared flash makes this camera very hard to detect by game and thieves alike.  Without looking for this camera it would be very easy to unknowingly walk right past it.

I had the privilege of testing this superb unit over the summer.  This trail camera is hands down the best I have used to date.  I got over 8000 pictures on one set of 8 AA batteries!  The cost of running this camera is minuscule.  In time this camera could nearly pay for it's self from it's low cost of operation compared to other cameras I have experience with.  It also comes with a 2 GB SD card so other than adding batteries it is ready to go right out of the package.

The camera is equipped to take either 3 MP or 5 MP photos backed by 24 high intensity LED bulbs packing a 40' flash range.  I will admit to never testing the unit on the 3 MP setting.  I only ran the unit set on 5 MP and it took fantastic photos both day and night.  The LED lights do a nice job on the photos after dark.

Below is a sample of a couple day and night photos. Keep in mind the photo quality suffers quite a bit when I resize and upload them to the blog.  They are much more crisp and vibrant before manipulating them.

These first two photos showcase the cameras fast trigger speed.

 Features of the Covert II Assassin trail camera include:
-24 "high intensity" Infrared LED's with a 40' flash range.
-Adjustable sensitivity for the PIR motion sensor.
-The camera comes with a 2 GB SD memory card.  The unit accepts cards from 8 MB to 2 GB in size.
-Adjustable from 1 second to 60 minute delay.
-Adjustable from 1 second to 60 second video length.
-The case includes a sun / rain shield over the lens and PIR unit.
-Industry standards such as locking tabs and a waterproof seal.
-1 year limited warranty.

These cameras can be viewed at or and you can reach Dave who is very helpful at for all of your Covert camera questions or needs.


Pro-Bow-Cam Camera Arm by Pine Ridge Archery

by John Mueller 22. October 2009 09:05
John Mueller

            The Pro-Bow-Cam Camera Arm from Pine Ridge Archery is great for do it yourself filming where you aren’t going to be moving the camera a lot. Lightweight, simple tree attachment, silent movement and ease of adjustability are all neat features of this camera arm.


            The base of the Pro-Bow Cam separates from the support arm, making it much easier to attach to the tree. You don’t have to worry about the arm and camera swinging around as you try and attach the unit to the tree. Simply pull the pin holding the two together and strap the base to the tree, then slide the two pieces back together and insert the pin back in the hole and you are ready to film.

Two piece design allows easy attachment to any tree.


            The arm itself is made up of three pieces of tubing connected with Teflon washers to insure silent operation. Fully extended there is approximately 26” of movement away from the tree. I like to position mine opposite the hand I hold my bow in and a little above seat height. This allows me to see the viewfinder while sitting or standing and the arm doesn’t interfere with drawing my bow.

 26" of extension away from the tree.


            The sections of tubing are held together with locknuts on bolts. The locknuts allow you to adjust the tension of the arms movement so it doesn’t keep pivoting out of position. The camera mount also has tension adjustment to allow smooth movement of the head. It can be swiveled left and right and tilted up or down. The movement on this head is not the smoothest on the market when trying to follow a deer or other animal. It is more suited for setting up and catching the action in front of the camera. Ideal for filming yourself without another person along.

Swivel and tilt adjustable head.




Here are the videos I captured using the Prow Bow cam:

If you are looking at just getting started in filming your hunts and want to try it out before you sink a ton of money in it, this is the perfect tree arm. Cheap, but very functional, suited perfect for the Handycam style of camera, not the bigger professional models.

Octane Bantamweight Quiver Review

by John Mueller 26. September 2009 22:29
John Mueller

            The Octane Bantamweight Quiver is the latest in Bowtech’s quiver lineup. It is one of the lightest and the most adjustable quivers on the market. The foam head will accept any broadhead design made.  


            The adjustability of the Bantamweight Quiver makes it possible to use on any bow with any arrow length. The arms pivot and move to any angle and the length between the head and the grippers can be adjusted to suit your arrow length. The angle of the head and grippers can be adjusted to align the arrows with your bow to protect the nocks and keep mud and debris from sticking in them. Check out the video in the link to see the adjustability in action.


            Because of it’s skeletal design and the use of lightweight materials this quiver is one of the lightest on the market, saving valuable weight for those long hikes to your stand or lightening the load for those mountainous climbs.


            The foam in the head is CNC cut to accept any broadhead design from mechanicals to 3 or 4 blade fixed heads. The foam has been treated with a rust inhibiter to keep your blades rust free and razor sharp.

The Bantamweight can accept any style of broadhead.


            The quiver mounts to the top hole in your bows riser, and can be removed by loosening one knob. This mounting style allows for clearance over the knobs of many adjustable length bar sights. Quivers which mount to the holes in the sights often times have issues with hitting the locking knob on adjustable length sights.

The quiver attaches with one screw and can be removed by loosening the red knob


Once removed this is all that is left attached to your bow.




Top of the riser attachment allows for clearence of  adjustable length sight knobs.

            The Bantamweight also sits close to the bow, not taking up a lot of space in your case. This also helps when walking through thick woods, keeping everything close to your body and not getting caught on limbs and branches.

Adjusts to completely protect your arrows.


            My only complaint about this quiver is; I wish it had 2 arrows grippers instead of one and the foam in the head. I use the Rage Broadhead and the foam can cause the blades to open in the quiver. If there were 2 grippers you could use the head without the foam and not have that problem. I have found that over time, taking the heads in and out of the foam can take some of the razor edge off of the blades also.


            Overall I really like the quiver due to the light weight, super adjustability and the simplicity of attaching and removing it from my bow. If it had the 2 grippers, I would consider it the perfect quiver.

And best of all it works.


            You can order your own Bantamweight Quiver and many other Octane Accessories from by following the link.

First Set of Pictures from my Moultrie Gamespy I45

by John Mueller 20. September 2009 05:28
John Mueller

After getting my first set of pictures off of my Moultrie I45 Gamespy Camera I am impressed with the lowlight color pictures. I have a couple of the I40’s and they convert over to IR images much sooner than the I45 in lowlight situations. I much prefer to get color pictures over the black and white IR images. But I would rather not have the flash going off after dark.


The Moultrie Gamespy I45 ready for use.



I had the camera set up on a small food plot I planted on a ridge in the middle of my woods. I'm hoping to catch a good buck stopping here for a bite to eat in the daylight before he heads out to my main food plots. There are deer here during shooting light, but the only big buck I cought still wasn't there during shooting hours. He is a little blurry because he was moving during the picture. I still think this will be a good location to kill a trophy buck this season.

This nice buck strolled in front of the camera just after shooting light disappeared.




I got 68 images during the first week and a half of operation and the battery life was still at 97%. I’m hoping for the 5-6 months of operation per set of batteries I currently get from the I40’s. This would be a bonus, because the I45 only used 4 D cells compared to 6 used in the I40.


The picture quality could maybe be a bit clearer, but a lot of the pictures were in lowlight morning and evening situations. They seem to be a bit grainy. Next time I check the cameras I’m going to put it out in the open on a food plot and see if true daylight pictures are clearer.

The I45 stayes in the color picture mode much longer than earlier IR model cameras

even in lowlight.



The IR range seems to be pretty decent. Some of the deer in the farther pictures are 15 yards from the camera and there is still good detail.

These does are close to 15 yards from the camera.


Here is a sampling of the pictures I got from the first set up.

You can order your I45 right here from, just follow the link below.

Leupold RX-1000 TBR Laser Rangefinder

by Dustin DeCroo 20. September 2009 03:35
Dustin DeCroo

A few weeks ago at a local archery 3D shoot, I won a Nikon Archer's Choice rangefinder in the Iron Buck Challenge.  The Archer's Choice only ranges to 100 yards, which, I guess if I used it strictly for archery it would be okay.  Unfortunately, I use it for calling predators and a multitude of other things.  I took the rangefinder to the sporting goods store and exchanged it for the Leupold RX-1000.  It was a little bit more expensive but well worth the money in my opinion.  Let me introduce you...

Leupold RX-1000


Features from the manufacturer:

  • 6x magnification gives you plenty of power, with a wide field of view to track movement.
  • Bright colorful optics, markedly brighter than previous rangefinders.
  • Three user adjustable intensity settings allow you to perfectly match the OLED display to dynamic lighting conditions.
  • Three selectable reticles: Leupold Plus Point, Duplex and Duplex with Leupold Plus Point.
  • Includes a built-in inclinometer.
  • Compact pocket size, lightweight.
  • Rugged and weatherproof body machined from a bilet of solid aluminum.
  • Scan mode continuously updates the range as you track a target or scan an area.
  • Accurate to 1000 yards (reflective targets), with measurements in yards, or meters.
  • A newly redesigned Quick Set Menu® uses on-screen prompts for exceptionally intuitive and easy use in the field.
  • Fold-down rubber eyecup adjusts for eyeglasses.
  • Fast focus eyepiece with precision clicks.
  • Battery power indicator for easy battery level checks.
  • The common CR2 lithium camera battery is easy to change in the field.
  • Available with Mossy Oak Breakup™ or two-tone black/gray finish.
  • Multiple ballistics settings…True Ballistic Range (TBR®) provides accurate aiming information matched to the performance of your rifle or bow. By calculating the incline, line of sight range to the target, and a projectile’s ballistics, your RX provides rifle hunters using Leupold Ballistics Aiming System reticles as well as bow hunters the correct equivalent horizontal distance for precise shooting on an incline. In other words, aim using the True Ballistic Range, not the line of sight range. Rifle hunters can also get this data as an MOA adjustment or a holdover point. With practice, long distance/steep angle shooting will become second nature. TBR is effective to 800 yards for most rifle cartridges.
  • Accessories included: Cordura® holster, battery, instructions and other items. Also includes a lanyard.

The recent innocation of TBR or True Ballistic Range has brought many questions to life in the world of rangefinders.  Having a background in physics, I've always held true to the fact that at traditional bowhunting heights and shooting ranges, there isn't enough difference to make a difference in hunting situations (at least for bows in excess of 275fps).  After using this rangefinder on my recent trip to Wyoming, my thoughts have been actualized.  I ranged a ton of sstuff at different angles and inside of 60 yards, it's hard to find a five yard difference between the horizontal distance and the line of sight from an elevated position.  If you choose to shoot a rifle at long distance it could definitely come in handy. 

As for this rangefinder itself, I've fallen in love with it over the past 10 days.  It reads extremely fast, it is small, lightweight and the clarity of the glass is second to none.  I often times found myself using my fangefinder to glass at close distances as opposed to my 10x42 Brunton Lite-Tech binoculars.  I really like the red LED display as well.  My favorite feature of this rangefinder may seem miniscule in the grand scheme of things but the case for the rangefinder is excellent.  It's very small, not bulky and closes magnetically as opposed to the snaps on several other models.  The best part in my mind is the angled belt loop, yes, that's correct... the belt loop.  The loop is offset at a 45 degree angle so that when you reach to get the rangefinder it pulls out forward and is super easy to get out.  For hunting on foot (which I do a lot of for western big game) there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get your rangefinder out of a super tight case with a snapped cover in the heat of the moment.  You won't have that problem with the RX-1000 guaranteed.

Overall I would rate the Leupold RX-1000 a 10 out of 1.  If you're in the market for a new rangefinder don't overlook the RX-1000, you will not be disappointed.


The New Moultrie Gamespy i45 Trail Camera

by John Mueller 2. September 2009 08:33
John Mueller

I decided I needed one more trail camera for this season so I ordered the new Moultrie Game Spy i45 from the store. It was waiting on my front porch for me when I got home this evening. It’s so nice to find things like this on the front porch after a hard day at work!

The new Game Spy i45 by Moultrie.

One reason I chose the i45 is it has the option of sending my photos directly from the camera (with an added option) to a website for viewing over the internet. I haven’t purchased the necessary equipment yet, but it’s a neat idea. One I may consider in the future.

Some of the features on the i45 are:

  • Infrared sensor for immediate game capture
  • Imprinted photo strip with temperature, moon phase, time, date, and camera ID
  • Color day pictures/IR(black and white) nighttime pictures
  • 5/15/30 second video clips
  • Multi shot trigger up to 3 shots per trigger
  • 4 picture resolution settings/2 video resolution settings
  • Port for optional power panel
  • 4.0 MegaPixel camera
  • This camera looks to be very well put together. The housing is very sturdy and seals up weather tight. I like the way the top opens up to the controls and the SD card is very easy to reach unlike my older Moultrie cams.  It looks like Moultrie really listened to their customer feedback when designing this new unit.

    The case is well built and more compact than my older Moultrie cameras.

    I really like the easy access to the SD card, much better than on my other Moultrie models.

    A couple of things I found that I didn’t care for are the color of the case and that I cannot read the SD card in my digital camera. The case is almost glossy black which seems to make it stand out more. It does have a nice bark finish to it, but I think a gray color would make it much less noticeable to deer and other hunters. I really liked the fact that I could view the pics from my other Moultrie cams on my hand held digital camera. I guess this one uses a different format, so I can no longer look at my pics in the field.

    The included strap makes for an easy attachment to the tree, but a grey color would blend in much better in my opinion.

    Now I just need to get the unit out in the woods. I’ll do another review after I get a week or two of pics on it and let you all know what I think.

    In the meantime if you'd like to try out one of these new cameras you can purchase them here in the online store by clicking this link.  I think these are going to be a big seller for this fall so get yours before they're all sold out!

    Improving the Cutting Ability of Your Hooyman Saw

    by John Mueller 27. August 2009 05:29
    John Mueller

    The Hooyman Saw is a great tool for clearing shooting lanes. But there is one thing you can do to improve the cutting ability of your saw.

    After using mine a few times last year I noticed it wanted to get stuck in the limb after I had the branch half sawed off. I figured out that the teeth had no offset to them and when sap started sticking to the blade it would bind in the wood. There was no clearance for the back of the blade to slide through the saw cut.

    After talking to the manufacturer at the ATA show this year, they said they were working on a new blade with offset teeth to fix that problem. But that didn’t solve my problem. So I decided to fix it myself. I clamped the blade in a vise just below the teeth and offset the teeth myself with a hammer and a punch. You need to strike the tooth on the “V” side (not the flat side) this pushes the cutting edge of the tooth out just a little bit and creates a bigger groove for the back of the blade to slide through. It doesn’t take much. Just alternate every other tooth and bend the others out the opposite direction.

    Clamp your blade in the vise like this with a little metal showing below the teeth.

    Place the punch on the "V" side of the tooth and tap it lightly until it bends slightly.

    I didn't take a before pic, but here you can see the slight offset of the teeth.

    After putting the offset on my saw blade it no longer gets stuck when cutting larger branches and cuts much better overall. If you have an older Hooyman Saw with straight tooth set give this a try and it will help.  

    Axcel Armortech Sight Review

    by Justin Zarr 10. August 2009 04:37
    Justin Zarr

    Every off season I seem to find an excuse to replace at least one, if not four or five, of my bowhunting accessories. This year I decided to cut back a bit and stick to just two new items; my arrow rest and my sight. After looking over the sight selection at the ATA show back in January I settled on the new Armortech sights by Axcel.

    The one item that I really like the most on this sight are the completely protected pin fibers. From end to end, the fibers on the Armortech are entirely covered to ensure that they will not break. Over the past 4 years I've managed to break fibers on 3 different sights (a Cobra and two Copper John's) and I finally decided that enough was enough. The metal housing on the back of the pin keeps your fiber completely enclosed for maximum security. This really comes in hand if you're clumsy like me and seem to get your bow caught up in every branch and brush pile you walk within 10 feet of.

    The completely "armored" pins are the biggest reason I chose this particular sight for my bowhunting duties.

    Another great feature that sold me is the tool-less micro-adjustability. With a quick turn of the wing nut to loosen the scope you can micro-adjust the sight with a few clicks of the adjustment knobs. Speaking of which, I really like the audible and solid "clicks" when you are adjusting things. It makes it much easier to keep track of how much you're adjusting things in case you go too far and have to move back.

    A small turn of the wing nut to loosen the scope, and you're micro-adjusting in no time - no tools required!  However, if you want to adjust pins individually you do need to loosen them with a tiny allen key first.

    The last really cool feature on the Armortech sight is the hourglass shaped scope window. The "Venturi" shape provides a completely circular sight picture even if you're slightly off-center. This, of course, helps you to be more accurate.

    I elected to go with the 4 pin .019 model.  I really only use two pins when bowhunting so any more than that is just extra.

    A couple other notable points about the Axcel sights are as follows:

    • The Axcel HD models include a built-in Mathews Harmonic Damper
    • All models feature 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments
    • Available with .019 or .010 pins
    • Interchangeable for RH or LH shooters
    • Built-in bubble level

    After several months of shooting this site I'm very impressed. Going back to .019 pins has really helped my accuracy, and I can't say enough good things about the micro-adjust and armored pins. The one downfall of this sight is that it is a bit pricey, but like anything in life you get what you pay for. This sight is extremely well built and I have a feeling is going to last me quite a long time.

    If you're interested in a new sight, I highly recommend checking these out.  We have them available in the shopping cart, and you can click here to purchase one.

    One last thing to note - all Axcel products are machined and assembled right here in the USA. In this tough economy it's nice to know you're giving back to the country we all love so much!

    The Octane NXS Bowsight

    by John Mueller 5. August 2009 09:42
    John Mueller

    The Octane NXS Bowsight is a precision built instrument. The machining and fit is top notch. All adjustments have laser engraved marking. The fiber optics are well contained in the pins without large loops to catch brush. This sight has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment to keep all pins on the same plane at all yardages. The pins are gang adjustable for elevation and windage and each pin can be adjusted up and down individually by engaging the clutch drive and turning the adjusting screw. The light is removable and adjustable in intensity for that fading light.

    The machining and fit of the sight is excellent.

    Individual pins are adjusted by loosening the allen screws and turning the screw on top of the sight.

    The light mounts over the pins with magnets on the four screw heads to hold it in place.

    5 pins with a built in level.

    The features I particularly like on the NXS Sight are.

    : The adjustability and positive locking once everything is in place.

    : Bright fiber optics.

    : Adjustable light intensity.

    : Individual pin micro adjustable.

    : Precision fit and finish.

    There are 2 features that I didn’t like on this sight.

    : The major weakness of this sight is the removable light. It sounds like a neat idea, but in reality it just will not work in a hunting situation. I predict many of the lights will end up at the bottom of the tree the hunter is in or lost in the woods on the way to the stand. This feature will not last.

    : The other thing I didn’t like is the 2” pin guard with 5 pins. I use a verifier peep and it only comes in 1/8” and 1/4 “ sizes. I need a 1 ½” pin guard to be able to center the guard in my peep. For my hunting situation I prefer a 1 ½” pin guard with 3 or 4 pins.

    A nice addition to any bow.

    The hunter's view.

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    Cuflinc Exerciser: Stay in Bowhunting Shape During Offseason

    by John Mueller 30. July 2009 05:31
    John Mueller

         The Cuflinc is a new exercise device designed for Shoulder Therapy Patients. It's design will make it a perfect offseason workout for the bowhunter looking to keep their strength up while not shooting their bow as regularly as during the season. You could do it while watching TV or sitting in your easy chair. There are 3 models with varying levels of resistance. It could also be used to move up a few pounds of draw weight for the begining bowhunter.

         The Cuflinc's inventor is a retired Occupational Therapist/Shoulder Specialist with over 30 years of experience. 

              You can check out the Cuflink for yourself at .

    The Cuflinc is made from a piece of round tubing, shaped into a U with Latex Tubing running thru it to provide the resistance.

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    Vortex Optics; High Quality at Affordable Prices

    by Bow Staff 17. July 2009 03:53
    Bow Staff

    Many years ago the thought of carrying a large pair of binoculars into the woods with me was something I never even considered.  Growing up hunting in Michigan I never had to try to determine the age of whitetail buck, the mentality I was taught was to shoot anything that came within bow range.

    Some 15 years later as I’m passing multiple 150”+ class deer every season, I can only chuckle as I think back to where this all started.  The reality of my current hunting situation is that we are very careful about what bucks we shoot versus pass.  To many hunters, we are crazy to be passing all these deer.  It is easy to pass a really nice buck if you know bigger bucks are running around.  With experience comes confidence in ones hunting abilities.  It isn’t difficult for me to pass deer.  It is usually a much more difficult decision to decide a buck is a shooter.  These moments can be over in a matter of seconds, so it’s a matter of making every second count.

    Binoculars play as major of a role in my hunting game plan as my bow does.  Close inspection of any buck coming within range is the only thing I’m worrying about as we encounter these different animals.  I reach for my binoculars before my bow.  Immediately upon getting a good look at a buck, I either go into kill mode; or relax and enjoy yet another encounter with these magnificent creatures.

    Ok, you get it!  Binoculars play a big part in many of our seasons.  The age old question of “what brand” is the next question.  Personally, in an industry filled with mega-corporations, I prefer to support the smaller companies that produce a high quality product.  Vortex Optics does just that.

    Vortex Optics is based in Middleton Wisconsin, and is a company that has been in the optics business for over 20 years.  I actually purchased my first pair of optics from Vortex around 7 years ago.  In the past 7 years, I’ve used my binoculars!  I’ve hunted every-day of the past 4 seasons, and when I add up the days I have spent glassing throughout the year, I use these things A LOT!

    Here is my new pair of Vortex Razor’s…  I’ve been using them everyday since I got them!

    I’ve dropped my binoculars out of the tree several times, dropped them on the floor of my truck, my house, and they have been through more rain storms than I can remember.  While I recently got a new pair of Vortex Razor’s; yet,  my old pair are just as bright and clear as the day I got them.  That is saying something considering how hard I am on equipment.

    The best part about Vortex Optics is the range of prices that they offer to allow anyone to buy a nice set of glass.  Vortex offers binoculars that range in price from $159.00 to $870.00, which is truly for any hunters budget!   You can find the full lineup of Vortex Optics right here at  Click here to check out the great deals on some of their binoculars.

    Vortex not only offers some of the best binoculars on the market, they also produce spotting scope systems, and quality rifle scopes.  I’ve recently been using my Vortex Skyline spotting scope and available digital camera mount to study the deer coming into my food plots.  The camera mount allows me to document what I see with digital photos.  This is SO cool!  I’ve recently been able to capture a couple different bucks behind my house nearly 450 yards away, and the pictures speak for themselves.  Just another tool in the bowhunters arsenal!

    Here is my spotting scope set-up, a Skyline 80 ED 60x spotting scope mounted on a Vortex Summit STX tri-pod!  A sweet set-up for long-distance scouting…

    This is the digital camera adaptor that I’ve been using.  It works slick…

    Here are a couple pictures of a 4 year old 8 that I have living behind my house.  This buck will likely have another year to grow, but it sure is cool capturing pictures from 450 yards….

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    AMS WAVE REST, Tested and Approved

    by John Mueller 4. July 2009 01:39
    John Mueller

    The AMS Wave Rest is the perfect bowfishing rest. Simple yet very rugged so it stands up to the abuse they receive on the water. It offers positive support to the heavy arrows used in bowfishing.


    AMS Bowfishing gear designed to stand up to the abuse. 



                The design of the Wave Rest is a roller mounted between 2 side supports to keep the arrow from falling off. The side supports are very important, as often you are swinging your bow quickly to get on surfacing fish. The roller keeps the arrow level throughout the shot. Many traditional hunting rests are not sturdy enough to support a heavy fiberglass bowfishing arrow. The design is quite simple and simple is better when it comes to bowfishing. The equipment takes a lot of abuse when the action gets hot.


    The side supports help to keep the arrow on the roller.



                The Wave Rest mounts to your bow just like any other rest with a screw holding it to the bows riser. You can adjust the center shot by loosening a screw with a screw driver and sliding the rest in or out as needed to get your arrows flying true. Straight arrow flight will aid in penetration and accuracy.


    Mounts to your bow in minutes and your ready to go.


    And yes they really do work, tested and approved!


         What are you waiting for? Go find an old bow, outfit it with some bowfishing accessories and hit the waters. Bowfishing is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports out there right now. And with the introduction of the Asian Carp into many of our waters, the targets are more numerous than they have ever been. You are doing the rest of the fish in our rivers and lakes a favor by removing as many as you can.

     I don’t see the rest in the store, but if you contact Todd or Justin, they can order you one. You can check out the rest of the bowfishing gear at.  

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