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Whammer Jammer Crossbow Ballista

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 20:53
Bow StaffMakes any slug or roundball your ammo! No more bent, lost, expensive bolt shooting.
  • Quiet, backyard target shooting – hard hitting, very accurate.
  • Easy, simple, long parts life
  • Adjustable from .32 - .44 cal.

Viper by Recon Outdoors

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 20:50
Todd GrafRecon Outdoors continues to lead the industry with a complete line of hunting electronics. The Viper was voted Scouting Camera of the year for 2009, for its Revolutionary Modular Design.

Not only does Viper have a creative shape and modular mounting system, but it also uses a state of the art camera core designed by the engineers at Recon Outdoors.

The Viper not only allows you to take a single picture but with the customizable burst mode you can take the number of pictures that you want, in the length of time you want them taken in.

The Breath-Taker by Smootchie Outdoors

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 20:45
Justin ZarrWhat does a buck really smell when he first winds you? Invariably, it’s your breath. Coating your tongue and gums are countless volatile sulfide compounds (VSCs). Combined, they produce the same odors that are associated with: a pig farm, feed lot, fecal matter, decaying meat and stagnant backwaters. Yuck! And no amount of gum-chewing, brushing or gargling can stop these micro-organisms from pouring it on. Compounding matters is the sheer volume of normal human breathing more than 60 gallons of breath are released per hour. Moreover, VSC compounds are comparatively heavy and sticky, causing them pile up and cling to whatever they land on. No wonder hunters “burn out” their treestand locations even when taking extreme precautions.

Enter The Breath-Taker. Its patent-pending 4M technology (4 masks in one) is ingenious, The first layer is a hydrophobic material to help prevent moisture transfer into the carbon layer to optimize the carbon absorption.

Next is a 5-micron filtration layer that makes the new Breath-Taker more breathable as it screens dust, allergens and pollens that could ruin your hunt. The third layer contains pristine active carbon that vacuums and absorbs up to 99% of all malodorous compounds. But because the Breath-Taker is disposable, it costs about a dollar a day to hunt scentless. What’s more, the second-generation Breath-Taker contains 50 percent more carbon for maximum adsorption power. Another new feature is an effective temperature and moisture regulation method. We’ve even added a storage system; the re-sealable 5-pack conforms to US Army activated carbon packaging specifications. So now you can be assured that your fifth breath-Taker mask will absorb as many scent molecules as your first one.

Last and certainly not least, you won’t have to take a breather from The Breath-Taker during an all-day hunt: A new, ultra-light camouflaged layer cuts down on bulk.

Moultrie Power Panel

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 04:50
Bow StaffStop making extra trips to your game camera just to change batteris. Ensure a continued power source with Moultrie’s PowerPanel. The PowerPanel uses innovative software to combine a solar panel and built-in battery, extending camera life indefinitely in the field. Unlike standard solar panels, the PowerPanel uses solar power to keep the internal 12-volt battery charged and takes the place of your usual camera batteries, allowing them to remain charged. In the event of overcast skies or periods of rain when the solar power cannot be sustained, the unit switches to normal battery function until the PowerPanel is charged.
  • Solar panel with built-in 12-volt battery
  • LCD screen displays
  • Compatible with Moultrie 2007 and later digital game cameras
  • Easily mounts to tree, pole or Moultrie camera tripod
  • 10-ft. cord allows placement in optimal sunlight
  • Weather resistant

Moultrie Picture Viewer

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 04:46
Todd GrafWant to see game camera images right now? Our picture viewer allows you quick access to all of your game camera scouting photos and videos. This handy, hand-held picture viewer lets you view your game camera images in the field. View and transfer your photos via USB cable or SD card transfer.
  • View images in the field
  • 2.8” TFT LCD viewing screen
  • Dual SD Card slots
  • Ability to transfer images to storage SD card
  • Mini USB connection
  • Easily view still images or video clips
  • Ability to brighten and zoom images
  • Accepts SD memory cards up to 16GB
  • Operates on 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Moultrie Game Spy D-55

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 04:41
Justin ZarrHigh-end scouting equipment on a budget. New to the Game Spy family cameras for 2010 is the D-55 series. Available in flash or infrared versions, this new model features 5.0 megapixel images, camouflage housing, and is packed with plenty of features.
  • 5.0 megapixels
  • Rapid response time
  • 50-ft flash
  • Infrared (IR) sensor for immediate game capture
  • Easy-to-read photo strip
  • Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo
  • Color day and high pictures
  • Video clips during the day (5/15/30 seconds)
  • Color night video clips
  • Easy-to-operate LCD menu-drive display
  • Display showing battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and delay timer
  • IR aim for quick and precise camera setup
  • Upgradeable software
  • Picture delay, set 1-60 minutes
  • Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
  • 5 seconds between multi-shots
  • Three picture resolutions
  • Two video resolutions
  • 32 MB internal memory
  • SD Memory Card Slot – up to 16GB
  • Includes weather-resistant casing, USB and TV out cable and mounting strap
  • External power port for optional Moultrie PowerPanel
  • Operates on 6 C-cell batteries (not included)

Moultrie Game Spy I-35

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 04:33
Bow StaffThe Game Spy I-35 is new for 2010. It’s our most economical camera with Game Management system compatibility. Enjoy all of the benefits of the Game Management web site except the ability to change camera settings remotely.
  • 4.0 megapixels
  • Rapid response time
  • 50-ft flash
  • Compatible with Moultrie’s Game Management System
  • Infrared (IR) sensor for immediate game capture
  • Easy-to-read photo strip
  • Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo
  • Color day pictures
  • Infrared night pictures
  • Video clips during the day (5/15/30 seconds)
  • Infrared night video clips
  • Easy-to-operate LCD menu-driven display
  • Display showing battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and dealy timer
  • IR aim for quick and precise camera setup
  • Upgradeable software
  • Picture delay, set 1-60 minutes
  • Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
  • 4 seconds between multi-shots
  • Four picture resolutions
  • Two video resolutions
  • 32 MB internal memory
  • SD Memory Card Slot – up to 16 GB
  • Includes weather-resistant casing, USB and TV out cable and mounting strap
  • External power port for optional Moultrie PowerPanel
  • Operates on 6 C-cell batteries (not included)

The Stabilizer Cam Video Camera Mount

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 04:23
Justin ZarrThis mount attaches to any conventional stabilizer
  • This is a quick detachable mount.
  • Made from forged military aluminum, stainless steel military resin guaranteed for life.
  • Camera platform has a built in shock and recoil platform.
  • Any small modern handy cam camera will attach to this mount.
  • Use screw to attach camera to the mount. Attach security strap over the top of the camera this makes camera solid and secure to the mount.
  • Film your hunt as it happens.
  • Hunting memories will last for generations.


New Summit Treestands Products for 2010

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 04:16
Bow Staff

In 2010, we introduce two stands designed to fold flat for convenient transport and storage. The new Dagger™ is an open-front climbing stand, with the compact convenience of folding during storage or when you’re on the move.

With all the performance features and creature comforts of our popular Razor, the new Dagger™ open-front climbing stand folds for compact convenience during storage, or when you’re on the move. The comfortable padded seat is fully adjustable and the spacious platform provides plenty of room for long haul hunting.
Hunter Seat

Our new Hunter Seat is a lightweight, portable seat designed for spot-and-stalk hunts, quick set-ups for turkey, or just taking a break from scouting. Built from powder-coated steel with a padded camouflage seat, it’s designed to lean up against a tree where its stabilized by a sturdy “Y” brace—and then anchored in the ground with a three-pronged point. The Hunter Seat then allows you to sit in a normal position (not crouched) with your back comfortably against the tree. Weights 4 lbs. for easy carrying and includes a supplied shoulder strap.

TightSpot Quiver

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 04:07
Todd Graf
  • Ultra-tough “hood” is virtually unbreakable!
  • Extra deep hood keeps broadheads covered; new Phantom foam insert is designed so expandables won’t open in your quiver
  • Maximized distance (18 inches) between hood and grippers for minimized arrow vibration and noise
  • Bumper strip on crossbar kills arrow vibration
  • One-handed quiver removal, adjustment
  • Super-premium wrapped carbon rods offer unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio, absorb vibration
  • Exclusive (patent pending) ArrowWedge Gripper system allows for individual arrow tightening
  • TightSpot, the quiver that acts as a stabilizer
  • New QuadFit 4-way spacer lets you slide the TightSpot Quiver up against cable guard for another point of contact
  • TightSpot’s TailFan design positions arrows so fletchings won’t vibrate together or make noise
  • Incredibly lightweight and narrow; no need for bulky

Reconyx HC600 and HC500 Digital Trail Cameras

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:56
Todd Graf

New for 2010 Reconyx has two brand new trail cameras coming out that are smaller, faster, and more responsive than their current industry-leading trail cameras.  These new cameras run on AA batteries, take SD flash cards, and will be available in both a No-Glow and a Low-Glow flash - all for around $100 less than their current models!  We can't wait to get our hands on a couple of these and really put them to the test.

Reconyx HC600

No-Glow™ High Output; Covert Infrared Technology eliminates the tell-tale red glow common to other infrared game cameras.
  • 1/5 second trigger speed
  • Up to 2 frames per second
  • 1080P High Definition/ 3.1 Mega-pixel images
  • Color by Day / Monochrome by Night
  • No-Glow; High Output; covert IR Flash
  • Up to 40,000 images on a 32 GB card
  • Secure digital (SD or SDHC) up to 32GB
  • Operates in temps from -20 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • CodeLock; pass-code protection included
  • Time, date, temperature and moon phase
  • NiMH rechargeable or 1.5 volt lithium batteries only
  • Operates on either 6 or 12 AA batteries
Reconyx HC500

Lo-Glow™ Semi-covert infrared emitters provide a nighttime flash range of 50 feet.
  • 1/5 second trigger speed
  • Up to 2 frames per second
  • 1080P High Definition/ 3.1 Mega-pixel images
  • Color by Day / Monochrome by Night
  • Lo-Glow; Semi-covert IR Flash
  • Flash Range Up to 50 feet
  • Store up to 40,000 images
  • Secure digital (SD or SDHC) up to 32GB
  • Works from -20 to +120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • CodeLock; pass-code protection included
  • Time, date, temperature and moon phase on all photos
  • Alkaline, NiMH rechargeable or 1.5 volt lithium batteries
  • Operates on either 6 or 12 AA batteries

The Marauder Lighting System by HawgLite

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 03:48
Bow StaffThe Marauder Lighting System is the most sophisticated lighting system ever designed with the bow hunter iin mind! It’s 3 watt LED heads are powered by 3AAA batteries for up to 24 hours, providing light to shoot your bow out to 50 yards! If you are a bow fisher, the bright white LED will let you fish the areas a boat won’t reach or light up those fish beyond the reach of the boats lights! No matter whether the prey is predators, hogs, varmints or fish, the Marauder keeps you hunting all night long!


Wildgame Innovations New Products for 2010

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 03:37
Bow StaffAcorn Rage Drop N Block

Deer are naturally attracted to the sound of dropping acorns so what better way to attract deer than to have a hanging acorn block that releases and drops real acorns! Wildgame Innovations is the first to produce a time released acorn dropping block that is easy to hang and attracts deer for weeks! The NEW, ACORN RAGE DROP N BLOCK is made with real acorns and will allow acorns to drop wherever you want, whenever you want. It’s time to start utilizing the sound of falling acorns plus the taste of real acorns in whitetail attraction. Hang the Acorn Range Drop N Block in front of trail cameras to maximize scouting pictures or in a clear shooting lane from your tree stand. DROP the buck of a lifetime with the revolutionary ACORN RAGE DROP N BLOCK!

Buck Bran Feeder Frenzy

Buck Bran just became feeder ready. With its high protein and high fat content it just made sense to take Buck Bran to the next step. By pelletizing buck Bran you can now schedule the feeding times of your entire herd and maximize their nutrition. The buck Bran pellets are easy to digest and are packed with high energy not t mention a great taste that deer crave. This specially formulated attractant is made up of extruded rice bran, cracked corn, molasses, soybean meal, and vitamins/minerals. Ready to use right out of the bag it can be poured directly on the ground, or ran through a feeder. Buck Bran will quickly hold and attract more deer! BUCK BRAN can also be used as a feed topper by mixing in with corn or protein pellets to enhance consumption while adding a nutritional boost!

Acorn Rage Juiced

Finally Acorn Rage is in a pourable liquid form. Acorn Rage Juiced is a liquid gel formulation that is easy to use and can last for weeks. Formulated from the original Acorn Rage, this juiced up liquid gel acts like a time release version of the always popular powdered Acorn Rage. With little or no learning curve you will have deer attacking the site in no time.


Eberlestock G287 Slingshot

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:32
Todd GrafWhen Eberlestock introduced it, the Slingshot was the first in the world that allowed you to carry a bow on the pack and get it off without removing the pack. Since then, Eberlestock made others. But the Slingshot remains unique; it’s their smallest pack, and is a fanny with many of the capabilities of a full-scale pack. As used on the Slingshot, our patent-pending Ripcord Tether completes the Quickdraw System that Eberlestock pioneered with their Backscabbard™ rifle packs, and as you’ll see below, it also works great to carry rifles.

The newest model of the Slingshot, the G287, continues the evolution of what many of their customers tell them is their favorite pack. The horseshoe shaped upper bag provides a saddle for a bow or a rifle to ride in, and makes the pack carry them with exceptional stability. The upper section features two pockes with a tough mesh ventilation panel between them, and incorporates a spacer pad to keep the bow or rifle away from your head.

Ol’Man AlumaLite Stands

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 03:25
Justin ZarrAlumaLite CTS Climbing Treestand

The AlumaLite CTS incorporates many of the same features of the original Ol’Man Climbing Stands such patented ComforTech™ seating and pivoting spreader arms—we’ve made numerous improvements from other models, incorporating new oval tubing and an improved cable system that makes set up a breeze! The all new standing platform is designed lighter and features improved tubing style foot straps for easy entry and a better grip.

AlumaLite FPS Fixed Position Stand

You asked for a lightweight aluminum fixed position stand—and Ol’Man delivered! This is the first aluminum fixed position stand for Ol’Man and our lightest stand ever. The AlumaLite FPS tips the scales at a mere 12 pounds! Features include a 21” x 30” standing platform, excellent packability, extremely light weight and an oversized cushion seat so you can sit as long as you need to harvest your trophy whitetail!

Doinker Dish

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 03:19
Bow StaffThe Doinker D.I.S.H (Distal, Interrupted, Stabilizer, Hub) is an all-new concept in stabilizer utility and performance. The super-sized Hub acts like a Doinker on steroids as it champions bow torque, noise, vibration and shock. The Patent Pending Hub employs our proprietary Interrupted Transfer Polymer and is the most effective doinker we have ever constructed. Adding to this stabilizers unique concept is its 4.5-inch flexible, variable weight disc that uses our proprietary STACK Weights to weight the forward end. By putting the weight at the distal end of the stabilizer, shooters are able to aim steadier and make the most of a stabilizer’s two main functions: stabilization prior to the shot, and dampening after the arrow is released. The Doinker D.I.S.H is exceptionally unique in its design and affords complete weight customization from a feathery 6 ounces, up to a robust 2 pounds, 14 ounces! A complimentary quick disconnect allows you to effortlessly mount and dismount the D.I.S.H for easy transport and travel.

Though the look is unorthodox – its performance is unmatched. The new Doinker D.I.S.H has been designed with hunters and target archers in mind, functioning equally well when shooting in the field or at the range. Fasten a Doinker D.I.S.H to your bow this year and experience shooting that’s truly out of this world.

New for 2010 are the Small and Mini DISH designed specifically to be added to the end of all of our 2010 Stabilizers. These smaller versions of the original DISH offer many of the same benefits in a tighter package designed to work well at the line or in the woods.

Mountain Mike’s Reproductions Skull Master

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 03:12
Todd GrafSkull Master is now available in dipped colors; woodgrain or Fall Camo. Compatible with your own harvested antlers or shed antlers, the Skull Master kit includes all hardware needed to attach a set of antlers to a great looking European deer skull in a timely, no-mess fashion. This antler kit comes with two different size interchangeable top sections so you can choose which size fits your antlers best.

Fathead Real.Big. Wall Graphics

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 03:07
Justin ZarrFathead is huge! Real.Big. Fathead wall graphics are life-size action images that you stick on any smooth surface. You can move them and reuse them and they are safe for walls. Fathead wall graphics are way better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker and tougher than a decal. Choose from hundreds of licensed sports and entertainment images.

You can also get a custom Fathead! Upload your photos to make your own Fathead using the Fathead customizer. Need decorating ideas? Need to find a unique gift? Need ideas for party decorating? Need to decorate a den, office, kid’s room? Fathead has you covered! Great for party planners, wedding planners, interior designers, decorators, sports enthusiasts, and fans of all ages! A Fathead can transform an entire room in a fraction of the time, and cost of painting or wallpapering.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 03:00
Bow StaffThe latest in the long history of the industry’s best selling pattern. Break-Up Infinity features the most ultra-realistic, digitally photographed elements with unmatched detail, dimension, and exhaustively accurate color tones to help you blend in unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,. It’s the first pattern that you can actually look into the same way you look into the woods.


Lakewood Products C276 - Double Bow 41” Case

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 02:47
Todd Graf
  • Our time proven secure compartments no hold two bows
  • Metal bottom for extra protection
  • D-rings for included shoulder strap and tie down straps
  • Lighter than most double cases
  • Locks for travel

ScentBlocker's Ground Zero Ozone Wave

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 02:27
Justin ZarrIntroducing the new Ground Zero™ hunting blind system that combines proven ScentBlocker® activated carbon filtration with special ozone technology for unparalleled scent protection.
  • Ground Zero Ozone Wave unit utilizes an extended power 12V battery to provide 12-16 hours of use. LED battery indicator included.
  • Ozone Wave includes 12V truck charger and 110V AC charger.
  • Ozone Wave features a special quiet fan to pressurize the blind.
  • Roomy interior provides freedom of movement. Large window areas provide ease of shooting and extended viewing area.
  • Zippered floor is attached to blind to control scent and allows for easy cleaning.
  • Black interior helps to hide hunter inside blind.
  • Concealment loops allow for natural vegetation to be added to blind exterior.
  • Large carry bag for blind, ozone unit and ground stakes. Includes pack straps for easy transport.
  • Doubles as hunting apparel “prep chamber” to deodorize and decontaminate your hunting clothing and equipment prior to your hunt or for pre-season preparation.
  • Use the Ozone Wave separately to help de-scent your hunting vehicle.
  • Available in new Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity Camo.
The Power of Ground Zero™ Ozone Wave
  • Ozone is simply 3 atoms of oxygen (O3), and is often referred to as excited or activated oxygen.
  • Ozone is natures’ air purifier, and is produced naturally by lightning and by waterfalls. It leaves a fresh, clean, natural scent.
  • Ozone is highly unstable and readily gives up an extra oxygen atom. In seeking stability it continually searches out and attacks hydrocarbons and organic compounds such as odors. This oxidation process actually neutralizes and destroys odors; it doesn’t just cover them up. The main byproduct is regular oxygen.
  • It is one of the two most powerful oxidizing elements that exist, and the strongest one commercially available.
  • Ozone Wave produces safe and effective levels of ozone for air purification, and will continue to help control your human scent, even as you are creating it!

Tru-Fire Hybrid Strap

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 02:07
Bow StaffThe NEW Hybrid strap combines all the benefits of a Velcro strap and a buckle strap, giving you the ability to quietly make infinite adjustments for a perfect fit.

Secure as any buckle strap, with a plush, cushioned feel, making it more comfortable even when shooting the heaviest bows.

The NEW Hybrid strap is available for the Edge, Hurricane and 360 lines.

Plano All Weather™ Bow Case

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 01:56
Todd Graf
  • Pad-lock tabs for airline travel
  • High-density foam
  • Thick-wall construction
  • Accessory tie-down straps
  • Air, water and dust resistant seal
  • Lockable dual stage latches

Bearpaw Deluxe Fletching Jig

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 01:42
Justin ZarrThe Bearpaw deluxe fletching jig shows essential improvements and some new functions. This will be the last fletching jig you will ever buy.
    Satisfaction guaranteed
  • The world’s most precise and economical fletching system of the highest quality
  • Precisely made using close tolerances based on our highest German engineering standards
  • Quality Metal and Space-Age Polymer construction with wrenches and instructions
  • Extremely smooth rotation and precise clicks position the arrow for fletching
  • Easily change from fletching of 3, 4, or 6 fletchings per arrow with a 3 position switch
  • Choose Straight Clamps for straight/offset fletching and Right or left helical Clamps to wrap around the shaft
  • Tiny X-10 thru huge 2712 arrow shafts automatically center perfectly, not dependant on diameter
  • Nock Receiver securely centers all sizes and brands of slotted nocks perfectly
  • Connect our Basic Jig Mounting Plates to extend the Bearpaw Fletching system each holding 3 jigs for production

Morrell Bone Collector Broadhead Target and Bone Collector Broadhead Target

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 01:07
Bow StaffMLT-Super Duper
  • Nucleus Center for maximum target life
  • E-Z Tote carrying handle
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Patented
  • IFS System
  • X-tended life target
  • Super easy arrow removal
Bone Collector Broadhead Target
  • Nucleus Center for Exceptional Stopping Power
  • Stops both fixed blade and mechanical broadheads
  • 100% weatherproof
  • E-Z Tote carrying handle
  • Nucleus center for maximum life

Axcel AX3000

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 00:05
Bow Staff3 inches of elevation adjustment. All new for 2010, ask for it and you get it, the new 2 screw 2nd and 3rd Axis quickchange allows you to snug one screw then lock the other, providing for easier leveling. Tighten both screws for an even stronger hold.

Axcel Armortech-HD

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:59
Todd GrafThe Armortech-HD was voted best buy winner, from Inside Archery Magazine, its very first year on the market! The Armortech-HD packs a punch with its superior patent pending technology, innovate design, and deadly accuracy. Features fibers that are protected their entire length by Axcel’s A.F.T. and an innovate scope design T.C.V. All Armortech-HD sights include a Mathews® Harmonic Damper, and are available with 4, 5, or 7 pins in .010”, .019” or .029” fiber size. Available with the all new HS (high speed) option.

Sure-Loc QC® 2

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:53
Justin ZarrReliable Quality Hunting Sight...
  • Deadly accurate .0015” micro windage
  • Light weight, durable and easy to use
  • Isogrid pin guard, more pin protection
  • Dual track system for close pin gaps
  • Easy slide individual pin & gang elevation adjustment
  • Direct-mount with tapped holes for quiver
  • Tough bright fiber in .010, .019, .029 fiber size
  • Third axis adjustable level
  • For right or left-handed use
  • Available in Model 150 (1.5”) with 4 pins and Model 200 (2”) with 5 pins
  • Film-dipped camo or anodized black

S.A. B.O Tactical Holography Archery Sight

by Bow Staff 12. January 2010 23:47
Bow StaffFeatures
  • Anti-fog and Scratch Resistant Replaceable Lens
  • Side-to-side Micro Adjustment
  • Independently Adjustable Yardage Dots
  • Dots Generated by Fiber Optics
  • Precise Shot Alignment

Tru-Fire Ti Fixed-Blade Broadhead

by Todd Graf 12. January 2010 23:44
Todd GrafThe TI Fixed-Blade Broadhead from Tru-Fire utilizes a groundbreaking Spring Retention system to eliminate frustrating loose blades. With the patent-pending Spring Retention system, the .032 stainless-steel blades are placed in the ferrule’s blade slot and forced toward the tip by pressure from the spring, holding the blades securely in place. The TI features an aggressive tip, a two-position blade-locking system and a 1.125-inch cutting diameter. The TI’s one-piece, solid steel ferrule provides exceptional arrow flight.

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