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Blacks Creek Bone Collector 1.5 BackPack REVIEW.

by Bow Staff 17. March 2010 16:29
Bow Staff

By: Cody Altizer

I feel as if I am a part of this new breed of bowhunter, especially when it comes to demanding the best performance from my gear. Just recently, I’ve added a new weapon to my "arsenal of gear"; the Blacks Creek Bone Collector 1.5 backpack. Through the years I have gone through many packs, never putting much thought into my purchases. I just needed something to transport my gear to and from the stand.

However, this past year while hunting whitetails harder than ever I learned that a strong, durable and reliable pack was necessary. I now feel like I have found this pack in the Bone Collector 1.5.

The Bone Collector 1.5 provides a spacious 2100 cubic inches of holding area and 5 separate pockets, enabling me to safely and securely carry all of my hunting equipment. The customizable back size adjustment makes the pack suitable for just about anybody. While the Bone Collector 1.5 provides plenty of carrying capacity, I feel as if the pockets are too deep to provide the hunter with quick and easy access. Of course, the seemingly bottomless pockets will ensure that it is nearly impossible for something to fall out, but should the hunter need something quickly, they are certainly at a disadvantage.

I was however, intrigued by the fact that this pack is "bow carrier capable", and admit I initially had little interest in using the bow holder. After utilizing the bow holder, I quickly learned that it could be quite an asset. If I need two hands while scaling tricky terrain, dragging out a monster buck, or any other curveball Mother Nature might throw at me, I’ll be ready. The bow holder holds your bow tightly against the pack which is a plus, but it is a little time consuming to strap it in and particularly to take out.

A picture of the the bow holder in action. It only requires two straps and the bottom loop to tightly secure your bow to your pack keeping both hands free for use. However, if needed quickly in the field, it is time consuming to strap on and take off.

One outstanding feature on the Bone Collector 1.5 is the comfortable jelly shoulder straps. Combined with the adjustable torso and abdomen straps, these super-comfortable shoulder straps really makes carrying this pack effortless, and can really save back pain in the future. Equally impressive was the blaze orange rain shield that can be easily tucked into the bottom of the pack. This feature keeps your pack and gear dry and will also lengthen the life of the pack by protecting it from the elements. In regards to safety, the blaze orange feature could prove beneficial if tracking a wounded animal on a neighbor’s property, or if hunting on public land.

I was very impressed with the blaze orange rain shield, which can be easily stored in the bottom of the pack. Not only does it protect the pack (as well as the rest of your gear) from the elements, but also doubles as a safety feature. An appealing feature to every hunter.

As passionate as I am about bowhunting, I am equally passionate about photography. I carry well over $1000 in camera equipment each time out. I was relieved to find that the Bone Collector 1.5 provides the adequate space needed to fit these goals. The 4 pound, 22"H x 12"W x 8"D design may prove to be too tall, heavy, and bulky for some hunters and/or photographers, but it allows me to carry my camera tripod comfortably. An added feature I love when my season behind the bow has ended.

Overall, I strongly recommend this pack to the serious bowhunter. It’s very flexible and allows the hunter to customize the pack to best utilize its features. The only true disadvantage that I feel this pack possesses is the lack of accessibility and ease of use with the bow holder. However, I feel the positives of this pack (the jelly straps, blaze orange rain shield, secure bow holder, and spacious design) greatly diminish the negatives.

To learn more about the Bone Collector 1.5 backpack, or to purchase this or any other outdoor gear on-line here on Bowhunting.Com, please click me. Thank you.

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NAP QuikTune Sizzor-REVIEW.

by Bow Staff 3. March 2010 08:13
Bow Staff

Read below to catch our latest product review from an "average Joe" hunter, just like you and I.

Hi, I’m Tony Fraley, a Wisconsin state bowhunter with a great love and admiration of the outdoors. Recently I had some trouble with fletching clearance on my bow’s rest. A friend recommended trying an NAP rest. I took his advice and since then, the NAP QuikTune Sizzor has never left my bow.

The QuikTune Sizzor has an ELS Easy Load System which allows you to just close the launcher arms, insert your arrow from the side, and GO! The bow can be let down without triggering the rest and it has very easy independent vertical and horizontal adjustments.  Upon arrow release, the QuikTune Sizzor opens wide to allow your arrow to pass through with zero fletching contact for optimal arrow flight.

After having this rest on my Limbsaver DZ32 for a year all I can say is that I have not had any issues. It’s easily one of the quietest rests I have ever used and my shooting has never been better.

If you are having the any fletching clearance issues with your current rest, then give this rest a try! When they say total fletching clearance they mean it. As a bonus, NAP Archery has a top notch customer service! If you have any issues they will work with you until resolved. Thanks NAP!

To take a closer look or to purchase NAP’s QuikTune Sizzor, please click here.


NAP Blood Runner 3-Blade Passes the Hog Test

by Dustin DeCroo 22. February 2010 07:55
Dustin DeCroo

As the population and range of wild (feral) hogs increases across the country, bowhunters are given new opportunities to chase these animals with very liberal hunting regulations.  Hogs present excellent opportunities for spot and stalk hunts as well as hunting them from stands at a food source.  It has been my experience that hogs can be one of the most difficult animals to shoot and recover with a bow for a multitude of reasons.  The layer of fat that encompasses their body has the ability to seal up a broadhead wound in record time, the heavy bone sturcture of their shoulders protect the forward lying vitals and create a challenge for almost any broadhead on the market.  In a hog, the diaphragm which separates the heart/lung cavity from the liver, stomach and intestines sits just a couple of inches behind the shoulder.  This type of anatomy makes it difficult to make a clean heart or lung shot from the broadside position without penetrating the shoulder.  It sounds ridiculous, I know, as we're all taught from a young age to shoot a deer, elk, antelope or any other game behind the shoulder... not into it.

I've killed hogs with Slick Trick, Muzzy, Eastman Mechanicals, Montecs, Crimson Talon, and Magnus heads.  Of those broadheads, none of the mechanicals could ever be used again and several of the fixed heads met their match as well.  The second weekend in February I was able to try the NAP Blood Runner 3-Blade head that I picked up from  For a full video review on this head, you can click here.  Briefly, the Blood Runner 3-Blade 100gr. appears to be a fixed blade head with a 1" cutting diameter, upon impact the blades "open" and add another 1/2" of cutting diameter.  There is physically no way that the blades will not expand and if there was, you'd still have a 1" fixed blade head on the tip of your arrow.  As with any NAP product the blades are extremely sharp out of the package.

Valentines Day eve found me sitting in a treestand in South Central Oklahoma awaiting my first shot attempt with a Blood Runner tipped Easton Axis.  As the darkness quickly set in, fellow staff member Jessica Edd and I were in the process of calling it quits when three black hogs materialized in front of us.  I came to full draw and waited for several seconds for a shot opportunity, one sow turned broadside and I strained to make out the green glow of my 20 yard pin.  I centered the almost silhouetted pin on her shoulder and touched the release.  It was dark enough in the trees that I couldn't see my arrow impact the animal, but we could hear the arrow hit and as the animal ran past our tree we could hear the boiler room was flooding.  Seconds later we could hear the pig expire not 50 yards from the point of impact.  We gathered our gear and moved to the spot where my hog was last standing.  The arrow had passed through and there was blood where the animal stood at the shot.  From there, the most incredible blood trail I've ever witnessed led us directly to my pig.  At the time, I didn't have the foresight to use an arrow or anything else in the photo to show how wide the blood trail was but it was never less than 12" wide.

Still photo of the blood trail created by the NAP Blood Runner

Still photo taken down the blood trail.  If you look closely you can see blood spatter all the way across this photo.

We eventually hauled our pigs back to the skinning shack and I was able to do a bit of an autopsy.  The arrow entered directly in the left shoulder joint, passed through the rib cage cutting the top half of the heart and exited through the armpit and leg bone on the opposite side.  I was somewhat shocked to see the amount of bone that was contacted after seeing that my broadhead showed almost zero damage.  The only visible damage is two very small nicks on one of the three blades, small enough that any sharpening stone will do the trick.

Damage through the rib cage, notice how far forward the heart was sitting

Close up

Exit wound through the leg

You can see the "nicks" here is the lower blade

Still operates perfectly!

The NAP Blood Runner has passed one of the most difficult tests in the hunting world, with flying colors.  This is by far one of the best heads I have shot to date and I will have one in my quiver for many hunts to come. 

Verifier Peep, Like Putting Reading Glasses on Your Bow

by John Mueller 19. February 2010 06:34
John Mueller

The Verifier Lens by Specialty Archery in my Super Ball Peep has definitely improved my shooting in the last couple of years. It was like putting reading glasses on my bow. What were big fuzzy blobs are now crisp and in focus sight pins. For all of you older bowhunters out there with eyes that just aren’t what they used to be with regard to close up vision, you need to try the Verifier Lens out. I guarantee it will help your accuracy.

The Verifier comes in 5 powers just like those reading glasses in your local pharmacy. I use the #8 lens in my peep. Hopefully your shop will have all of them so you can try all of the powers to see which one helps you the most. There is no magnification with the lens it just clears up your sight pins.

The Verifier Lens screws into the Super Ball Peep and come in either 1/8” or ¼” aperture size. When installing the lens, it’s best to put a little bow string wax on the threads before screwing it in the peep. This keeps it from backing out due to the vibration of the bow. The ¼’ is better for hunting, allowing more light to pass through for those low light shots when the big guys like to show up. For those of you who like to center their sight housing in the peep instead of a single pin, you will need a sight with a small outside diameter. The ¼” verifier works well with sights of 1 ¾” diameter and smaller.

The Super Ball Peeps come in many styles and colors, with or without tubing attachments. I’m getting the red one for my Black Ops Destroyer 340. They also come in 2 different angles, 37* for bows 40” and shorter and 45* for bows longer than 40”.

You young guys might not have a use for this product just yet, but when the time comes, just remember it can save you a lot of headaches trying to hold that big blob of a pin on target. All of us more experienced bow hunters need every advantage we can get to stay on target. And the Verifier Lens is a tool not too many people even know about. Everyone I let look through my peep is amazed at the difference it makes.

The Heater Body Suit Keeps You on Stand

by John Mueller 1. February 2010 05:07
John Mueller

            I have the perfect solution for those bitter cold late season sits on stand. The Heater Body Suit will keep you warm no matter what the weather brings. I used mine quite a few times last season and I never got cold while I had it on down to -6*.


            I purchased my suit after the season ended last year, so it took me a while to give it a thorough testing. I used it this season when the weather got really cold and windy. I wore a base layer of Under Armor with an insulated Scent-Loc Liner over that and a Cabelas Fleece Outfit while walking to my stand. After I was safety strapped to the tree I put on the “booties” that come with the suit, these help keep the inside of the suit clean and also help your boots slide into the legs. Then I put the Heater Body Suit on. The suit resembles a sleeping bag with legs sewn into it, with suspenders to hold it up when you remove it to shoot. Getting cold while wearing the suit was never an issue, I was out in temps as cold as -6* with a steady wind. The windproof liner kept the cold winds out and my body heat kept the temps up inside.



            I was a little worried about hunting out of my Lone Wolf Sit and Climb while wearing the suit, but I fit down inside the arm rails just fine and didn’t feel cramped. It was fairly easy to get into the suit on the small platform too. But then again I am 6’ 3” and 180#, so I can maneuver around in tight spaces.


            Using it in late season with the woods wide open, I always saw the deer coming in plenty of time to get stood up and slide the suit off of my shoulders. Once the suit is off your shoulders it is no problem at all drawing your bow. In fact it’s easier than drawing with the bulky layers you would need to be wearing if it weren’t for the suit. The material is very quiet, making no noise while drawing your bow.


            While traveling to and from the stand the suit rolls up to about the size of a sleeping bag and has straps so you carry it like a backpack or over one shoulder.


            At first the zipper was a little loud, but I rubbed some wax on it and if you keep outward pressure on it as you move it it’s really pretty quiet.


            If you live where the temps really get down there or if you just don’t like the cold.   The Heater Body Suit will definitely keep you on stand longer. It will also make it easier to draw your bow once you slip it off of your shoulders and only have the lighter clothes on underneath. Check out their website at . They have a special field test opportunity going on right now on their website with a big discount if you buy one and do the field test.

Drury Outdoors New DVD Releases for 2010

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 03:28
Justin Zarr

Whitetail Madness 13


 100% Wild Fair-Chase
Dream Season 13


 Bow Madness “Season Two”
Dream Season The Television Series “Season Six”


 Whitetail Obsession 10

Longbeard Madness 15
 Predator Madness 5

L110 21ft Single Ladder by Millennium Treestands

by Bow Staff 14. January 2010 03:25
Bow Staff
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Comfortable, quiet, easy setup
  • Strong welded steel construction
  • Folds for easy transport
  • Double rail rigid ladder requires no brace to tree
  • Ladder sleeves cut at an angle, easy lineup
  • ComfortTech contoured, tight sling seat
  • Adjustable padded shooting rail and arm rests
  • Stabilizing strap secures stand to tree
  • Folding footrest
  • Full body harness certified to TMA standards
  • Certified to TMA standards
  • Lifetime warranty


Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon Bow by Alpine Archery

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 03:20
Todd GrafBy now, most of you have seen or heard that Jim Shockey is bowhunting again. To build a bow for Jim, we at Alpine knew it had to be rugged, dependable, and full of character. In 2009, we introduced the Yukon as the only bow fit to ear the shockey name. We knew this bow must not only meet, but exceed Jim’s expectations. Thus the Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon was born. As a mid-year addition to our lineup, it quickly became the most widely sought after bow in our already impressive 2009 roster.

The Yukon’s riser is coated in an attractive black wrinkle powder coat finish, while the limbs are film dipped in Realtree Hardwoods HD. The custom string dampener, that employs the Sims decelerator module, compliments the already impressive noise and vibration control built into the Yukon. This bow is accented by an antiqued medallion and checkered wood grip sporting Jim’s initials. A set of red and black pre-stretched Stone Mountain “Dakota” Bowstrings and a fiberlok shelf pad add to the rich character of this bow. Whether you are a hardcore bowhunter or just a big fan of Jim Shockey, you owe it to yourself to add this bow to your arsenal. NO GUFF truly describes Jim Shockey and the equipment he chooses. Team Alpine is proud to be part of Team Shockey.


New Sights by Fuse Accessories: Pilot G-Series, Pilot M-Series and Pilot Comp

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 03:12
Justin ZarrPilot G-Series Sight

The Pilot G-Series offers bowhunters total function and easy adjustment in the field or on the range. Available in 3 and 5-pin configurations, they feature slender, yet durable pins, allowing for an unobstructed view of your target. Featuring convenient gang adjustment and adjustable leveling, Pilot G-series also offers a strategically placed sign light location for extra utility in tough field conditions.

Pilot M-Series Sight

The Pilot M-Series Sights offer bowhunters and competitive archers a high-precision, lightweight sight packed with industry leading innovation and technology. The easy-to-use micro-adjust design, allows for extremely precise adjustments In your choice of a 3, 5 or 7-pin setup featuring second and third axis adjustment and a strategically placed light location. The Pilot M-Series are versatile, top-of-the-line sights for bowhunters and bowhunting class target competitors.

Pilot Comp Dovetail-Mount Sight

The all-new Pilot Comp is the sight that 3D shooters and technical bowhunters have been waiting for. Pilot comp features a precision-aligned dovetail mounting bracket, offering total repeatability and sight radius adjustment, for an ideal sight picture with your peep sight. Other high-end features include precision .019 pins, super-fine adjustment and gapping capability, lighting capability and a super strong, ultra-lightweight design. For ultimate accuracy over varied terrain, Pilot Comp also boasts second and third axis adjustment with rock-solid lockdown capability. Available in 5-Pin.


Dead Nuts 3 Bow Sight from Copper John

by Bow Staff 14. January 2010 03:05
Bow Staff
  • Multiple mounting holes to adjust distance of pins from riser
  • RH/LH convertible so you don’t have to tie up extra $ in inventory
  • Quiver mounting holes machined into bracket
  • All metal CNC machined chassis for super tough durability
  • Two mounting rails on windage member for ultra wide adjustment window
  • Optional micro adjust for all units
  • Optional second axis bracket for all models
  • Force spreading pin and washer design so pin adjustments are ALWAYS silky smooth
  • Patented perimeter highlight for easy and rapid peep alignment
  • Optional After-Burner light
  • Third axis standard on all units
  • Lens compatible: Mark II, III, IV (screws into front of pin guard)
  • Optional professional extension bracket for all models
  • Speed Gap Technology standard on all units. Provides zero pin gap for even the fastest bows

FlatLine SuperLite Carbon by Easton

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:59
Todd GrafThe shortest distance between two points is a FlatLine. SuperLite Carbon and MicroLite components deliver a flat trajectory straight to the target.

FlatLine and New FlatLine Surgical Features
  • Multi-layer wrapped carbon fibers
  • Black, smooth matte finish
  • FlatLine straightness: +/- .003”
  • FlatLine Surgical straightness: +/- .001”
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 2 grains
  • MicroLite Nocks—installed
  • MicroLite Inserts—included
  • Points—sold separately

Whisper by Aim Outdoors – The Worlds Only Vibration Damping Peep Sight

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:54
Justin Zarr
  • Easiest and quickest installation
  • Comparable arrow speeds to lightest hunting peep
  • No movement on string equals accuracy
  • Elliptical aperture allows increased light transmission
  • Whisper quiet


New IQ Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology

by Bow Staff 14. January 2010 02:50
Bow Staff
  • Retina Lock – Lock in the red dot before the shot; revolutionary “Tunnel vision system” assures you are in the same release position every time! Will extend your effective range by 20 yards!
  • Light Trap Technology – stores light, releasing it to the pins (and Retina Lock); extends your shooting time in low light conditions
  • PinPocket Design – fiber runs through a cavity inside IQ’s cast aluminum pins for unequaled fiber protection!
  • StackTight Pins – Pins “nest” letting you adjust pins closer together to accommodate the tighter pin gaps on today’s high speed bows.

Big Foot XL Lounger by Rivers Edge Treestands

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:46
Todd Graf
  • Fully padded Lounger seat and backrest make for comfortable all-day hunting
  • Built-in footrest for leg-stretching comfort
  • Original lever-action mounting system
  • Seat flips up for full XL platform use
  • Camo-padded armrests flip up with seat
  • Folds flat for backpacking—straps included


BloodTrail Camo by Barronett Blinds

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:42
Justin ZarrWith Barronett Blinds’ exclusive BloodTrail Camouflage, you’ll add a new level of anticipation and deception to your hunting experience. BloodTrail features Depth Deceit Technology, which creates a detailed, 3-D illusion of outdoor foliage with the perfect combination of depth and realism.

A mixture of birch, maple, oak and pine trees and leaves rests in the foreground, while a light field-like background adds the effect you are looking through to the forest’s edge. BloodTrail Camouflage is unlike any other—a subtle yet thrilling hind of the satisfaction that comes with the perfect hunt.

Judge by Elite Archery

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:35
Todd GrafSpecs
  • Axel to Axel – 34 7/8”
  • Brace Height – 6”
  • Mass Weight – 4.3 lbs
  • Draw Length – 26” – 30”
  • Draw Weight – 50 – 90 lbs
  • IBO Speed – 343 – 347 FPS
  • Let-Off – 80%
  • Available in Left and Right hand


DLC Covert II “Assassin”

by Bow Staff 14. January 2010 02:29
Bow StaffThe DLC Covert II is a state of the art micro sized Infrared scouting camera that utilizes a 5MP CMOS sensor to capture high quality daytime and night time pictures. 24 high intensity Infrared LED’s are used to avoid spooking game at night. Video capability up to 640x480 resolution adds to the system allowing owners to get detail that pictures miss. Low cost AA batteries combined with low stand-by current provides unbelievable battery life and cost savings.
  • Extra small size 5 1/2 H x 3 1/2 W x 2 1/4 D
  • Fast 1.2 second trigger speed
  • Records still pictures or video
  • 3MP or 5MP picture size (adjustable)
  • 24 High intensity Infrared LED’s with a 40’ range and a 50 degree dispersion angle
  • PIR Motion Sensor with adjustable sensitivity
  • Ultra low stand-by current extending battery life
  • Wired remote control for easy programming
  • Accepts SD memory cards from 8MB to 2GB
  • 1 sec to 60 min programmable delay
  • 1 sec to 60 sec programmable video length
  • Operates from -4F to 140F
  • Built in Sun/Rain shield over lens and PIR
  • Side opening case provides easy access
  • Positive locking tabs with waterproof seal
  • Threaded insert for additional mounting options
  • 1 year limited warranty

Uway NightTrakker 5MP IR Scouting Cameras: NT50

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 02:22
Todd GrafFeatures
  • 5.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Size: 6.1 x 3.4 x 2.7 inches
  • Lens: FOV = 40 degrees
  • High output infrared LED bulbs
  • Trigger time: 1-1.3s
  • Multi-zone PIR detection range: 50+ feet
  • Photo resolution: 5MP, 3MP, 1.3MP, 0.8MP, 0.3MP (programmable)
  • Photo burst: 1-10 photos per trigger (programmable)
  • Video resolution: 640x480
  • Video length: 10-60x (programmable)
  • Delay time: 5 seconds to 60 minutes (programmable)
  • External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 16GB
  • Sound recording
  • Date/time, temperature and moon-phase stamps
  • Power supply: 4 C batteries (alkaline or Ni- rechargeable, not included)
  • Standby battery lifetime > 6 months
  • Low battery indicator
  • Built-in anti-theft pipe-through hole for python lock
  • 4-Digit password protection
  • Remote control jack, USB port, 6V external power jack
  • Mount by mounting strap or python lock
  • Kit includes: mounting strap, USB and remote cables, remote, earphone for the remote

Leech Treestand Accessory Pack by GamePlan Gear

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:13
Justin ZarrNew for 2010, the “Leech” can attach to virtually any style or brand of treestand with our elastic hook set-up. Following the GamePlan “take it into the tree” philosophy the pack also has a strap for securing the Leech around your favorite tree.
  • Adjustable cord system will fit any treestand
  • Pack can also be strapped around any size tree
  • Completes TTS harness to store your gear

Pass Through BowCases by GamePlan Gear

by Bow Staff 14. January 2010 02:08
Bow StaffOur new line of bowcases – designed to meet your needs across tree price levels – with our high-standard for quality and attention to detail.

The interior of the case has a system developed to secure your bow in place with a foam “block-and-strap” set-up. No shifting or sliding can occur while you are transporting your bow.

Literally enough options to transport EVERYTHING you need – whether you are at the range or on a hunt.

Simply put, the most storage options of any bowcase in history. Durable nylon “twist-turn” pocket hardware, maximum pockets for everything from binos to stabilizers, and quality high-dnsity foam for added bow protection.

  • Single bowcase with steel wire frame
  • Twist-lock and zippered exterior pockets
  • Foam block interior system secures bow
  • Zippered arrowbox storage with wire frame
  • Maximum storage pockets for optics, release aids, tools, etc.

3-D Quiver Pack by Keyes Hunting Gear

by Todd Graf 14. January 2010 01:59
Todd GrafThe quiver pack isn’t your typical backpack. It has a built in arrow quiver! Other features include a large main compartment, outside pockets, and a cooler storage pocket. The pack is compatible with our removable utility belt. The pack can hold up to 24 filed tip arrows depending on the arrow size. The quiver pack accommodates right or left handed archers.

  • Integrated arrow quiver with adjustable collar
  • Cooler Pocket / fleece lined sunglasses pocket
  • Padded backpanel and shoulder straps
  • Compatible with the utility belt / fanny pack annex
  • Stretch mesh GPS pocket on shoulder strap
  • Hydration compatible
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Predator TrailEye

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 21:49
Bow StaffIt doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an experienced hunting veteran you realize importance of an affordable, quality product to help you succeed when in search of that once in a lifetime trophy.

This year, Predator Trailcams introduces the TrailEye. The TrailEye follows in the same footsteps as our other cameras while incorporating NEW Dragon Flash Technology that reaches out to 40ft! It also includes our one touch setup, lightning fast trigger speed, rock solid case design, and unique mounting options.

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!

It will definitely have you hanging one on every trail, scrap or salt lick you can find.
  • Hypersonic 3/4 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640x480
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!

Predator TrailEye IR

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:45
Todd GrafOver the years trailcams have rapidly grown in popularity and have become an obsession among hunters. Because of this infatuation we have developed a camera based on the features, quality, and performance you have desired for so long, the TrailEye IR.

The all-new TrailEye IR is testament to a simple, dependable, and affordable camera that balances the most optimal features of picture clarity, trigger speed, battery life, and NEW Dragon IR Technology gthat reaches out to 40ft! Think of it as your scouting insurance policy and never leave camp without it.

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!

The TrialEye IR is the best trail camera in its class.
  • Hypersonic 3/4 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640x480
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!

Predator Informer

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:41
Justin ZarrQuietly climbing into your stand on a cool, crisp autumn morning you hear a soft grunt off in the distance. Luckily, you have silently tracked this behemoth day and night for the past year with your new sidekick, the Informer.

The all-new, Informer is built on one core principle, affordable performance. This sturdy feature packed camera has the same great features as its bigger brother including NEW Dragon IR Technology that reaches out to 50ft!

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!

Wrap all those features together into a case that is guaranteed for life and you have just found your new favorite hunting buddy.
  • Hypersonic 1/3 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640x480
  • USB file transfer
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!

Predator Informer XP

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 21:37
Bow StaffCareful preparation and attention to detail have lead to this moment. You have fine tuned your equipment and sacrificed everything for the hope that you will receive that one chance when judgment day arrives.

The all-new Informer XP is your secret weapon. This trail camera has unmatched features with unlimited customization, lightning fast trigger speed, one touch setup, usb file transfer, video with sound, and a rock solid case. The Informer XP also incorporates New Dragon IR Technology that reaches out to an incredible 75 ft!

The Informer XP will only leave one thing to question. Are your hands steady enough?

Dragon IR Technology is more efficient than traditional infrared used by our competitors. This means exceptional nighttime images and videos, improved infrared range, and extended battery life. More importantly Dragon IR Technology is a “True” infrared design making it nearly impossible to detect!
  • Hypersonic 1/3 second trigger speed
  • Video with sound VGA 640x480
  • USB file transfer
  • One touch set-up, it’s that simple!

Bushnell BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:26
Todd GrafWhen the world leader in laser rangefinder technology and the world’s most successful bowhunter put their heads together on a project, it’s all about putting heads on the wall. Enter the finest archery-specific specimen on the planet. Extremely lightweight and compact, the BowHunter Chuck Adams Edition laser rangefinder excels from treestandsa nd steep terrain thanks to Angle Range Compensation (ARC). Hit the FIRE button and it calculates the “shoots-like” distance based on the angle of your shot. Featuring Bow Mode, this unit simultaneously displays line-of-sight, angle and true horizontal distance from five to 99 yards, so you always know what pin. It also provides line of sight distance from five to 800 yards, so the bowhunter who also rifle hunts is not left out. Its rugged, rainproof housing is dressed in Realtree AP camo for concealment.

  • Built-in inclinometer provides ARC
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • 4x magnification
  • Bow Mode-provides true horizontal distance from 5-99 yards
  • RainProof
  • Range: 5-800 yards
  • Angle range: -90 to +90 degrees
  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap included
  • Battery life indicator
  • Compatible with magnetic attachment system

Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:20
Justin ZarrA single button does the math. Just squeeze the trigger and remember your knife. Amazingly compact and simple to use, the Scout 1000 ARC figures distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate “shoots-like” distance to 1,000 yards. Rifle Mode even tells you where to hold. With selectable Bow and Rifle Modes, it has the same capability some competitors need to split into two separate units. All with the tap of a button—in a vertical unit small enough to fit in your shirt pocket. In capability and easy to use, no one comes close to Bushnell.

  • Built-in inclinometer provides ARC
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • 5x magnification
  • Bow mode—provides true horizontal distance from 5-99 yards
  • Rifle Mode—provides bullet-drop/holdover in inches
  • Bullseye, Brush and Scan mode
  • RainGuard HD
  • Range: 5-1000 yards
  • Diopter adjustment
  • Carrying case, battery and neck strap included
  • Compatible with magnetic attachment system

DeadFall CamoFlex 3-D Concealment

by Bow Staff 13. January 2010 21:14
Bow Staff
  • Revolutionary patent pending 3-D concealment system with removable CamoStars
  • Patent pending elliptical door
  • Y2K zipper with storm flap
  • Hub-style design
  • 3 shoot-thru replaceable mesh screens
  • Magnetic window closures
  • Unique fold-float window storage design
  • Backpack carrying bag included
  • Realtree AP with black PVC backing

LimbSaver Proton

by Todd Graf 13. January 2010 21:10
Todd GrafThe proton’s forgiving rock-solid straight riser design offers pinnacle performance that is unbelievably quiet, lightweight and will outshoot any other bow on the market. The pocket-less design is streamlined to give you maximum performance with minimum weight. The Proton culminates quiet, perfectly-balanced, smooth vibration-free performance with a rugged design that is easy to tune and incredible to shoot. Propels arrows at 335 fps and weighs in at only 3.8lbs.
  • New cam system virtually eliminates cam lean and wobble by balancing the loads on the axle.
  • Innovate patent pending Posi-Lock limb system allows limb poundage adjustments in precise 2-pound increments.
  • New hardwood grip design that will help to eliminate virtually all torque.


Plano Guide Series Cases

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:02
Justin Zarr
1449 Guide Series Case
  • Exterior: 6.5”L x 4.675”W x 2.125”H
  • Interior: 5”L x 3”W x 1.625”H
  • Red/Clear – packed 4/carton
1450 Guide Series Case
  • Wrist strap
  • Exterior 9: x 4.875”W x 3”H
  • Interior: 7.5”L x 3.125”W x 2.5”H
  • Orange/Clear – packed 4/carton
1460 Guide Series Case
  • Comfortable molded handle
  • Exterior: 11”L x 7.25”W x 4”H
  • Interior: 9”L x 5.25”W x 3.625”H
  • Red/Clear – packed 6/carton
1470 Guide Series Case
  • Comfortable molded handle
  • Exterior: 14.5”L x 9”W x 5”H
  • Interior: 12”L x 7”W x 4.625”H
  • Blue/Clear – packed 2/carton
LBL Wallet
  • Leak-proof, air-tight Dri-Loc Seal
  • Made of tough crystal clear DuraView
  • Perfect for storing scents
  • 7.75”L x 4.5”W x 1.75”H
  • Clear/Red latches – packed 6/carton
Bucket-top StowAway
  • Removable trays allow for bulk storage of shells
  • 14 storage compartments
  • Cut-away floor for bucket access
  • Fits most standard 5-gallon buckets (bucket not included)
  • Great for dove hunting
  • Forrest Green/Clear
  • 10.75”W x 8.5”D x 14.5”H
  • Packed 4/carton

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