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Blacks Creek Bone Collector 1.5 BackPack REVIEW.

by Bow Staff 17. March 2010 16:29
Bow Staff

By: Cody Altizer

I feel as if I am a part of this new breed of bowhunter, especially when it comes to demanding the best performance from my gear. Just recently, I’ve added a new weapon to my "arsenal of gear"; the Blacks Creek Bone Collector 1.5 backpack. Through the years I have gone through many packs, never putting much thought into my purchases. I just needed something to transport my gear to and from the stand.

However, this past year while hunting whitetails harder than ever I learned that a strong, durable and reliable pack was necessary. I now feel like I have found this pack in the Bone Collector 1.5.

The Bone Collector 1.5 provides a spacious 2100 cubic inches of holding area and 5 separate pockets, enabling me to safely and securely carry all of my hunting equipment. The customizable back size adjustment makes the pack suitable for just about anybody. While the Bone Collector 1.5 provides plenty of carrying capacity, I feel as if the pockets are too deep to provide the hunter with quick and easy access. Of course, the seemingly bottomless pockets will ensure that it is nearly impossible for something to fall out, but should the hunter need something quickly, they are certainly at a disadvantage.

I was however, intrigued by the fact that this pack is "bow carrier capable", and admit I initially had little interest in using the bow holder. After utilizing the bow holder, I quickly learned that it could be quite an asset. If I need two hands while scaling tricky terrain, dragging out a monster buck, or any other curveball Mother Nature might throw at me, I’ll be ready. The bow holder holds your bow tightly against the pack which is a plus, but it is a little time consuming to strap it in and particularly to take out.

A picture of the the bow holder in action. It only requires two straps and the bottom loop to tightly secure your bow to your pack keeping both hands free for use. However, if needed quickly in the field, it is time consuming to strap on and take off.

One outstanding feature on the Bone Collector 1.5 is the comfortable jelly shoulder straps. Combined with the adjustable torso and abdomen straps, these super-comfortable shoulder straps really makes carrying this pack effortless, and can really save back pain in the future. Equally impressive was the blaze orange rain shield that can be easily tucked into the bottom of the pack. This feature keeps your pack and gear dry and will also lengthen the life of the pack by protecting it from the elements. In regards to safety, the blaze orange feature could prove beneficial if tracking a wounded animal on a neighbor’s property, or if hunting on public land.

I was very impressed with the blaze orange rain shield, which can be easily stored in the bottom of the pack. Not only does it protect the pack (as well as the rest of your gear) from the elements, but also doubles as a safety feature. An appealing feature to every hunter.

As passionate as I am about bowhunting, I am equally passionate about photography. I carry well over $1000 in camera equipment each time out. I was relieved to find that the Bone Collector 1.5 provides the adequate space needed to fit these goals. The 4 pound, 22"H x 12"W x 8"D design may prove to be too tall, heavy, and bulky for some hunters and/or photographers, but it allows me to carry my camera tripod comfortably. An added feature I love when my season behind the bow has ended.

Overall, I strongly recommend this pack to the serious bowhunter. It’s very flexible and allows the hunter to customize the pack to best utilize its features. The only true disadvantage that I feel this pack possesses is the lack of accessibility and ease of use with the bow holder. However, I feel the positives of this pack (the jelly straps, blaze orange rain shield, secure bow holder, and spacious design) greatly diminish the negatives.

To learn more about the Bone Collector 1.5 backpack, or to purchase this or any other outdoor gear on-line here on Bowhunting.Com, please click me. Thank you.

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