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The Tree Locker By Keyes Hunting Gear; Bowhunting's Most Versatile Pack

by Bow Staff 29. November 2010 05:44
Bow Staff

 Tired of having to carry a cumbersome backpack through the woods that’s necessary to transport all of your gear, only to shove all that gear in the pockets of your clothing while in stand for easy access?  Then you need the Tree Locker, the versatile backpack that literally doubles as a locker and storage shelf while in the stand.  The Tree Locker allows immediate and easy access to all of your tree stand hunting essentials.  No more riffling through zippered pockets, or digging to the bottom of your pack.  Wear it as a backpack to the treestand; the pack is equipped with an adjustable tree attachment system that fits most trees.  Don’t leave anything behind. 

Features:                               18 x 12 x 6 inches                               1300 cu. In.
• Waterproof Weather Shield
• Immediate Access to your tree stand hunting essentials
• Large outer pockets
• A protective internal honeycomb frame
• Compression molded back panel that contours to the tree
• Adjustable tree attachment system
• Bow/ Rifle Carrying system
• Optional Quiver Accessory
• Removable utility belt/ fanny pack annex
• Limited lifetime warranty

Some of the many features include a protective inner and outer shell, a weather shield, a cooler, bow and rifle carry, modular internal compartments, and stretch GPS/cell phone pockets on the shoulder harness.


If you are interested in purchasing the Tree Locker by Keyes Hunting Gear, follow this link as you can do so right here at  Also, be sure to check out all the Keyes Hunting Gear products we sell right here on the site! 


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