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Lone Wolf Treestands - Back in the USA

by John Mueller 17. January 2011 12:25
John Mueller

The title and this poster pretty much says it all. Lone Wolf Tree Stands are once again 100% made in the USA. To say they learned their lesson by shipping production outside the US would be and understatement. I was assured at their booth, that will never happen again. It wasn't easy but the company did survive the disaster of 2010. And they have made some nice improvements to their stands for 2011. Those of you who were unable to get one of their stands last year. Rest assured they will be on store shelves everywhere again this year. The guys at Lone Wolf just hope you will trust them again to produce a quality product and buy their stands with confidance.

They are hoping this symbol will once again mean the top of the food chain when it comes to tree stands.

They did a complete remake of the cast platform and in the process improved the built in bowholder. They incorporated a cast hook into the platform that catches in the cam of your bow, holding it directly out in front of you at arms length. No reaching around the side to take your bow off the holder screwed into the tree. This holder was designed to work especially well with todays parallel limb bows.

Three different styles of stand make up the Lone Wolf line up. This includes the hang on shown above with the bow in the holder, the sit and climb immidiately below and the hand climber in the bottom photo. All of the Lone Wolf stands are some of the lightest in the industry and pack extremely small for transporting through the woods. Lone Wolf also makes a great set of climbing sticks that stack neatly together and attach to the hang on stand for packing in.

The guys at Lone Wolf hope you can forgive them for the mistakes of last year in an ever more competitive industry and give them another chance. They really have learned their lesson on what it takes to produce a quality product. Instead of being made 6000 miles around the globe, they are now produced in their own backyard, 6 miles from the company headquarters in Peoria, Illinois  USA. A real hometown made product. I believe the new model is even better than the previous ones with the new bow holder.

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