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2010 Bowhunting Video Hit List

by Neal McCullough 11. September 2010 09:05
Neal McCullough

While spending time scouting my new areas in Wisconsin & Minnesota I was able to set up six Moultrie Camera’s throughout my properties.  By leaving them up for July and August I have a pretty good inventory of the bucks using the area.  Since I hunt in two states I have created a hit list for each state.  This fall we will chase these bucks and bring you some great action in the videos section of

Wisconsin Hit List

Below are three of the big bucks in Wisconsin in a classic late summer bachelor group; two of which I am after.

Muley (#1 on the list) – because of his left side – its massive but only forks at the end.  He’s an unique and old deer and we would love to get a crack at him.

Victor (#2 on the list) – This deer is the highest scoring deer of my list – he is a huge 9 with a “V” on his left side.

Stick-2-My-Lou (#3 on the list) – This deer has stickers at the base of his 9 point frame and appears to be a 4 year old.

Minnesota Hit List

Big Surprise (#1a on the list) – This is the first big buck I got photos of on the new property starting last year and now I have pictures from 2009/2010 of this deer and he is HUGE!

Ears (#1b on the list) – My mother in law named this one – she said “look at his big ears” – well he does have big ears, a huge rack, and a DROP TINE!

Executive Decision (#3 on the list) – This is a monster buck, but with the Big Surprise and Ears it will be tough to take him knowing the other deer are around.

Which of these bucks do you think is the best?  Any guesses on what they might score?

This list is for me and my hunter partner/cameraman Grant Jacobs; log into for the latest gear and hopefully this fall we can bring you a few big buck hunts from Minnesota & Wisconsin! 

See you in the woods,
Neal McCullough

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