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Crossbow Hunting Safety

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. December 2011 14:13
Daniel James HendricksThe crossbow is so powerful it is like a 30.06 that shoots arrows.”  That’s a claim that has been made by the anti-crossbow camp for decades and the truth of the matter is that with a 100-225 lb. or more draw weight, crossbows usually are more powerful than most vertical bows. ... [More]

Stealth Cam Archer's Choice Edition Game Camera Review

by Josh Fletcher 27. December 2011 11:34
Josh FletcherThis fall we had the opportunity to run the new Archers Choice TV Signature Edition game camera by Stealth Cam through an in-depth series of tests. We didn’t just want to do a quick review on game cameras, we wanted to give you, the readers the best understanding and quality review, so that you can make your own decision on what game camera is right for you, and be confident in that decision. [More]

High Mountain Success

by Steve Flores 27. December 2011 06:08
Steve FloresWith so many rolling hills, food plots, and big buck sightings, it’s easy for an eastern guy to be a little jealous of his “mid-western” bowhunting brothers. After all, such particulars are seldom enjoyed in my neck of the woods. Still, the goal remains the same…..arrow a wh... [More]

Coulee Critter on the Diamond K

by Daniel James Hendricks 24. December 2011 04:07
Daniel James HendricksSince 2003, Kim and Cindy Kafka, owners of the Diamond K Ranch in Havre, MT have generously donated an Elk Hunt on their ranch to be auctioned off at the Annual UFFDA Banquet in an effort to support its mission.  The 2011 hunt was purchased by UFFDA Charter Member and longtime friend, John Swan... [More]

Crossbow Review: Parker Hornet Extreme

by Daniel James Hendricks 20. December 2011 13:51
Daniel James HendricksAs crossbows slowly gain more ground each year, the manufacturers continue to amaze me with the improved quality they are making to their bows. I have previously explained how I’ve become a Crossbow Tramp having one affair after another with some truly great and very beautiful bows. Let me s... [More]

Wisconsin Bowhunter Completes 4-year Quest for Drop-Tine Buck

by Patrick Durkin 20. December 2011 13:27
Patrick DurkinPaul Conely, 23, of Mellen Wisconsin, started hunting this buck during the 2008 archery season. He finally got it after moving his tree stand to a new site the day before. [More]

"Idiot Proof Archery" book review

by Josh Fletcher 19. December 2011 16:45
Josh FletcherIf you’re already a great archery shooter or one that suffers from extreme target panic like I do, this is definitely a book that needs to be added to your archery arsenal, so much so I keep mine with my archery tools and is just as important as a bow press to any archer. [More]

Product Testing the Oliso’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer

by Keith Southworth 17. December 2011 19:28
Keith SouthworthHunter Keith Southworth tests the Oliso Pro VS97A vacuum sealer on his favorite meat - venison! [More]

New Bowhunting Products From the Mathews Retailer Show

by Dustin DeCroo 16. December 2011 12:02
Dustin DeCrooCheck out just a few of the all new bowhunting products that will be available in 2012! [More]

The iBowsight: Turn Your iPhone Into a Versatile Bow Sight

by Dustin DeCroo 16. December 2011 07:42
Dustin DeCrooiBowsight, the first sight that utilizes your smart phone as your bow sight. [More]

Smoking-My New Favorite Cooking Method

by John Mueller 14. December 2011 14:32
John MuellerMy first project in my new smoker was a venison backstrap. Smoking is now my favorite method of cooking. [More]

Q&A With the Pro's: Mechanical and Fixed Blade Broadheads

by Justin Zarr 13. December 2011 09:27
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr talks with Chris Kozlik of New Archery Products about mechanical broadheads. [More]

Master Target: Water, UV and Tear Resistant Targets

by Dustin DeCroo 13. December 2011 09:00
Dustin DeCrooMaster Target brings a realistic, durable and entertaining target for archery practice. [More]

Big Buck Killed by Coyotes, Check Out These Photos!

by Todd Graf 13. December 2011 05:52
Todd GrafPredators! These pictures defy the opinion that coyotes don't affect deer population or kill big bucks. [More]

Q&A With the Pros: Camera Equipment For Filming Hunts

by Justin Zarr 13. December 2011 03:22
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr sits down with Jeremy Leu of Campbell Cameras for a Q and A session to get the truth about camera equipment and filming hunts! [More]

A Young Hunters First Deer

by Art Helin 7. December 2011 13:12
Art HelinArt Helin's neighbor, a young hunter named David, takes his first deer. [More]
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Persistence Pays - Big Buck Down in Virginia

by Cody Altizer 5. December 2011 17:24
Cody AltizerAfter a slow beginning to the 2011 season, I was able to turn the tables in my favor with a lot of hard work, persistence, and good fortune. [More]

A Buck Named Clyde: A Testament to Food Plots, QDM and Mock Scrapes

by Cody Altizer 3. December 2011 09:39
Cody AltizerMock scrapes, Quality Deer Management and Food Plots all played a key role in my brother, Damin, harvesting the biggest buck to ever come off our property. [More]

Shot Placement-The Key to Finding Your Deer

by John Mueller 30. November 2011 15:40
John MuellerEvery year we see way to many, "I hit a deer, now what?" threads. Follow these three rules and we can eliminate a good number of them. [More]

Turkey Triumph

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. November 2011 15:03
Daniel James Hendricks    Hunting during the full moon sucks!  The past four days of pursuit the rough and tumble landscapes of south central Missouri had given credence to that fact.  We were hunting with Jim and Darlene Wilson of Ozark Mountain Outfitters and the dire circumstances were aided and ... [More]

HBM Hunt Club Report: 2011 Antelope Roundup

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. November 2011 14:17
Daniel James Hendricks  As sure as the last days of August signal the dusk of summer, they usher in the breaking dawn of the fall hunting season.  And of course the hors d'oeuvre of the fall hunting buffet is Pronghorn Antelope.  Now Douglas, Wyoming is the historical birth place of the Jackalope, but, in... [More]

HotMocs | The Cure For Cold Feet While Hunting

by Justin Zarr 23. November 2011 10:55
Justin ZarrIf you're a bowhunter who gets cold feet easily, you have to check out HotMocs! [More]

The Rut Finally Comes To Illinois

by Justin Zarr 22. November 2011 15:16
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr continues to hunt hard in Illinois which pays off as he connects with his 2nd great whitetail buck of the season. [More]

Big Buck Down - The Taking of a Mock Scrape Buck

by Mike Willand 22. November 2011 15:00
Mike WillandBowhunter, Mike Willand, takes a mid-November whitetail over one of his mock scrapes. [More]

Where Have All the Bucks Gone?

by Justin Zarr 18. November 2011 10:18
Justin ZarrAfter a great October, my bowhunting season has really slowed down both in terms of buck sightings as well as trail camera photos. Where have all the bucks gone?? [More]

Curiosity Kills Whitetails Too, Not Just Cats!

by Patrick Durkin 17. November 2011 13:54
Patrick DurkinA trip to southwestern Iowa in late October yielded an adult doe and a big buck for Patrick Durkin and his friend. [More]

Do Whitetails Have a Sixth Sense that Detects Hunters?

by Patrick Durkin 17. November 2011 13:38
Patrick DurkinBowhunters might never be able to prove if whitetails have a sixth sense, but some of them think deer can sense their presence without being tipped off by a hunter's scent, sound or movement. [More]

Dressing for a Cold Weather Hunt

by Josh Fletcher 14. November 2011 10:42
Josh FletcherThe key to dressing for extreme temperatures is to utilize layers. Like assembly line workers, each layer has a special purpose and design. Use special layers for maximized warmth this year, because after all you can’t kill deer sitting back at camp. [More]

The Highs and Lows of Self Filming

by John Mueller 7. November 2011 14:11
John MuellerJoin prostaffer John Mueller on the roller coaster ride of capturing his hunt for a nice buck on video. [More]

Is your bow faster than a deer? Speed Bows vs. Bow Noise

by Dustin DeCroo 6. November 2011 09:11
Dustin DeCrooThis article looks arrow speed, deer reaction time and the speed of sound to set a bowhunting myth to rest! [More]

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