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Bulldozers push out wildlife for more corn

by Patrick Durkin 22. June 2012 08:50
Patrick DurkinShelterbelts have long been havens for wildlife, but they're now getting plowed out to make room for more high-priced crops like corn and soybeans. [More]

Bowhunters Roundtable - Day 1 Update

by Justin Zarr 16. May 2012 14:45
Justin ZarrChecking in life from Barry, Illinois after Day 1 of the 2012 Bowhunters Roundtable, put on by Media Direct Creative. [More]

Food Plot Stand Location Tips

by Cody Altizer 16. May 2012 04:32
Cody AltizerIn this article I touch on some information, tips, strategies and personal experiences with respect to hunting over, around, and near food plots. [More]

Bowhunting Black Bears

by Steve Flores 11. May 2012 14:50
Steve FloresWith Turkey season on the way out, it's time to turn our focus to one thing....Black Bears [More]

NAP Killzone Broadhead Review

by Justin Zarr 9. May 2012 01:54
Justin ZarrFor those bowhunters who like big holes and a no-fail design, the new Killzone broadhead from New Archery Products may just be the next "big" thing. (pun intended) [More]

Del’s Aoudad

by Daniel James Hendricks 8. May 2012 04:36
Daniel James HendricksExotics, Texas, Rio Bonito, Friendship [More]
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New Crossbows for 2012

by Daniel James Hendricks 7. May 2012 01:46
Daniel James Hendricks   Each at the Archery Trade Association Show, the manufacturers from around the world unveil their new products to archery dealers.  Crossbows and crossbow accessories are garnering a larger share of the archery market every year and this year there were some wonderful new kids on th... [More]


by Steve Flores 5. May 2012 07:25
Steve FloresThese photos were recently sent to us from a gentleman in Colorado Springs. Apparently, this big guy (on the left) has been seen walking the streets on a regular basis. WOW!!!  Deer seem to do funny things when they are in velvet; displaying behavior not often seen while in “hard-... [More]
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One Tough Buck | Crazy Trail Camera Photos

by Bow Staff 3. May 2012 08:22
Bow StaffThese amazing, and tragic, photos of a whitetail buck shot with an arrow were captured this past November by a hunter in Kanssa. [More]
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by Steve Flores 1. May 2012 10:16
Steve FloresIn Part 1 of this 2 Part series, we discussed the importance of choosing a quality pro-shop when making a new bow purchase or when simply adding upgrades to your current rig. There is no denying the “networking” value of an archery pro-shop, not to mention the fact that finding a good on... [More]

Ground Blinds Galore

by Brenda Potts 1. May 2012 06:46
Brenda PottsBowhunters have a lot to choose from in today's selection of semi-permanent ground blinds. [More]

Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver Review

by Justin Zarr 26. April 2012 13:15
Justin ZarrWhile arrow quivers may not be glamorous, the new Game Changer from Apex Gear certainly tries to live up to it's name. [More]

First Impressions of the Can Cooker

by Keith Southworth 26. April 2012 10:25
Keith SouthworthRight behind my passion for bowhunting comes cooking and eating so I’m always looking for better ways to prepare food.  The Can Cooker looked so easy, and it came with a lot of praise so I didn’t think there was any way it could live up to the hype.   With only one meal co... [More]
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Food Plot 101

by Jordan Howell 23. April 2012 10:52
Jordan HowellIf you are new to the Food Plot scene there are some key points to consider before getting started. [More]

Real Work Lies Ahead for Wisconsin Deer Hunting Makeover

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:42
Patrick DurkinA harsh preliminary report critiquing Wisconsin's deer-management program was praised by DNR critics and ripped by DNR supporters. [More]

Wisconsin Right to Add Wolf Hunting Season

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:21
Patrick DurkinWisconsin's wolf population will continue to prosper with a hunting and trapping season. [More]

Wisconsin Misses Chance to Expand Crossbow Hunting

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:03
Patrick DurkinEven though a majority of Wisconsin sportsmen favor crossbow use for deer hunting, lawmakers and the DNR have not pushed hard to include them in the state's archery season. [More]

Coyotes Prey Heavily on Southeast’s Deer Fawns

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 08:46
Patrick DurkinThe coyote's impact on whitetails is often severe in Southeastern states, where coyotes first started showing up during the past 50 years. [More]

Politics of Bowhunting, Deer Hunting Easy Compared to Crane Hunting

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 03:34
Patrick DurkinDeer hunting and bowhunting often generate political fights that pit hunters against hunters. But to witness true culture clashes, try proposing a hunting season for sandhill cranes. [More]

Titanium Xtreme Bow Sight by Archer Xtreme Product Review

by Dustin DeCroo 18. April 2012 06:40
Dustin staff member Dustin DeCroo provides an in-depth product review of the Titanium Xtreme bow sight by Archer Xtreme. [More]

The Great Crossbow Debate

by Justin Zarr 16. April 2012 13:44
Justin ZarrOver the past several years, few topics have stirred more controversy in the bowhunting community than that of the legalization of crossbows. From coast to coast, State wildlife agencies are weighing their options and proposing legislation that expands the use of crossbows during hunting seasons. However, that new legislation is often met by fierce opposition from individuals as well as both national and State bowhunting organizations. My question is, why all the hate? [More]

Turkey Hunting Basics: “A Beginners Guide to Chasing Long-Beards”

by Dustin DeCroo 11. April 2012 08:25
Dustin DeCrooAn article written to provide you with several tips that are sure to help you become a more successful turkey hunter. [More]

Turkey Decoying to the Next Level

by Josh Fletcher 2. April 2012 13:04
Josh FletcherJoin the author in this in-depth how to article that breaks down turkey decoying tactics based upon the time of spring and what is observed in your area. Read on to take your turkey decoying this spring to the next level. [More]

Live From the Wisconsin Deer Classic

by Justin Zarr 31. March 2012 11:56
Justin ZarrChecking in live from the 2012 Wisconsin Deer Classic as we meet lots of great hunters and check out some monster bucks. [More]

An Introduction to Outdoor Photography

by Cody Altizer 30. March 2012 09:19
Cody AltizerIt was that time of year that deer hunters across the country dream about; mid-November, overcast, temperatures in the upper 30s and a little breezy.  The weather was perfect.  I was set up downwind of a sanctuary that I knew several bucks felt comfortable moving in and out of during the d... [More]

2012 Illinois Deer Classic - Monster Bucks & Bowhunting Friends

by Justin Zarr 25. March 2012 08:10
Justin ZarrThe 2012 Illinois Deer Classic was a great time, with lots of new bowhunting friends and of course MONSTER bucks! [More]

NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter Broadhead Review

by Dustin DeCroo 15. March 2012 08:57
Dustin DeCrooRead an in depth review of the Spitfire Gobbler Getter mechanical broadhead by New Archery Products. [More]

For some reason, hunters often struggle to find satisfaction

by Patrick Durkin 15. March 2012 00:48
Patrick DurkinResearch shows that "nonconsumptive" recreationists – such as hikers, bikers, campers and rowers – report more satisfaction from their activities than do hunters, anglers and mushroom hunters. [More]

SHOT Show has changed, stayed the same since January 1991

by Patrick Durkin 14. March 2012 23:50
Patrick DurkinBlogger Patrick Durkin reflects on 22 years of work at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show. [More]

NAP 2 Blade Bloodrunner REVIEW - My Turkey Broadhead of Choice

by John Mueller 14. March 2012 14:50
John MuellerIn my opinion huge expandable broadheads were made for turkey hunting. The NAP Bloodrunner is my choice this season. [More]

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