Mathews Halon in Black Tactical finish.  Look out Illinois whitetails, I'm coming for you!

Mathews Halon Bow Review

When it comes to the archery side of bowhunting there are few things that get me as excited as getting a new bow.  There’s just something about setting up a new bow and shooting it for the first time that still excites me after several decades of flinging arrows.  So last week when the UPS driver showed up with a package from Sparta, Wisconsin you can bet I took a “break” from working to start my 2016 Halon bow review. Halon First Impressions Having seen photos of the bow prior to its delivery … Read More

Whether you’re a Mathews fan or not, it’s hard to deny the killer looks of the new Halon. Click for larger image. When it comes to the archery side of… Read more…

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